There's still residential areas not farfrom Vientiane city centre.

Some nice old houses have been renovated into boutique hotels to welcome guests from around the world.

If you come to Vientiane for leisure, youcan experience local way of living and feel like you're home away from home.

Now, we are walking by the promenade by Mekong river during the sunset time.

You can see overthere is Thailand! Nong Khai (a province in Thailand).

So, besides nice cafes around Vientiane, you can't miss out the scene of sunset by Khong river.

And here, there're many restaurants and bars along the river where you can enjoy soft drinks and fruit juices like this.

Cheers! Where are we now? Talad Klang Kuen, Kham Khong (Night market by Khong river).

Here we are at Talad Klang Kuen or Night Market in Vientiane.

It's next to Khong river.

Very lively at night.

And, you must come here if you come to Vientiane.

Let's Go! Let's Go!! The things we recommend you to shop here are traditional arts and handicrafts including paintings, 'Sin' which is traditional clothes, scalf, paper lantern, and silver belt.

The activities when the local people come here in the evening are to jog by Khong river, to play sports like football, and to dance here by the river.

Hi! Hey! How are you? Good to see you again.

Long time, no see.

How are you? Sabaidee (How do you do).

Silvia is my very good friend here from Vientiane.

And today, she's going to show us around.

Where are we now? We're at the Morning Market or Talat Sao.

Talat Sao.

This is where you come to get some souvenirs.

Or even for the locals, we come here to get a lot of silk products.

What time is it opened? Is it opened every day? 8am 8! At 4pm, they've already started to pack their stuff already.


up to 4 o'clock in the afternoon.


Oh! You've still got time if you miss the morning session.


Are you ready? Yeah.

Let's go!! So, this is traditional cloth that womenin Laos wear every day? It's 'Sin', right? It's professional attire, so when you go to your office, you're supposed to wear 'Sin'.


you can wear it to work.

You have to wear it to work every day.


So, if you were in government office or any office, actually, you're supposed to wear this to work.

Oh, interesting.

In this market we canbargain? Can! yeah.

Or you should always bargain.

How? Any tips?.



for our friends from abroad.

If it's 100 dollars, you probably bargain to 70 dollars.

Any local words to say to bargain? Lod Dai Bor.

Lod Dai Bor! Can you give me a discount? I think buying souvenirs here at the morning market is much more cheaper than buying at the night market.

Not typical souvenir.

This is 'Dok Jumpa', right? Yeah.

That's a national flower of Laos, Champaka.

Not far from the night market and Salana Hotel, we're here at the bike rental shop named Mixay Bike.

because today, we're gonna bike around the old town.

Where are we gonna go? So, we're gonna bike around town for a bit.

And then, we're heading to the Presidential Palace.


And passing temples.

Hopefully, we'll end up by the river, just in time for sunset.

Yeah! Please be my guide today.


Let's Go! Ong-Tue Temple, one of the biggest temples in Laos.

So, this year, this is the most happening street in Vientiane.

So this is the famous 'Khop Chai Deu' Restaurant.


It has been open for 15-16 years now.


'Le Trio'! And yeah! Great coffee shops and restaurants.

What is this place? This is called 'Hor Kham' or 'Golden House'.

Basically, it's the Presidential Palace.

So, it's where.



it's like the 'White House'.

Used to welcome high-level guests.

Wow!! I really love this part of Vientiane.


It's my favourite part.

Not very crowded.


And if you go up towards that way, there're a lot of shops and restaurants.

You can see it by the river and enjoy the sunset.

Wow! So people can come here for jogging.


I think they start from all the way.



from that end to the other end, about 4-5 kms.

I think now.




People finish work at 5pm and will be coming here at 5-5.



They do Aerobics right here, actually.

So here we are at Chao Anouvong Park.

Who is he, actually? Chao Anouvong is a King of Laos, Lanxang Kingdom.


He was the King from 1767-1829 A.


In the 18th Century.

Around that time.

Normally, local people usually come here.


They come and pay respect to him.

There's also a park.


This is called 'Chao Anouvong Park'.

The whole area is called 'Chao Anouvong Park'.

People like to come up after work, in the evening.

Just to relax.

Have a picnic.


I can see that! People also jog around this area.


It's very nice in the evening.

They have kids playground towards that side.

Cheers!! Wow! Thank you for taking me here.

You're welcome.

I hope you enjoy your day.

Very much.

They say the life here is 'slow'.

A lot of people come here to experience'Slow Life'.

You know what, they say that Lao P.



is short for Lao people don't rush!.

(Laugh) I think that's true.

We're sort of take everything easy here.


To enjoy life.

It's not like any big cities.

Any other capital cities that you usually see.


I can feel that.

You compare this to Bangkok and it's like a totally different world.

So, people don't usually work late at night? Ah.


No, I don't think so.

No? So, they enjoy their life.


So you can see that from here, afterwork, after 5pm, people finish work, they just come jogging, take a walk, so.



walk their dog, bring their kids or.



come jogging, come do aerobics towards that part.

Wow! Yeah! It's pretty nice.

I hope you enjoyed the trip.

Stay tuned for the next episode.

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