✅ Las 7 TENDENCIAS de MARKETING DIGITAL en 2020 (Que Nadie Te Cuenta)

Three words: digital marketing trendsthis year.

Are these three words? No, but who cares.

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Let us begin Voice searches, Instagram purchases structured data .



ok, ok, ok .



Those are some of the digital marketing trends heard here and there.

Ok, and they are not bad, but in Olaf we consider that these are not trends.

The approach is wrong: we must distinguish between functionalities and trends.

Trends is taking a point of view further away, like that of an eagle whenwill hunt its prey, and not dive into the functionalities that each serviceprovides.

So let's see which ones are the trends, according to Olaf, indigital marketing for this year.

Trend number 1Marketing of Respect The last decade, the years 2010-2019, involved constant abuse, in most cases, by companies.

We all havesuffered and we continue to suffer that a company chase us all over the Internet.

Wherever you are, in every corner, with ads, with emails, with pop ups.

No, I'm not interested in buying that Iranian carpet, how do I have totell you? The trend of marketing of respect means that you respect theuser, of course, your client but also the user who comes to your website, maybe to see quality information that you have.

But that does not imply thatfrom there you will chase him like if there was no tomorrow.

If I subscribe to your newsletter, don't spam me.

Every message I get from you should give mevalue.

Think a little bit about me and maybe a little less on you.

Don't youworry: if you add value and you have a product or service thatcan solve a need I have well, it will probably endbuying from you but don't push me with counters, with 16 emails a day with an offer that ends tonight at 12pm and yettomorrow when I come back to your page I see the offer continues there.

So, don't push me and don't fool me either.

Marketing of respect is respecting theuser (and that's been hard to say respect marketing is to respect theuser) and not take him for a fool.

We, digital users this year we endurealready hardly these bad practices of the companies and companies that followdoing intrusive marketing, marketing of “show me 25 popups” or marketing of”buy before tonight and I'll send you 18 emails” will go little by littledeclining and losing the interest of users.

So, from this year, with youronline business use marketing of respect.

Trend number 2#nocode services No code: no code, without code.

These aretools or services that allow you, through a visual editor, doapplications like a website, email marketing, without having to bite the code.

Therefore, they are tools In which you don't need to know programmingto achieve powerful results.

We are moving from complex and expensive developments to faster and cheaper.

Of course, if your businessneeds a highly unique and complex website then you will always needprogrammers but for most mortals this is not going to bethe case and you probably don't need go through a programmer.

This trendit's good news for business online: instead of dealing withtechnology or hiring a developer to take care of creatingmy website, for example, now you simply hire an online service:these services are often referred as SaaS Software as a Service, and for a small monthly fee you have access to their technology.

For example, who likes to head butt against the table when you create a WordPress website? Well maybe the beginnings are promising:you start to see results fast but all that idyll, that world of colors andrainbows collapses when you start to install plugins, when you have toupdate those plugins, when WordPress tells you to update the version ofWordPress and suddenly, one day, you click “update” and the entire web collapses.

Or when you install a new plugin, click activate and the whole webturns into a black hole.

And beware, if you enjoy technology, well, maybe the #nocode solutions are not for you.

But if you don't enjoy technology andyou want to focus on running your business, that is, in having a web page, aemail marketing strategy, a chatbot strategy that you createeasily without having to use programming and it's also quite uniquefrom the rest of your competitors, hey, well I buy it.

I don't want to deal with thetechnology, I want to deal with running my business.

So an option today to WordPress is Webflow.

Webflow is what we use here at Olaf and it allows you create a unique web page with theadvantage that you don't have to worry about the code and if you know alittle bit of code, then you can edit visually that code.

I mean, insteadto get to doing CSS by hand you edit the code with a cool code editorthat you have in the control panel.

Another tool we use in Olaf #nocode is GetResponse, a tool for do advanced email marketing.

I don't want to get in there to fight again writing lines of code tocompose my message and make it perfect on mobile, on computer, on tablet .



No no, GetResponse takes care of everything.

By the way, you will find the links to the tools we use below in the description.

Trend number 3Personalization What is personalization in digital marketing? Good question, Olaf is glad you ask this question.

Personalization is a collection of marketing strategies employed bydata to improve the user experience.

We are surrounded by data and acompany should know how to collect, read correctly and draw conclusionsappropriate business based on those data and data is telling me howeach of my users interacts with my brand, not a group of people, not on a levelgeneral: people in Madrid behave in this way, the people of Mexicobehave this way.

No, no, data is telling me that this specific person has visited your website yesterday, today he has opened your email, a week ago he saw your ad onFacebook etc.

So knowing how that user interacted with your brand, the brand, the online company, must offer a personalized content basedin the user experience so far with the brand.

