#1 Real Estate Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Agents Right Now.. DO THIS!! Or Miss Out.. ?

What's up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today's video, I'm gonna break down an extremely powerful Real estate marketing technique that you should be using right now in your business because these are pretty strange times, right? and so you as a real estate agent you want to be leveraging this technique right now to capitalize on building a massive brand getting that exposure and then also set yourself up for maximum lead generation here in a couple of weeks once things kind of Settle back down and normal.

Okay, so here's the strategy What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna first lay out the strategy right here on this page and then I'm gonna actually show you Inside of the Facebook Ads manager how to set all this up.

Okay, cuz you might be like, okay that's good in theory That's a good concept.

But how do I actually go and implement this so let's break this down first of all, right Now the very unique time more people are on their phones or on social media than ever before, right? So you want to capitalize on this? However? You might not necessarily go in and selling a home in the next week or two Right, but you want to get your brand out there So there's ways leveraging Facebook Ads Not some of the typical techniques that I usually talk about but some of these different techniques I'll be talking about today But you can get your face your brand in front of tens of thousands of people for just literally pennies, okay? so what we're gonna do over here is we are going to set up a Facebook app and this is actually gonna be a Facebook video ad so that's a little video player right there.

Okay Now the whole goal of this is to go through and to build our brand Okay, so I'm got terrible handwriting right here, but hopefully you guys get the idea I'm actually getting an iPad supposed to come on Wednesday So here two days and so I'll be able to draw things out for you a little bit better But for now, we've got this.


So you've got this video and pretty much what you want to say It's just like a one two minute video.

Hey, you've probably seen my face before on social media That's because our team we dominate social media So if you're looking to list your home, we're gonna be able to use the same tactics We're using right now to get your attention for your home or if you're looking to buy a home We'll be able do the same to help you find the right home for you.

Okay? now the whole goal of this ad right here is to get people to Watch it.

Okay, because the cool thing is is we're able to create a custom audience on Facebook of everyone who watches this ad right here and To get someone to watch your actual video right here It literally cost pennies to get someone to watch that and we can track if they've watched 10 seconds of the video the entire video 25% 50% so we can go through and create these different audiences which Nets gets a little bit too detailed and I don't think we really need to go through and do that But then the goal of this is here in a couple weeks We are gonna show another ad That's one of our typical lead templates And if you guys want our lead templates I'll have a link down below this video in the description as well as in the top comment You guys can just grab all those templates for free But you use one of our lead templates right here to retarget Those people.

Okay, so if you ever heard of retargeting Remarketing.

It's basically what amazon does when you look for products on their site right you go and you find this one product and then if you don't buy it, they're like showing up ads every every blog that you go through and look at saying hey look Here's a little discount or here's other products similar to another one because they already knew that you were interested in this before Okay, so if someone's over here and you've got this video talking about real estate Hey, I'm a real estate agent blah blah blah message me more if you want to have questions about real estate This person is more than likely like in the marker.

They're there.

They're interested in knowing what's going on in the market, right? So then here in a couple of weeks once things kind of normalize a little bit we can go through and show this ad to these people specifically and They've already seen our face so hopefully they start to kind of have that brand recognition and They're a lot more targeted than just kind of doing the typical housing special ad category Targeting techniques that Facebook allows now.

All right.

So this is basically the whole concept the strategy and From here.

This is where we're going for leads Okay, we're gonna go get someone's name phone number email address or whatever type of info you're looking to collect right there Here, all we're doing is going for brand exposure Video views and we can even have some little techniques which I'll show you guys here in just a second To have them message you on Facebook be able to get that conversation started But then this is where the real power comes in of Generating leads with this retargeting ad ok.

So let's jump over here to the Facebook Ads manager I'll show you how to set all this up here really quick.

It's really not that difficult And so first what you want to do is shoot that 1 to 2 minute video Remember, it's basically going through and saying hey, my name is blank and I'm a real estate professional in the blank area wherever you work We are team.

