Good morning from a not so sunny, LA There's the pool down there And, I don't know what's over there Day one, today we have the talent show in the grand ballroom And then at 7 o'clock we have the welcome drinks Uh I'm here I'm alive! I do feel awful, it's 8 o'clock in the morning, been up since 2.

Um, tossed and turned till 4 My eye is twitching But I'm here I'm so excited and I don't know what anyone's up to today so I put a message out on the Rollettes facebook page to see what everyone's up to I'm gonna wait till the sun comes out, I'm gonna lay on a lounger And chillax by the pool So I've just come down to the pool and I've had a starbucks And I'm feeling so much better it was like a gift from God And I've also met some people made some friends this is Amy Hii! Where is it you travelled from Amy? I travelled from Sacramento so I don't live very far But um I'm excited to be here and start the fun Yes, there's loads of people here there's little, the little ones Chilling in the pool Some people chilling in the sun And some parents chilling in the shade So yeah and then we've got the erm talent show, soon Yeah talent show starts in a couple of hours, um all the rollettes are in the back uh ballroom Setting things up it's apparently a secret room so none of the attendees are allowed back there Oh really! That's so cool Apparently so, we tried to go back there but we got kicked out Oh really Yeah That's so funny Wow I can't wait to see what it's going to be like I know I'm excited Just gone upstairs, freshened up and now we are waiting for the talent show Yes! And I'm making new friends this is Renee Hi! From Ohio?! Yes And you're gonna be? Dancing, yas! Lot's of people are dancing, they're either dancing or singing I'm not doing anything I'm just watching Next year though! Yeah, I probably will, if I can get here I will You would kill it! Okay, hey hey, hii! All the way from England Both of us, yeah, yep Londoners Did you come together? Yeah Who did you fly with? Uh Norwegian Oh yeah I've heard they're really good They are, yeah they're pretty good yeah they're not bad And the food isn't too bad either Yeah no I thought it was nice We had, I had a steak and you had chicken didn't you Mmm civilised I know! Yeah! I had, I had Chille concarne.

Yes but I did have high tea Oh okay, well there you go! I love your hair I showed her you, I showed her you before I started following you this morning I was just like holy *#@* Did you have fun at the beach? Yess we did We had a great time We saw some reallyy dishy men And we went on some rides I've seen that so they actually let us on those rides? Back at home, I know same they won't let us in England Do you, do you go on rides? Not in England no Me either So what, what is your show that you have on youtube? Yeah so um, there's, it's a show called 'Young, Black and Disabled' I found that there wasn't enough representation for young black people, especially women So I was just like right let's, I'm gonna get all my friends together and we'll sit down and discuss Like, about different topics like, social media, dating etc On season 2 and it's really picking up isn't it I love it so much like it, it helps people open their eyes to how it's like to be disabled and plus it's three black women With three different disabilites If erm, if we wanted to go and check it out how would we find you? Youtube, um it's on a channel called 'Africa x5' Yeah.

Cool, thank you.

You're welcome *music* Ok so I'm outside the grand ballroom where the boundless talent showcase is taking place, so let's go and have a look Gem has found a Crystal Hii I'm the other Gem, Crystal I've always been searching for Crystal and I found one Aww you found a Crystal I hope you enjoy! Thank youu *music* I love you you're so cute! I want to take a moment and say hello and welcome our amazing judges Our first judge was one of the 'so you think you can dance' top 4 contestants, please help me welcome Kayla Radomski *cheering and clapping* Help me welcome, Auti Angel Please help me welcome, Nick Navicki I am so pleased to announce, the official start of the 2019 boundless talent showcase.

Thank you guys Watching people perform their own performances and it has been amazing so far I like, I'm backstage and I'm like tearing up I'm screaming I'm like going crazy It's so amazing to see all the true talent here in this room Pleasure to have you guys I'm truly truly proud of every single one of you guys so thank you so much for participating and congratulations to all of you guys This is great thank you guys! *cheering and clapping* Our 2019 boundless talent showcase grand champion is Tobi Green Yass okay, yas you got it! My best friend Fatima, you can see her yas! No, I'm really thankful Chelsea to, to you and all of the girls here every single one of you has made me feel proud to be in a chair And feel like I, I can offer something to the world I've come all the way to the other side of the world and made a difference and I didn't know that that was possible so thank you for giving me this platform So we've just finished up with the um, the boundless talent showcase And it was amazing because Tobi, who has also come from England, won it which is incredible Because the prize is actually quite something like they get free tuition to come next year to the Rollettes experience And it's such an amazing prize and it's also so nice to see the, you know a girl from England won So Tobi, that's awesome and it's been so lovely to meet you and I'm really really happy that you won it you really deserve it you did an amazing job Here she is! Heyy! The winner let's have a look at these trophies Amazing Uh, two?! Yes I got twoo guys! What did you get them for again? I got um age division adult winner and grand champion So yeahh! I'm so excited I literally was in shock like, not gonna lie wasn't expecting it I was like wow M, m, me?me?! ME?! And she was crying apparently Yeah she was Oh my goshh ha! Congratulations.

