10 usefull tips to be aware of before traveling to thailand 2020

beautiful white sandy beach and the average Sunseeker this may seem like the ideal spot or this could be your last resting place [Music] to get to co-sign road from Bangkok Airport basically come right down to the first floor exit the building and then just a zebra crossing you'll see the s-1 bus the s-1 bus will drop you at koh san road for 60 Bart so there you have it the s-1 bus Bangkok's through Itami Airport [Music] when you arrived in Thailand there's generally two ways of changing your lovely currency into the fantastic Thai Baht first of which is the ATM machine you find these in most of the high streets they accept most cards you know Visa MasterCard it would normally tell you on the machines what cars they accept I personally like to use my munzo card if you haven't already got one of these I highly recommend this card and there is a link below simply click it answer a few simple questions details for your card obviously and you can have one within five working days its accepted in the ATM machines it's easy to apply for no credit check no bank charges and it's MasterCard it's safe you know you simply transfer funds to it from your other account however much you want to use during the day or during the week it has an app that will tell you how much you spent daily and also where you spent it and if anything does go wrong and it gets taken by either the ATM machine or someone steals it they're not stealing all your personal bank details this is one of the reasons I highly recommend this card you can put on it as much or as little as you want simply just click the link at the bottom of this video and answer a few simple questions and you will have one within five working days the second way of changing up your British currency or wherever you're from is you can do it in the hotels or you've also got your cash exchange shops in most of the high streets I wouldn't recommend changing your cash at the airport because the exchange rate is normally very low check at the exchange shops when you do go to them that what their exchange rate is because it does vary between different shops be warned that if you change them up in the hotel the hotels these days tend to be a little bit funny about what banknotes they accept if they're slightly timid or torn at the bottom with little cuts in them or if they're a bit worn they will not accept them and especially not if they've got writing on them as well so just be warned when you take notes over there with you when you take cash with you that you take brand-new notes straight from the bank and you won't have any problems these immigration forms to fill in basically asking you to give details of where you're staying how long you're staying for basically fill it and when you get to immigration they will tear off a piece and give you a piece back that little piece they give you back I highly recommend you staple to a page in your passport either when you get to the hotel or ask the person that immigration if he's got a staple you can borrow because when it comes to leaving Thailand and going back through immigration they will ask you for that piece of paper and if you haven't got it it means you've got to hang around and you could even miss your flight [Music] bearing in mind this is Thailand remember one thing the temperatures can go up to the 40's and over that means that all these lovely little plastic gadgets googling gear and all the rest that you see hanging up outside these shops are actually put out every day and sit there in that heat that means that they expand and contract every day so what that tells you is do not buy any of these plastic items that are outside the shop if you're going to buy some go inside and buy the ones inside because the ones outside are likely to be stretched worn and warped from that incredible heat generally speaking if you buy one of these little bags to put your phone in when you go swimming I definitely recommend not doing that because the chances are it would have expanded and contracted so many times it's probably got holes in it and he won't do your phone any favors whatsoever so yeah basically yeah be aware that all these products outside of the shop are exposed to high temperatures and they do expand and they do a contract not only plastic items but also phones or anything bassy that's left out in the heat isn't going to do it any good whatsoever so basically just go inside and buy one of the ones that hasn't been outside [Music] between five and 10 p.


in evening a lot of people go out to their favorite restaurant dining alfresco and unaware that they will be joined by some very uninvited guests these guests will not be dining on a choice from the restaurant menu in fact they probably already started dying on you I have tried a lot of different insect repellents mosquito repellents in the past and to be all of you not many of them really work too well however I've found this one and I don't know what it's called because it's written in Thai but if you go into any of the 7-elevens or local shops they normally stock it it's about 50 baht for a small bottle of it and it's spray on and I found this really does keep those little pests away [Music] if you decide to ride a motorbike now in Thailand be aware that you now need an international driving license you can purchase one of these from your local post office it costs six pounds you need some identification – passport photographs and maybe your driving license if you have one I strongly recommend that you get one of these because if you don't and you get stopped by the Thai police they don't need an excuse to find you but if they do have one they certainly will take advantage of it these have what's known as a key fob it's a card with your keys on it when you pull it out the electricity automatically cuts off within five minutes they do this so they can save money on people not leaving the air-conditioning on and electrics on as you can see the power has gone off when I put that back in again the power comes back on again now if you want to leave your phone to charge whilst you're out the room or if you need to use the electric when you're out of the room this means you can't however if your room has a fridge fridges are not allowed to be turned off because if they get turned off everything inside them goes bad which means that if you find the lead from the fridge to the plug socket that it's plugged into that terminal does not have a cut off so when you pull your key fob out of the holder that will remain on so if you need to plug your charger in or anything up whilst you're out of the room remove that plug and put your plug in there and it will stay on when everything else cuts off they don't have poober in Thailand but they have got the company called grab which is the next best thing all you need to do is download the app and you are on your way [Music] so if you wish to partake in sexual activity whilst traveling just remember you're playing Russian roulette if you have unprotected sex take care of yourself and any one of you two you may have sex with keep it's a [Music] beautiful white sandy beach and the average Sunseeker this may seem like the ideal spot however statistics show that every year over 200 people die from falling coconuts just over 4 kilos each and probably around 30 foot high these coconuts a hard-shelled and will not do you any favors whatsoever if they land on your head so always be wary where you plunk yourself down whether it be a nice white sandy beach outside a restaurant anywhere always look above you or this could be your last resting place [Music].

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