We dominate social media That's probably why you've been seeing my brand and everything all over the place Will do the same for you and your home if you list with us I know and and I wouldn't necessarily mention what's going on right now because Facebook is probably going to either ban those ads or they're not going to be evergreen So you'll be able to use them for maybe the next like couple of weeks but you want something that's be evergreen that you can use ongoing and maybe run for five dollars per day get thousands of views every single day and then Not really have to worry about right so over here We're gonna go over to your to create a new ad campaign Inside the Facebook Ads manager and we'll reset this right here.

And this is a housing ad still Ok, so we want to go through we want to hit I am creating a campaign for ads the special ad category housing right here and then down here Normally, we like to do the conversions objective for lead generation or the lead generation objective what I'm gonna do Is I'm going to click on video views.

Okay, so this is gonna go through and maximize It's gonna find people who are more than likely to watch videos on Facebook on Instagram and show them that To those people first and then obviously with some of the copy that we'll have in here on the headline Which I'll show you just a second.

We'll be able to target those people that are a little bit more interested in real estate ok, so we're just gonna say video views and we'll say we'll call this a demo example right here and Then we'll click continue And then now from here, we just want to go in and we want to select whatever your local community is kay So down here I actually am in Gilbert err zona So put your Gilbert Arizona and they've got the 15 mile radius.

This is just because that is the special housing category targeting parameters right here, but remember cool thing is we're gonna be able to get a lot more specific with our lead generation ads right here because we'll just be Retargeting people who have already watched that video.

Okay, so we come down here got Gilbert, Arizona Everything else is pretty much locked if you want to come in here and maybe put English if you just speak English, that's great Too and then we come down here automatic placements We'll just leave this as is and as far as a budget really this depends on you where you're at currently But honestly, you don't really need like usually I suggest 10 dollars per day with lead generation But you only really need just a couple bucks a day Maybe just five bucks a day and look you're getting out in front of 600 at one point eight thousand people every single day Maybe not all these people are gonna watch your video, but you start to get that brand recognition It's like having a billboard out on the busiest freeway in your area and people start to recognize your face Okay, and a lot of times people Typically will work with people that they have that familiarity of the facial recognition if they even even know you But they just kind of recognize your face from somewhere.

There's a lot more likely chance that they're gonna actually work with you Okay, so we'll just leave it all this right here Then we're gonna go over here continue and this is where we set the actual ad up Okay, so we wanna come over here choose your Facebook page What come over here? We'll do the Jason warm Park City Realty one, then.

We'll create an app So we'll shoot that video upload it and we'll just come in here upload the video right here Let's say this is my video right here Okay, obviously, it's just some random video, but we'll just use that as the example So we've got this right here and the primary text.

Honestly, you don't have to have Much of anything right here.


I just maybe say questions about real estate Message me below And you can even do some cool like emojis of like, you know the finger Pointing down emoji.

So come over here grab this I Know there's like these little Chrome extensions.

I don't have those.

I need to get them but we just go like this boom.

Boom boom and then you've got the little question about real estate message me below we've got this video right here and Then what I also like to do is do it out a website URL and then for the call to action over here Instead of learn more we're gonna actually do send message Okay, so send message.

So that means like we're not really doing any specific called action It's more of like a brand building video right to go great on that custom audience to retarget people later But if somebody's like wants to message chat back and forth right now, which we could totally do We want to have send message right here so they can actually get in touch with us.

Okay? So for the headline, we might say something similar, so Questions about real estate Message me okay, and then for this one I might do Finger pointing for right emoji Doing these cool things obviously, I'm just grabbing these quick Okay so message me so we've got question about real estate message me and The reason why I like to use moji says you guys probably know from watching my videos in the past Is it kind of grabs people's attention a little bit more because it's not just like playing bland text So use like oh these little yellow emotions right here kind of pulled the eye a little bit Okay, so that's all you got to do And then we're just gonna hit confirm and that is going to go live and we're gonna run that pretty much continuously and especially over the next couple of weeks while everyone's kind of still in their homes and everything and Then what we want to do is the second step.

We want to create a custom audience of everyone who's watched that video So now we're gonna come up here.

Obviously, you're gonna go and hit publish.

