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Thailand is a collage of animated teen second prize bustling modern cities crowded with uck tucks Buddhist temples tended by orange robed monks hill tribes selling handicrafts lush landscapes dotted with traditional farming villages and stunning coastlines peppered with gorgeous beaches in blue lagoons such a captivating portrait explains why

Thailand is Southeast Asia's most popular travel destination here's a look at the best places to visit in Thailand number ten Chiang Rai the northernmost city in Thailand Chiang Rai serves as the main commerce hub of the Golden Triangle which contains the borders of Thailand Laos and Myanmar a

busy town offering something for everyone Chiang Rai is often used as a base for exploring the surrounding region the town itself is quiet during the day when most of its packaged tourists are out on day trips but at night the neon lights flash on and souvenir stalls and

restaurants spring into action [Music] [Music] [Music] number nine pies once just a quiet village in northern Thailand pie is now a booming town that is part of the main Hong Hong Luo noted for its picturesque Valley and relaxed atmosphere pie is a favourite destination among backpackers wishing to

explore the region with pies location in the foothills of the mountains there are several options for trekking and visiting hill tribes also just outside the city are elephant camps and beautiful waterfalls additionally the PI River offers tubing and whitewater adventures [Music] number eight pnom wrong sitting on an

extinct volcano in northeastern Thailand Penang wrong is a Hindu temple regarded for its outstanding architecture the temple sanctuary was built by the Khmer between the 10th and 13th century has a dedication to the Hindu god Shiva constructed on sandstone and laterite phenom rung was built to represent Mount

Kalish the sacred home of Shiva the complex faces east and four times a year the Sun shines through all 15 sanctuary doorways during these events the park extends its hours and locals celebrate with ancient ceremonies and modern sound and light shows [Music] number seven rail a rail a

is a small Peninsula that is only accessible by boat due to the high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access these cliffs attract rock climbers from all over the world but the area is also a popular attraction in Thailand due to its beautiful beaches and quiet relaxing atmosphere accommodation

on railay ranges from inexpensive bungalows popular with backpackers and climbers to renowned Jet Set resorts [Music] number six how soft national parks considered by many to be one of Thailand's most beautiful wildlife reserves the khao sok national park covers jungle forests limestone karsts rivers and lakes in the

Surat Thani province of southern Thailand the reserve is home to some of the most amazing wildlife in Thailand such as Asian elephants papers and Gibbons there are several trails in the park from which visitors can choose to enjoy trekking through the jungle to spot wildlife photographed beautiful waterfalls

swim in natural pools and admire stunning vistas [Music] [Music] number five I you taya founded in 1350 the city of Ayodhya sits on an island surrounded by three rivers connecting it to the Gulf of Thailand once declared the most magnificent city on earth the ancient Siam capital was

an impressive state with three palaces more than 400 temples and a population that reached nearly 1 million in 1767 the Burmese attacked and conquered IU taya however and the capital was moved to Bangkok the ruins are now a major attraction for those visiting Thailand it is just 50

miles north of Bangkok and is easily reached by train or boat [Music] number four kanchanaburi located in western Thailand kanchanaburi is best known for the bridge over the river kwai that is linked with the historic death railway to burma in which thousands of Asian laborers and POWs died

during World War two several museums and more cemeteries all present information about the city and its bridge during the 1940s Japan occupations outside of kanchanaburi are several national parks including erawan national park which offers beautiful scenery waterfalls and caves [Music] [Music] number three Chiang Mai surrounded by the

mountains of northern Thailand Chiang Mai is a flourishing city often used as a base among both backpackers and tourists wishing to explore the lush landscapes hill tribes and outdoor adventures of the region nevertheless Chiang Mai itself is a large and culturally important city where historical and modern tie

our Kotecha and traditions coexist a walk around the historic center bestows views of old city walls and dozens of Buddhist temples however the most famous of these temples lies outside Chiang Mai on a mountainside overlooking the city [Music] [Music] number two Bangkok Thailand capital city and by far

the largest city in the country Bangkok is a buzzing Cosmopolis of high-rise buildings ancient temples and glittering nightclubs while the city is sometimes described as a concrete jungle jam-packed with noisy traffic and air pollution Bangkok is not without its natural beauty that is seen in its remaining canals

green spaces and flowering tropical plants the famous tourist Street calcine Road is a good place to begin with it's cheap shopping dining and nightlife also not to be missed is the sacred temple of the emerald buddha on the grounds of the Grand Palace [Music] [Music] number one tie

islands the islands off the coast of Thailand are famous throughout the world for their beautiful beaches others for their gorgeous scenery and some even claim their fame for the party atmosphere there are three main sets of islands in Thailand to the east of Bangkok there are cosa met

and Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand lies the sam alito archipelago while the end are Nancy is home to Poquette and Kofi feed the cat is the country's largest and most developed island connected to the mainland by two bridges ko Fifi is famous for the movie the

beach while ko Tao is Thailand's diving mecca but there are many many more beautiful islands to choose from [Music] [Music]

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