🚄😍What's it like to travel in an Amtrak Sleeper Car?

– isn't it hey guys where are you we're at the Amtrak train station Cody did you bring your Amtrak train yeah look at that that's the coolest hour gonna race come on Cody let's go that's right oh my goodness you're fast [Music] oh there's the baggage cart oh

there we are and White Sulphur Springs West Virginia that's a cool building looks like it was about 1931 business this was Bill it's really pretty who's that is that your cousin Sarah oh and we're waiting on her mom and dad which direction do you think it's gonna come

oh you think it's gonna go that way Cody which way you think it's gonna go where Z which way is gonna come Oh [Music] nobody thinks it's gonna come for that direction yeah see if we'll get them New York City as you can see this is a little

game having a fantastic journey and this training assisting roles right as well Bobby Susan utters Fabi Susan that's encouraging is on the map cross between two characters when you go through you've got to push the bat and you can see what happened you ready [Music] it's really and

here we are at the dining table we just had a fantastic Amtrak Laurie is just absolutely as you can see we're still walking and rolling along on this tracks we make forwards for lunch nice to be what's your favorite thing that you liked about it I think that

being is sleeping on the TV you'll see that this one bit we just got our suitcases on and then down here this actually turns into another bed so if our Laurie and I were going overnight I could sleep down here and I'm or it could sleep up there

and this is why it's called the sleeper it was not very big but it's big enough for two people see here it looks like the normal ledge or a normal sort of safe to put things on but in fact it's hiding the toilet are you ready there we

go there you go there's the toilet there's a little one just for aunt Lori's of mine oh use nobody else you can use this one and so this is what happens when you sleep overnight this is called a sleeper you'll see another interesting piece of design work you'll

see here see this you just take this little switch pull this down you've got your own little sink the little sink that we have here to clean one's teeth now that we know cleaning teeth is a good thing done right we should do it at least twice of

that well uncle Nick's doing this second cream for the day and here we are it's what you've got here is the little taps first down put your stuff on your toothbrush play your bone give it a good brush clean the brush off there you go so what happens

next well this little seek is quite nifty all you have to do is dip it up [Music] alright get things and see where the water goes tip it up and then the water goes howls off the thing somewhere eyes all plain and then you put the sink away

isn't that fantastic these trains they're just very very inventive nice no just kidding right there it's coming here comes a real deal it's coming pretty quick do isn't it okay wait [Music] Azzam it once [Music] here we are oh let's say hi to the conductor like we did

show show the connection is faster where did you come from today come out of New York uh-huh Wow there's an Lauren +18 hey right and this is Cody we brought my name's Josh oh you have oh you want to go grab Heidi this is Mike [Music] [Music] come

on how did you own a trip somewhere yeah thank you so much oh my god don't try some of it they wanted a jersey neurotransmission wanted for White's office printer name isn't it [Music] to drink you know it's doctor really bad oh there's more people wait for people

to play [Music] new isn't it

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