001: Family Travel Video Blog – Plans for a World Sailing Adventure with the Kids

[Music] right so we we've got some adventures planned and we want to keep a record of what we're going to do and that's why we're vlogging it rather than vlogging it because vlogging is both be the in thing what okay so our adventure that we're planning is to

go sailing with the kids maybe we'll go where around the world maybe you won't I think I remember talking about it over 10 years ago maybe 15 years ago about doing it so I'm going to be doing blogs on this whole process some vlogs on finding a boat

then maybe something on home education because we'll be having to homeschool the kids and maybe you're planning the route as well what really might take there's going to be some on concentrate on how you feed clutter and clear your house outs there will be some on the kind

of work that I do lifeboat crew that's voluntary so I'm sort of standby lifeboat crew when I'm working and doing stuff on the house work down the marina on yachts down there help out my husband and his business yeah you made this whole kitchen kind of like a

teamwork effort on everything really and then by three o'clock it's time to go to the kids up so then it's all kids and then I do stuff for myself in the evening as well so the way that we're going to pay for this trip or these travels is

from renting out our house I love traveling I love seeing new places I think if we're careful we'll be able to afford it if we won't be having any bills because hopefully we'll have solar power will have wind power we won't be paying rent and we'd be angered

out most the time way to worry about clothes so much so there's been a lot of preparation for this trip and it starts with trying to clear a whole house rebei Gumtree car boot sales both jumbles some of it given away and some bits going into storage yes

so getting the kids ready for it is another thing in itself getting vaccinations medical insurance tips and alternative medicines also making sure that after state is up to date quite a few people probably think it's a really bad thing to do with your children to take them out

of the security of a house and a school you can get on is's you can be pirates on one hand it be really great because we'll be with the kids all day and every day and that's a fantastic thing to do while the kids were young and but

on the flip side it could be quite difficult teaching children age 5 8 11 by then making sure that they're not behind all the other kids and that they're enjoying it I do take them down to a sailing club where they've learning to sail little boats themselves which

gets them into that idea they seem quite excited they don't seem to mind the unknown as much as that out I think it's quite adaptable so searching for a boat is a project in itself we've been looking for years we were going to get a mana hold then

we kind of talked about the idea of a catamaran we went to see him on a whole they wouldn't accept her offer so went to a catamaran we were very nearly going to buy it but an altar survey we decided that wasn't the boat to go all the

way around the world and we know we'll never find the perfect boat so one keep telling us but as all of our savings are going into this boat we're going to try and get the best boat we can get so I'm going to try and do weekly vlogs

and failing that'll be at every other week what – coming here to introduce me oh that camera I was into this camera like this thing because it is just like a real film you got right on it so I got some choc-ice to go get some chalk you've

got to you [Music]

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