1 year backpacking (part 1): Thailand and Laos

Hey everyone So recently I just came back to Australia after a one year backpacking trip.

It was a very amazing eye opening experience.

I learnt a lot about different cultures and have a lot of stories to tell so I thought I would make this video to share it with everyone This was my first time in doing a solo backpacking trip for such long period of time So I decided to go to Southeast Asia where I knew there would be a lot more solo backpackers like myself.

I spent about two months in Thailand Laos and that's what my video today is going to be about At the beginning of March 2019 I've flew over to Krabi in southern Thailand the beaches in this area were really beautiful One of the first things I did on arrival was a snorkeling boat tour out to four Islands Had an amazing time but realized if I kept going on tours like this.

I would not be able to backpack for a year So I decided hiring a scooter and staff going on tours, but unfortunately I had no idea how to ride one Lucky for me though Southeast Asia is full of travelers.

I became friends with other backpackers who knew how to ride one And soon I realized that being able to drive a scooter means you have a lot of freedom to go anywhere and that means you can Explore places you never thought you would go to After exploring the hidden beaches in southern Thailand I decided to go up to northern Thailand where I heard it'll be richer in traditional culture There are so many beautiful temples around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai But the highlight had to be stumbling upon an Akha hill tribe by accident This was mainly because riding a scooter allowed me to go to remote areas Why I was there is a long story, but the villagers were very kind I don't speak any Thai and they didn't speak any English, but me and two of the girls could communicate in Mandarin The girls gave me a tour of their village They were telling me how they embroidered their traditional clothes themselves I was amazed how intricate their embroidery is.

And so they offered to let me try some on.

I never thought I'd accidentally find a hill tribe village like this one, much less be able to communicate with any of the villagers I had so much fun with these girls, and I'm really hoping to see them again But anyway after this, from Thailand I decided to head to Luang Prabang in Laos for the Laotian new year, Pi Mai, which is also known as Songkran in Thailand This is the best thing about the humid hot summers around the region Because there's a nationwide water fight The New Year is held annually during mid-april Traditionally water in Pi Mai is a symbol for renewal The young pour water over the hands of the elder and the monks and ask for blessings for the year ahead But over time it seems someone decided to spice up the new year by splashing their friends I actually got a pretty bad cold during Pi Mai because of all the water fighting and On top of that during all of the new year shows.

I got pickpocketed of what felt like a very significant amount of money at the time It sucked, but I wasn't going to let those two things stop me from joining in the water fights Thinking about it now if these things didn't happen I wouldn't have ended up meeting this great group of backpackers that I hung out a week plus with So with this group of backpackers, we all went from Luang Prabang to a village called Vang Vieng There we did some tubing down a river, did some hiking to see at Laos countryside from above.

I continued to travel some more with a few of them until it's just me and this other guy called Jonas We spent about two weeks together, and half of that time we did a bike trip around the Thakhek loop The main highlight of the loop was the Kong Lor Caves a limestone cavern that stretches for seven kilometres It has roughly a height of 100 meters in some places and it goes up to 90 meters wide.

I really liked the nature in the area, but would have never felt comfortable driving a scooter here if I hadn't gotten a cold and pickpocketed I wouldn't have met that amazing group of backpackers that I spent my week in Vang Vieng with and Consequently, I wouldn't have gotten to know Jonas and may not have had the chance to do to see this place So for Pi Mai the moral of the story is sometimes bad things happen a good reason Anyway, so, Thakhek was basically the end of my trip around the Southeast Asia region The main place I actually really wanted to go to on this trip was Central Asia So after Thakhek I went up north into China and then west into Central Asia I will make more videos soon about my trip to China and Central Asia I'm also planning to make more videos on Pi Mai and Akha hill tribe I came across If you like you can subscribe to my youtube channel and you'll be updated when those videos come out Also, if you like this video here give me a thumbs up.

So I know you liked it Also leave any comments below if you had any thoughts on the video at all and well Thanks for watching this video to the very end, and I will hopefully see you next time.

Bye bye!.

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