Thank you! So the talent, um showcase is over it's been so good Uh, but I'm feeling a little bit worse for wear so I think I'm gonna get some food and try and warm up Everywhere is so air conditioned I am freezing so I'm gonna warm up in the sun and get some food I think And then we've got the welcome reception so I've got to make myself look a little bit more presentable I think What am I gonna wear? Good evening Take my glasses off Good evening Good evening and welcome back Good evening, welcome back So I've had a little something to eat after the talent show it's half past 7 and it's time for the welcome drinks and to meet everyone Back downstairs at the grand ballroom Dressed up a little bit I've got a nice little dress on But I thought I would kind of play it down a bit and put some trainers on Or 'sneakers' if you're in America Alright so I'm downstairs ready for the welcome drinks or welcome reception I don't know, let's go in *music* *clapping and cheering* Wow, oh my goodness if you all could only see the view from this way there's so many of you Oh my gosh, wow This is so crazy, um I first off just wanna say hi I haven't met you yet, I'm excited to meet you Um, there's so many new faces here today 7 years ago when I decided to reach out to people it really was um, I have to be honest My dad, really was like I don't, I wanna dance I wanna dance and he was like why don't you reach out to people And I was like, who's gonna want to come and dance though And he goes 'just try' I play that moment in my head so many times because I'm like wow if I didn't just try, we wouldn't be here Try something that scares you, because you never know the outcome I never in a million years would have ever thought that I would be sitting up here looking at, 175 amazing, amazing women, kids and teens out here And family members *cheering* I met Joe erm through a connection, we had breakfast and he, I told, he was like what do you want to do? I told him this vision, and he goes 'I get it' I'm gonna help you He noted all the cards, yeah I literally called him last minute I was like Joe I need help And he was like alright I'll be there He's loading girls in, loading girls out, disassembling chairs, never having done it before And we're like teaching him how to do it and you know ever since then he was like I get what you guys want to do We are excited to finally give him, we thought it was about time A team jacket You got a team jacket Come on out Maria We have Catherine Christina Miss Edna Serrano, Miss Samantha Lopez up here You know we have something to uh announce Really? Yeah.

What do you have to announce? So um, a lot of you guys probably know but we'll embarrass her real quick Um, Steph, obviously she's erm the makeup artist of the group because she's beaut But uh, Steph has had a huge milestone come recently She is uh the first wheelchair user to be in Ulta *cheering* Crazy.

She is in all the catalogues and *inaudible* stores nationwide oh no she's tearing up.

That's over 1200 stores 1200 stores? Uh any other questions? Questions out there? I have tremors, do you have any adivce for me to do eyeliner I would say go ahead and let your hand do whatever it wants to do, then grab a smudging brush and let your hand do whatever it wants to do So that you can have a smoked out wing liner Oooh look at that! Yeah, awesome And we have a question over here So hi guys, I don't really have a question but I love you all *inaudible* I think the biggest thing for me like just of life in general and I, I take it into when I am going on dates and stuff.

Is to fake it till you make it.

Fake your confidence, fake your sass, everything even if you don't feel confident you don't feel sassy Fake it, fake the flirting until you get the response and it's gonna be a good one, okay And then you'll start to build that confidence so that is always my advice is to fake it till you make it, go out there wear the high heels Even though you're like 'I don't know how this is gonna look' wear them! And you're gonna slowly and slowly and steadily start to build confidence off of And that will lead into your dating life as well Sorry, I take a little advice from Steph but she also said like, take the power from your insecurites and just lay them out there Like if you can just be like 'oh I gotta go pee this is my catheter' Sorry, ooh I pee'd in your chunk, mm oops it happens it's not my fault That's so true because I remember when Jay asked me about how I do things How you poop? Literally, I was like, we're not going there, we're not, we're not going there And I was like yeh I have to kind of it's not a big deal like you know I just do this and that's it And he's like, okay like that was it and I was like okay Moving on Like it was like such a okay great, cool Dating is just awkward no matter what, in your chair, out of your chair it's just always been awkward And you're never gonna find the right person in your life if you don't put yourself out there Take it small, but confident build confidence in yourself the people who love you don't care about your limitations they love you for who you are 1, 2, 3 *cheering* Are we calling it a night, Chelsea? *music* Alright so I'm just back from the um welcome reception and I'm, it was, ugh it was incredible it was so nice to be full of a room with so many women and girls um who are all so positive and just wanting to like uplift everybody and just support everyone and you know everyone is kind of the same and it was, it was really really lovely and magical And um it's a bit late now it's like 10 o'clock so I've been up for a very long time and I'm very tired But it was really great and then just towards the end as I was going um I got to meet Chelsea in person for the first time Which was awesome but obviously everyone wants to talk to Chelsea so we didn't get um much of a chance to have a conversation But yeah I was just like oh my god you must be so proud and so overwhelmed with what you've achieved And yeah it's great and also um to hear Steph talking as well Um and all that she has achieved has been amazing and um you know people recognising Um now that people with disabilites shouldn't be kind of shamed or hidden away Um we should be allowed to be out and proud and be who we want to be And um there are a lot of talks about um you know people saying I have no one that I can recognise with or identify with Um and that's why it's so important that these things exist really Um, you know which I talk about in my TEDx talk, you know 'just like me' and seeing people that you think oh yeah that's just like me And I don't have to you know hide my imperfections or whatever away and I can be who I am and yeah I'm waffling now so I'm gonna STOP Um but yeah I think that's probably going to be it for today and maybe this vlog, um and then maybe I can start like, more stuff tomorrow because there's loads going on tomorrow So make sure you subscribe, thumbs up and um yeah you should definitely subsribe for the next few videos Because they are going to be pretty good! All of the rollettes experience and the dancing tomorrow, it's going to be the dancing so that's going to be fun So I'll catch you tomorrow byee!.

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