You're going to Thailand? Stop number one is Bangkok.

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Thailand is one ofthe coolest destinations in the world, and Bangkok is a place you can spend a week alone.

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this to the top 10 things to do in Bangkok, Thailand.

First up: Khao San Road.

At one point or another, every single traveller will pass through Khao San Road.

It's kind of a mecca for backpackers, but it is not the real Thailand.

It is, however, super fun, and it's a great, place to kind of get your bearings, meetother backpackers, and exchange tips so you can learn about cool things to do inother parts of the country.

It's also a great place to do a little bit ofpeople-watching while sampling local delicacies, like deep fried scorpion anda bucket of Thai whisky.

Number 2: the Grand Palace.

A betterintroduction to Thailand is the Grand Palace, the official residence of theThai Monarchy.

You won't understand how much the Thais appreciated and respectedtheir king until you take a little tour around the ornate palace.

This place isabsolutely gorgeous, and if you're in the mood for a good Instagram shot, you'regoing to get that there too.

The Thai king passed away last year in 2016, but he was the longest reigning monarch on earth, and Thai people loved him.

Number 3: Buddhist temples.

Thailand is a traditionally Buddhist country, and Bangkok , although it's crazy chaotic city, has tons of these really relaxing Thaitemples right in the middle of town.

One of the coolest one is Wat Pho.

By the way, “ph” is pronounced like an “F- foe” and it has a reclining buddha that's completelycovered in gold.

He is gold.

He is the definition of “chill”- Chillaxing Buddha.

There's also Wat Arun, which is known as the Temple of Dawn and, that has a really cool staircase you can climb up with a view of the city.

Not to be confused with the Temple of Doom from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

At the temples, you can drop a coin for good luck.

Number 4: get a tattoo.

One of the coolest things about the Thai monasteries is their traditional tattooing technique, which is basically using a piece of sharp bamboo that gets hammered intoyour skin.

It takes a lot longer than a traditional tattoo, but supposedly thetattoos have spiritual meaning, and they also have protection against evil.

If you're down for that, get a tattoo at Wat Phra The tattooing procedure is asacred process.

It involves prayers, blessings, and it's called a Sak Yant, and the technique goes back 2, 000 years.

Number 5: ride the canal boats.

Bangkok has been called the Venice of the East because it's built on the River Chao Phraya and is criss- crossed by canals.

A lot of those canals have been filledin, and most people take these touristic tours on big long boats.

Butone of the best and cheapest ways to see the city is by simply hopping on awater taxi.

The water taxis are super cheap, and it's a great way to get a realflavor of what Bangkok is like for locals.

Now that's how to see Bangkok.

Number 6: Muay Thai.

No trip to Thailand would be complete without witnessing a Muay Thaifight -this is the Thai national sport, and it really is something to behold.

If you're feeling inspired and you want to get sweaty, you can go to a Muay Thaigym and do classes.

People actually move there to train Muay Thai.

Aftergetting a purely authentic ass-kicking from a Thai kickboxer, you should trynumber 7: a Thai massage .

Acupressure , but the masseuses actuallystand on your back and hold on to things in the rafters.

It's like you get the full body massage -kind of combines yoga with oil , with acupressure, and it cost 5 bucks an hour.

You can even go to places where you can sit the chair on the street and get a foot massage or you're like drinking a beer, reading a book, journaling, whatever.

Number 8: street food .

Thailand and Bangkok in particular is full of street food.

One of the coolest ways to experience that is by going to a night market.

Basically, when the sun goes down, the stalls come up, and Bangkok is a street food mecca, especially in thenight markets.

The selection of food is incredible; you can get bowls of noodlesand Pad Thai for about a dollar, chicken skewers covered in peanut sauce, and ifyou're really adventurous you can even try some local delicacies like cricketsand cockroaches.

Bon Appetit.

Or you can try the best dessert in theworld :sticky rice with mango and coconut milk, yes, But unfortunately street food is under attack.

The local government is trying to shut it down, which would be a huge mistake because not only do two thirds of Thais gettheir food from street food, but it's what makes the city so cool.

If you'refrom Thailand, tell your governor please don't shut down the street food.

Regardless there're plenty of ways to dive into Thai cuisine, so for numbernine, we're going to put some of the nicer restaurants in town -the whitelinen chef's table style experience.

Three restaurants have been named in the top 50 restaurants in all of Asia, including Gaggam, Nahm , and Eat Me.

If you feel like a tasting menu, rather than street food, that option is there for you, as well.

But if that's not your style, try a Thai cooking course, which will teach youbetween 3 to 5 traditional Thai meals, and it's a great way to bring aslice of Thailand home with you.

It's not expensive, either.

Number 10:Chatuchak Market one of the largest open- air weekend markets in the world.

It's over 27 acres big with more than 15, 000 stalls selling everything fromclothing, puppies, Justin Bieber t-shirts and weird phallic-shaped massage tools.

Regardless, whatever you're looking for you can find it at Chatuchak Market.

All right so those are our top ten tips for Bangkok, Thailand.

If you're fromthere or if you've been to Bangkok, share your tips below in the comments sectionso you can talk other travelers and exchange advice.

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