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When you settle in one place, it can happen fast that you forget about how amazing this place is.

You get trapped in your daily routines and your thoughts circle around your business even if the place you‘re working in is much nicer than your hometown.

My best time in Thailand was when I was backpacking there for 6 months a few years ago.

After that I stayed a lot in awesome places like Koh Lanta and Chiang Mai, that now feel like a second home.

And that‘s the bad thing.



I stopped exploring, I stopped enjoying the variety of activities and places Thailand has to offer.

But that should change soon when my brother came to Thailand on his holiday and I was forced to leave my daily routines to show him this amazing country.

We started in Chiang Mai to see some of the Buddhist culture and it‘s amazing nature.

Around Chiang Mai you‘ll find a lot of temples, monks and markets.

But don‘t forget about the elephants and the Doi Inthanon national park when you‘re there.

Toby learns how to eat with sticks.

We're doing an elephant trip todayand it's actually my third time that I do that around Chiang Mai.

So I can say from myexperience that it's an amazing trip and definitely one of the best things youcan do around Chiang Mai.

I haven't been to that camp yet so let's check itout.

We're at Doi Inthanon right now.

This isthe highest point in Thailand with two temples.

It looks incredible.

Alsothe view here of all the mountains.



just awesome.

We've been to the Mae Ya waterfall before.

It's around an hour from Doi Inthanon.

And the waterfall itself is around one and a half hours away from Chiang Mai.

Around 80 kilometers.

So it's a lot to drive.

It's a one-day trip and you should start early.

But I would recommend that for everyone who goes to Chiang Mai cuz that trip is just amazing.

As our time was limited we only spent three days in Chiang Mai, what was definitely too short.

After that we took a plane directly to Krabi to see some of the islands.

We choose Koh Lanta and Phi Phi island.

Yes there are a lot more, but when your time is limited you have to make a decision.

On Koh Lanta you definitely want to do the 4 island tour to see the Emerald.


But apart of that it’s good to rent a scooter and see Koh Lanta itself as it‘s a very beautiful and quiet island.

We're on Phi Phi now, going to theviewpoint.

We only have one and a half hours.

I'm really not sure if we make it.

Phi Phi island is overcrowded by tourists but still an amazingly beautiful place.

So we decided to just do a day trip to Phi Phi from Koh Lanta.

Instead of going back after the trip, we took a ferry directly from Phi Phi Island to Phuket.

Phuket itself has a few things to see, lots of activities and some good beaches with luxury resorts.

But we only did some sight seeing for one day as our real reason to go there was the good bus connection to Khao Sok Nationalpark.

I'm teaching my brother how to fly hisMavic Pro.

I actually gave it to him as a Christmas present, but it's actually hisfirst time that he flies the drone now cuz he's always with a normal camera.

Sonow he learnes something new.

Khao Sok is the biggest national park in Thailand and in it’s center you find a 160 square kilometer big lake, that was just build around 40 years ago when they created a dam.

The lake and the green rainforest are a beautiful mix, the views were just incredible and if you spend a longer time there and do some treks, you will also see a lot of wildlife.

I'm inside the jungle now with the laketour here.

My brother went inside the cave but you need a dry bag to go inside thecave cuz the water goes pretty high there and we forgot our dry back.

Istay outside now and wait for them for two hours.

So let's explore the jungle alittle bit.

As we were not exactly sure how fast everything goes, we only did the lake tour, which was nice, but I think we could have seen a lot more if we would have stayed one or more days longer.

But that’s okay as it’s a good reason to come back.

The trip reminded me on my first time in Thailand and how much different things this country has to offer.

The Buddhist culture you see a lot in the north, the amazing islands, luxury holidays in Phuket, rainforest adventures in Khao Sok and a lot more.

I have to go back a bit more to normal life now as I have stuff to do.

But I will definitely do my best in the future to don’t get trapped too much in daily routines, will keep exploring and get on more adventures.

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