📢9 Tendencias de Marketing Online para 2020 📢🔥

During 2019 we observe one incredible technological innovation which increase your level of influence in the way to do digital marketing in this 2020 and the years to come now well if you still don't know where to start don't worry here we bring you the top 9 of digital marketing trends for this 2020 and before starting you I invite you to subscribe to this one channel and activate the bell Notifications to receive the next ones premieres for now we go with the intro and we started trend number 1 voice search Voice searches exist towards a Time and technology allows us use search engines like google until we can speak to our phones to perform actions or work as personal assistants for next year 2020 the 50 is expected percent of searches through internet be by voice according to Google statistics tells us that 20 percent of all inquiries Google mobiles are searches performed by voice in a few words on Voice search is a trend in boom and the reason why that is growing quite fast throughout These years it is because more searches fast become more answers fast when using the voice of done when using the voice is said to be 3.

7 times faster than writing and is that this is one of the key factors whereby voice search is experiencing this strong growth Especially since it saves us a lot Trend time number two content Audio audio content growing dramatically in what that we have this 2019 and will follow doing next 2020 as well as voice search because the lack of time people are present every time you have less time to read a book or simply a blog article and that is why prefer audio content as per example while driving on the road from work at home or while doing Exercise while running for a jog lately people are choosing for listening to the podcast format since offers the advantage of being able to be consumed while doing activities that don't allow us to look at a screen how to drive a walk or cook powerful media like spotify are doing to you strong investments in the industry podcast in close relationship with the increase in smart speakers and voice assistants trend number 3 Video content is estimated to be for this next 2020 on average we will be consuming 84 minutes of video a day and is that the videos are still the way preferred of content delivery platform for more than 80% of all users Internet video content will continue to be a trend for this next 2020 for now take advantage of the trend to create video content High quality and attract prospects qualified to your trend business number 4 expert content e influencers in this last year people have relied more on him content made by experts in the industry or influencers in the society therefore you as entrepreneur partner with people influential and build some reference relationships try to reach to a collaboration with some other channel from youtube specialized in your sector and You can do the same with the social network facebook and instagram trend number 5 chat bots chats bots are assistants virtual that provide a service of customer service immediately If you don't have chat bots on your yetwebsite It's time to add them to your next one sales marketing strategy or customer service so that this way to automate tasks repetitive and your staff can focus on the response to problems alone of the help of a human aceí as a focus on other aspects of the company trend number 6 advertising native native advertising will be another of the aspects that grow the most in this next year 2020 as more and more of users get tired of formats Fully intensive advertising aspect that can be observed with the facility growth of adhb lockers systems not to see advertising and this native advertising will allow greater interaction and improvement of user experience between brands and potential customers Native advertising allows you to impact user in a less intrusive way than with traditional advertising the advantage This type of advertising is that I don't know it is perceived as such since it is is 100% integrated in your trend environment number 7 valuation and consumer generated content when a person is going to buy a online article almost always what Customers first before to buy is to look at the opinions of other buyers you could say the opinion of the rest of consumers is what really has an impact on the decisions of Buy well above what we can they say the brands themselves or Companies in conclusion satisfaction of customers and purchase intention They are elements that make it better signature valuation trend number 8 the user find new products in their social networks more and more People who shop through of social channels according to a study what was done on social networks this 2019 in Spain '55 is said to be One hundred of users claim to have searched for product information or social media services before make a purchase this has a bullish trend and a good strategy what can you use for this 2020 would be to create publications to put the Products available to users at through these channels it is said that images work great but the Short videos get even better results many entrepreneurs online what they do is direct the user to their product page in your store at through network publications social as in face and well this is not bad but today platforms like facebook and instagram allow integrated purchases ie this greatly facilitates things to sellers integrated purchases dramatically shorten the sales panel allowing brands to reach new ones markets and impact new users of a friendly way trend number 9 retargeting prevent users from forget or motivate the undecided to Make a purchase is one of the trends that continue to strengthen make sure you study the characteristics of your consumers That way you can design ads adapted to your wishes and needs avoiding well inter will allow to reconnect with users who have interacted with your brand at a certain time This strategy will help you to remind them that you continue there and want to do one offer one of the great benefits that has the retargeting is that it comes from effective way to the target audience favor the loyalty of your former Customers allows you to win higher visibility and increase the number of It also allows you to create and share personalized advertising so capture the right public interest and that is Retargeting campaigns generate more impact than conventional ones so with this in a few words we can say that retargeting can help you impact on people who previously showed interest in your brand by achieving influence your purchase decision and good So far we leave this video I hope you liked and served to be like this not forget to like to share it and subscribe to this channel for new premieres like to greet you to spend a excellent dSee you at the next one video until next time [Music].

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