13 Hour Overnight Flight to THE PHILIPPINES! + Reviewing Weird Amazon Travel Products

Good morning adventurers.

Or evening.

That wasn't right.

Good EVENING adventurers.

Hello there.

We are in Seattle right now you guys and it is freezing here.

It's in the 30's.

Yeah, it's been snowing for the last two days.

So we're getting the hell out of here We're heading to the Philippines as we maybe hinted at in our last video I think.

We are doing an overnight flight We promised ourselves we wouldn't do that because we never sleep on planes But that's where we're in.

And then we see the price of a decent flight, and we're like never mind.

We'll leave at midnight.

Thank you.

Savin' that money y'all.

It is about 9:30 p.


Right now.

We are on our way to the airport for a 12:30 a.

m flight.

Yes, which will be 13 hours to Taipei and then a quick flight down to Cebu City.


Oh it's gonna be many hours of traveling.

We have some fun goodies to show you though that hopefully will help us sleep on the plane Oh, yeah, we came up with all these fun little items we wanted to try.

So we're gonna test them out and see if they actually help us sleep I'm thinking they're not gonna but I'm a pessimist Speaking of yesterday's video.

If you didn't catch that, we announced our group trip that we're doing to Colombia.

We're doing it, it's happening! We'll be linking to that in the top right of the screen right now So if you want to learn more about that trip or come along it's gonna be in May, but you can watch that video It'll tell you all about it.

We actually have a website.

It's just www.


com Yeah, and the first trip is almost full.

So make sure if you are planning on going get on there quickly So why am I dressed like a crazy person? It's because we obviously have all of our warm clothes But we don't need any of that stuff for the Philippines because it's like 75 and above temperatures there – Fahrenheit So we are going to ship a bunch of stuff home in this big old box right here This is stuff that we came to Seattle with that we no longer need so we're gonna send her off.

You guys wonder sometimes how we go from climate to climate This is how we do we have like winter jackets and sweaters That we're just gonna ship home.

Also Matt's giving us a ride to the airport.

He was just standing off over there.

I don't know what to do with myself It's a lot of clothing so we can probably reorganize.

Our box is a little bit too full.

We got too ambitious so now they're gonna help us repack it.

Also it just hit me that we're supposed to have a Flight booked out of the Philippines to onward travel.

We talked about this in our services video I definitely forgot.

I've been looking into flights for the past few days, but we're too wishy-washy to pull the trigger.

So Lucky I remembered right? At the moment we're not at the airport.

That's Onward Ticket.

[Eric]: So, we really do use this app.

I'm so glad we didn't get to the airport.

[Eric]: That would've been bad.

You would've been so mad at me.

Nailed it.

Package is off.

It was very expensive 60 bucks to get it there [Eric]: It's always steep, it hurts.

But it's better than buying whole new winter jackets and sweaters and stuff.

[Eric]: All right, now we're off.

To the airport.

See ya.

Thanks for the ride.

Thanks for letting us crash your place.

See you on the road We'll see you on the road! All right We just got to the airport and I forgot that sometimes best Onward Ticket can take a little while to get to you But I just got the email Should we see where we're going? [Eric]: Yes.

To Bangkok! Haha! [Eric]: We're going wink wink to Bangkok.

Although it says we're departing from China.



? Okay, so they sent us the wrong tickets and I just wrote an email saying please don't destroy these ones But they had already corrected the issue and reissued good ones.

Just a couple minutes later So now we're out of Cebu to.


Oh, to China? Is that okay? We don't need documents.



[Eric]: I don't know.

That's weird.

Well, hopefully this works, but tentatively we are going to “China”.

Gotta love pre-check.

We were through in like one second.

God, that was amazing.

You don't have to take your laptop.

They said YouTubers.

How did they know we could be posting this to Vimeo? What I was gonna say was you don't have to take your laptop out.

You don't have to take your shoes off I didn't have to take my jacket off.

Oh my god It's amazing.

Oh it's rad.

So we have some time to kill before our flight boards They're doing excellent on time today, by the way, you guys.

We even had to go like all the way across the airport on a train and everything but we figured this would be a good opportunity to show you guys some of those little items that we mentioned that are theoretically Gonna help us have a better flight, maybe actually sleep.

Yeah, according to Amazon reviews.

They should help us First off we have fancy eye masks-Bras! I mean, eye masks These eye masks where the highest rated ones that we could find on Amazon that weren't super expensive No, but look how cool they are They're like little domes so that they don't sit against your eyelashes and squash them down.

They bubble up.

Next up, we have Compression socks, which we have never used before but they are supposed to keep the blood I think from pooling? I don't know – circulation Keeps the blood flowing in your legs basically But yeah, I get really bad knee pains when I fly and my feet always swell So I'm hoping these little suckers will do the trick Okay, they're really tight.

Do I look cool? Should I leave the pant up? Definitely.

Next up we have this thing.

[blowing air sound] This might kill me.

Little light-headed We're almost there We did it.

Have you guessed what the heck this thing is yet.