I'm not going to do that because this is a demo Video right here will click on audiences and I'll show you how to set all this up.

Okay? So we're gonna click on audiences and we're gonna create click create an audience and I need to add this to my business account But I'm not done that yet So we're gonna click on create audience right here custom audience is what we're gonna create and then we are going to go to this Kake's want to track everyone who's watched our video? So go over here to video and then we say engagement type people view 10 seconds of our video 25 percent 50 percent 75 percent now what I like to do typically here, especially with the small budget is I like to create a Audience that's not three seconds because if somebody watched it for three seconds doesn't necessarily mean they're interested Okay It could have just like OTO played and then like three seconds pass and you don't necessarily want to target those people But with a small budget of like let's say five ten dollars per day I want to still be able to cast as wide a net as possible so depending on the length of your video, I would either do 10 seconds of your video or 25% of your video more than likely I'm gonna do 10 seconds of your video right here, okay So now you're gonna go through and you're gonna choose the video From your Facebook page.

So let's see.

I'm wonder if I've got any pages here that I've got a video on Probably this one right here.

So let's say this bit.

Let's say this is my video right here.

Okay It's got 44, 000 views so far.

Let's go and select that one and Then we come down here and we could confirm and so we want to say okay everyone that's viewed it in the past 365 days I typically won't do 365 days for this type of video I do more of like a thirty to sixty days Because we want it somewhat fresh in their mind that they just saw her face just saw our video So maybe even let's go in the middle.

Let's just do 45 days right here Okay, so then we'll go in here and name this it will say like 10 Second video viewers and you can name it.

However you like and then you could say like intro video alright, then we'll go through and create this audience and Now what we're gonna do we've got this you can see it's populating We'll go back into the ads manager.

And this remember we're gonna have this run for the next couple of weeks We're going to be building this audience.

Hopefully it gets to several thousand.

It's not tens of thousands of people more than likely it will Then once we're ready, we'll go over here And once I'm saying once we're ready that's in a couple of weeks once things normal a little bit more will click on create a new campaign and we'll say I'm creating a special app category housing because it's obviously real-estate and then we're either gonna do a lead generation ad or a conversions app, okay conversions lead generation, if you're kind of confused on the difference, they're both specific to the tool and Generating leads.

This one's using a lead format with Facebook.

This one's using a landing page we're not going to get in the differences on this video because It's it's a little bit difficult.

If you're not familiar with what they are, but basically they both help you generate leads Okay.

So for this example, we're just gonna do lead generation Click continue and then as we're going through and choosing so we'll do York City Realty We are gonna go and choose our custom audience that we just created so If this will pop down, alright, so what we're doing here is we're just going to go here to custom audience It was just taking a second to drop down.

We choose this 10 second video view intro video.

Okay, you see right now It's got obviously fewer than a thousand people, but we'd click that Down down the road in the future that's going to have thousands or tens of thousands if you're doing this strategy Right, and then we'll just go and set a budget that let's say it's ten dollars per day 20 dollars per day Usually I like to start out with at least 10 dollars per day.

We hit continue We go through we use one of the ad templates that I will give to you guys for free and that we write down Below this video as well.

So anyway, that's Everything a twosie guys so that's going through creating this video this brand-building video get your face in front of everyone in your local community and If you don't have a crazy huge local community, like let's say it's only a hundred two hundred thousand people You can get pretty well-known very quickly using this method now We're going after a brand building watch time getting people to watch this video We create this custom audience and we retarget them with this ad right here Which then we are going through and generating leads and typically these leads right here are a lot more Qualified because they've already seen your face here and they've already seen your face here So by the time they get your follow-up messages here or actually get a phone call from you.

They know who you are.

Okay, so Anyway, if you guys have any questions drop them down below if you found this video helpful, go ahead.

Give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that that helped this video will be seen by more people just like you so they can go through and benefit from this content this material and Also, be sure to go grab my lead templates where I'll share with you my top three Facebook ads as well as landing page templates Which landing pages are basically a easy way to go through and capture someone's contact information to generate a lead So I'll share those with you my top three.

And with that said I will see you all in the next video.

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