【Vietnam & Japan Travel Vlog】 Part 1: Arriving in Vietnam and Exploring the City

We made it through TSA.

Now we're just walking to our gate.

We're gate B41.

Yea So many Viet people here trying to go to the motherland too So we've boarded the plane and these are the stuff that they give us.

Not this pillow but they gave us this blanketand then a pillow for us to use It's actually quite hot in here tooYea Here's our screenClick whatever we want Here let's go back and see what they haveThere's Skychannel, Skyshop, and all these other thingsThey have like Korean movies and stuff too We can see the South African AirlineI don't know if you can see the wing We don't have a wingOh wait The wing is over here.

Haha Alright, this is our lunch menu We got to choose between tempura and porkcutlet and then we got tempura which is the A set It's the Japanese style And then they have this These are like side dishes I guess And then this is the noodle sauce for thisthing And they have a wasabi packet Wasabi And then some seaweed flakes So we're not even halfway through our trip We started right here And now we're only there It's currently 6:13 It's been 6 hours So this is what I've been doing on the plane I even made like the high scores too This is what my sister has been doing Doing old people stuff Yea we're playing old people things I just finished watching Cars 3 And then I'm about to break my record again I'm so bored I beat my score so many times so I'm like the top 3 of these smiley faces I'm also the guests All these 3 guests I almost filled out the entire high score board So it is Oh you can't seeWell in any case Wait my phone is not right It's 7:59 PM and this is our next course a sandwich Looks like wheat bread with tuna And then they gave us this wet napkin Tastes like a tuna sandwich to me Breakfast menu We chose A Rigatoni or something And then there's fruits as side and yogurt Yea Currently made it this far We're right here now An hour left 1 hour is too much We're about to land in Narita After 12 grueling hours on the plane, we made it to Japan Narita Airport Walking to the gate right now I'm like so out of it Got so nauseous towards the end So did she So after a 30 minute delay, we're on our second flight We got the older, ratchet plane See the difference? We made it to Vietnam y'all Met up with my cousin too Just waiting for our boxes of goods to comeout now It's like 11 something PM right now11:37 here in Vietnam It's been a long ride So we made it to the hotel and here's a quick room tourThe lighting is pretty bad So it's kind of like an apartment I'm standing at the front door and here we have like a whole bunch of boxes That's like the living space over there Here they have a cabinet where they give usslippers Shoe cabinet We already put some shoes in there Right next to the door, the entrance, there'sa bathroom Um, that's a toilet, there's a thing theyuse to spray your butt I guess It's like a manual bidet Yea Decent size There's a mirror There's a pig laundry basket too True The kitchen They have like pots and pans and knives ready for you Yea the lighting's really bad in here so youcan't see much They have an electric stove too The cabinets have like cups Cups and plates And a toaster and microwave It's funny how they don't have, like, dishsoap For us to wash? Maybe it's in one of these Ooo there's utensils and everything A decent sized fridge for a hotel There's 2 rooms This is what it looks like Don't show the mess And there's like, some more storage space, closet And then the room next door has a walk-in bathroom A big closet window This one turns on the air too Almost the same Bathtub Yea, pretty much our room tour Hotel room tour Good morning it's like, 2 hours later So we slept around 4 AM and it's like 6 something AM now Getting ready to head out for the day But let's show you the view if I can Actually let me go outside this way About to go eat breakfast and start our day The view is ok It's not that great You know, some beat down buildings, trees, the road Yea this is our view But apparently we're moving rooms so we might have a new, nicer view Ooo I don't know if you can see the traffic Crazy Crazy So we're having our free breakfast I got some congee, this rice cake, noodles, and then this really delicious-looking coffee And then with this really nice view We're talking to our ông nội's place right now It's pretty close to the hotel But look, Adidas outlet, Puma, dang So the fam got a restaurant Got the hookups, connections It was a short walk here This is our ông nội's placeYea That fam restaurant though I guess I would recommend it even though I haven't even eaten anything We're exploring the city Bruh I don't even know where we're at We're just exploring Aww congratulations They have a photoshoot in the middle of the road Another one There's a post office over there It looks like a train station Yea I'm not buying anything either I'm just going to go lookIt's a mall so The honking LOL SO MUCH HONKING Having that street food It's only like a dollar, about, usd Eating at my friend's, uh, my mom's friend's place We're at a grocery store right now It's called Co.

op mart See it? Co.

op mart And in Vietnamese a grocery store is called a siêu thị Yea we're just picking up some stuff, looking around So we're about to leave What's up y'all so we're here eating somegrapefruit And it's raining outside like usual The vlog has been quite disappointing because you got to be very careful walking out thestreets here and yea So I don't really want to pull out my camerabecause I have to watch all my belongings You know, because people actually snatch stuffhere And it's like, dangerous, soSo yea.

Apologies! So let me show you a little bit of what wegot over here My mom's god daughter brought over some ofthese They're really goodThe banana's really good That's a grapefruit We also have some candy And then bánh tráng So we went to the coop, this place called Co.

opmart earlier It's like a grocery store And I forgot to bring deodorant with meSo I got this one.

It's like, I think it's a liquid oneIs the travel friendly? It costs 56, 000 vndIt's like $4 or $3, around there A little less than $3It's only $2 something which isn't too bad I guess it's around the same price for a travelsized thing at Target At Target a travel size one is only $1 something Well this one is different I've never seen this kind of deodorant beforeSo like you twist the cap and it's like a, the old lip glossesIt's like a rolling lip balm Yea it's like a huge lip balm thing Gong Cha! Poor chị bought us foodShe delivered it It's so dark in here.

This lamp doesn't do anything Did she get the milkfoam again? Yea she likes milkfoam What flavor? This is.



Oolong Oh nice, nice And then oolong, same thing The oolong is very good YeaAnd then she bought us Bánh ướt Bánh ướt chả lụa.

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