Every touchpoint of a user with a brand is an opportunity to personalize.

Forexample, content personalization on a web page it will get better every time.

Today we have tools like Mutinywhich are focused in B2B, that is to say, for business to business, and this tool allows you to customize the text on a web page, or title, orthe photos, or the menu, based on the characteristics of the user who visitsthat page.

I mean, if I have a person who works at Iberia visiting myweb page, well, I'm going to show him a particular content whereas if I have aperson who works at Air France I can show him different content.

So this year, and in the years to come, we'll see how thisindividual customization of a web page evolves not only in the B2B field but also in the B2C field.

Trend number 4 Omnichannel There are already solutions to making an omnichannel marketing strategies but these solutions are focused on the mediumand big companies.

For example, a solution like Iterable (orhowever it's pronounced) it has an entry cost of 500 euros per month.

But thepath is set and in short time omni channel solutions forsmall business will be available.

This does not mean that they don't exist already.

For example, solutions like GetResponse, the email solutionmarketing that we use at Olaf, is a fairly advanced tool aimedto the small business.

For example, from GetResponse you can plottouchpoints, email marketing flows, create landing pages based onmy email marketing sequence, etc Trend number 5 Optimization of theconversion and loyalty Getting traffic to a website is more and more difficult.

Each time there is more competition.

The number of web pages doubles every 18months (so you get the idea) and the ads on social media, the cost ofthe ads, do not stop increasing.

The costs of acquiring new customers keep increasing, so the trend of conversion optimization andcustomer loyalty is here to stay.

A strategy of digital marketing shouldn't be based just in the first sale(this leads to disaster for sure) but must rely on creating strategies tokeep your current customers and retain them.

Therefore, an online businessthis year shouldn't focus on optimizing for the first purchase but to optimizefor the customer lifetime value (LTV).

If a person buys from me three times a year for two years and every time they buy I have a profit of 40 euros, thecustomer lifetime value is going to be 40 times 2 = 80, times 3, 240 euros.

In other words, the first purchase was 40 but the lifetime value ofclient is 240 euros.

So if you I just bought a course on your website, 5 days after do not send me a link tobuy you another course.

5 days after, what I want you to send me is an emailtelling me if everything is okay, if I have started the course, if I have anydifficulty starting the course, even you could offer me a link to booka 10-minute call with you in case I need some kind of guidance to get started your course.

Before trying to sell me another of your products, make sure I'm happy with the product that I have already bought from you.

Trend number 6Data as a competitive advantage An online business this yearmust know how to capture data, process data and draw business conclusionsbased on that data.

It's over to guess and to put a candle to theVirgin and to pray: Virgin, little virgin, let people click on myFacebook ad.

Or little virgin, virgin, that people find mypage on Google.

Using #nocode tools that we saw before, there is no longerexcuse for an online business in developing digital marketing strategiesdata-based.

If the data is telling me that 95 percent ofvisits to my website are done with a mobile phone, then I should probably make surethat my website is optimized for mobile.

Or if the data is telling me that mywelcome email is being openned by 5 percent of my email list and one is mymom and the other the neighbor of the fifth floor, probably you need to modify some of thatwelcome email: maybe when it's sent, maybe the email title.

It is not aboutguessing, it is a matter of trying and seeing which of the variations has a higher opening rate instead of pray and guess.

Therefore, those companies thatknow how to read and interpret the data that they already have (because all companies, we have data) will be the future leaders of their sector.

Trend number 7Support as a competitive advantage It has always been a good idea to offergood support for your product, your service.

This year, the trend to offerthe best possible support to users, to your customers, is what is going toincreasingly differentiate some businesses from others.

For example, in all the yearsthat Olaf has, which are many, and very well carried, he has never seen a technical supportas spectacular as the one offerered by Webflow.

Webflow is notpaying us to say this but it's the sheer truth.

If you have a question, adoubt, you send an email and in a matter of hours, Webflow, Webflow support, replies with an extensive email that not onlyanswer your question but four others you may have in the future.

The response is personalized and not a copy-paste of othersresponses they have: no, no, it's for me and this is what we saw in a previoustrends earlier.

Good customer support is a verysmart loyalty strategy.

Show your customers that they matter to you;this year customers will not stand bad customer support.

For example, if yousend me an email with a link to your chatbot where can i change my nextflight, what do you think I think if i click in that link, I go to the chatbot and thechatbot is not working? Well, I'm not going to think highly of you.

That support thatI want, because I want to change my flight, don't propose it with a chatbot because it's notworking: test it before.

Have we left any trend in the pipeline? Then comment below and tell us which, according to you, is the trend in digital marketingfor this year.

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Until thenext, Vikings.


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