It's a footrest It's supposed to go between the seat in front of you and your seat then you can prop your feet up on Oh man.



Little dizzy after that.

You guys are probably thinking these are really stupid and they're not gonna work You're probably right, but I guess we'll see We're desperate at this point to sleep on the flight for once.

But we are gonna link to all these goofy little products in the description below so if they do work or if you want to try them out an experimental experiment with them on your own you get Our flight is about to board.

So it's somewhere over there.

So we're gonna go check it out We made it to our home for the next 13 hours [Eric]: This is it.

Pretty bare-bones, but We should not have a person sitting here in the middle.

Who knows if that will really – but that'll work out.

But when we checked in just a few hours ago.

There was nobody here.

[Eric]: Yep, so.



If that's the case, then.



[Eric]: We'll be really lucky.

I'll be laying down We're on our way there.

They fed us so we are nice and full.

We're very tired.

I'm sure you can tell.

Are my eyes really red? We are going to attempt to get some sleep We'll see you on the other side.

It may not look like it though we actually managed to sleep I didn't feel like I did but then I woke up and we only had like three hours left on the flight.

Seven hours, I think.

Not great sleep, but sleep! Better than I thought I would do that's for sure and now we woke up to A little bit of breakfast that they served us It's really cool they actually use a lot of reusable stuff on this airline Which I was surprised by, you never really see that.

They even have real silverware.

[Eric]: Yeah, which I have actually never seen that before [Eric]: I didn't even know that was allowed.

Yeah, I did the Chinese breakfast though So this is chicken congee and then I have some fish floss here.

And then we have seaweed salad over there [Eric]: And I got the Omelet.

Oh, look at this cute little guy Wow, that's so totally adorable.

I love how they give you the cheekiest little bit of broccoli.

It's better than nothing though.

I'll take it We totally forgot to mention.

We're flying Eva Airlines, or is it just E-V-A? I never really know how you say it.

[Allison]: I guess I always an EVA in my head, but I don't know This is our first time flying this airline I think and so far, so good.

They don't have the best customer service, but in general they're pretty nice and the food is some of the better food I've seen an economy.

So not too bad.

So we survived the flight We made it! Taiwan.

We've never been here before.

Yeah, that was over 12 hours and that was not that bad.

Our new goodies helped us a lot I feel like I'm not swollen.

Thanks compression socks.

I used that big blowup thing.


She said – she whispered over to me, she said – I'm never flying again without this.

I can't express how much more comfortable I was with my feet popped up the whole time.

It was genius! And I actually had a little back pillow just to give me like a little lumbar support.

Made all the difference So yeah, well, but like we said earlier we'll link to all those products in the description below So you guys can check them out see if they work as well for you.

Now, we got past the security checkpoint here in Taipei.

We are going to find our gate and then we'll be off to the Philippines Yeah, we're going into Cebu.

I don't know if we said that.

To Cebu City so that will be our home for the week, it'll be nice.

And into our second and final flight for the day And then we'll be back to the Philippines, officially.

We also can't check in till 3 p.


So if we get there a lot earlier than that.



we have to go to a cafe or something.

(sigh) It'll be.



It'll be a long day of waiting around but we've already looked at some delicious cafes I also promise I'm gonna change my clothes before I go out over the city Home sweet home.

Do I get the window this time? Okay, so we forgot to give you guys an update but Literally like the minute before the doors closed a girl showed up and she's like, I'm in between you guys So we gave her the aisle seat but that meant we were very cramped that whole flight I don't know if she was on – the girl was on standby and got on but we felt too bad to like be like “Oh man, this flight sucks now cuz there's somebody sitting there” so we just didn't say anything.

She's just kidding.

Of course It was actually great.

We had no issue.

We didn't even need the middle seat I think we found great ways to sleep in our own little chairs I'm actually super happy because I did not think I was gonna sleep on that flight I thought I would be feeling so bad right now, but I feel great so good We found out apparently they're serving us more food on this flight.

Oh my god, we've got breakfast, lunch, and dinner out of EVA Air.

[Eric]: We've been so impressed with the food on this airline, this is pretty decent.

[Allison]: They just called it beef with rice [Allison]: So, I don't know.

It looks like it's in some red sauce.

It's got carrots, it's got a lot of veggies.

[Allison]: They also had a mushroom scallop pasta, but scallops on a flight sounded questionable So we went with the beef.

[Eric]: Probably a good call.

[Eric]: And also they've been giving us fresh fruit with every meal and it's really fresh, really tasty, really impressive.

Look they have a welcome party just for us here.

This is actually amazing.

It's for a big festival that we actually came for.

Mabuhay! Thank you.

You're welcome! Thank you.

Bye! How cool is this you guys? We got a little necklace.

It says Cebu.

We're getting all pumped for Sinulog.

It's gonna be so fun.

[Festive Music] We're in our taxi, we are heading to downtown Cebu So we landed in the airport and I think it's pronounced Mactan.

But it's I think 15 or 20 kilometers away from the city centre So we have to hop a taxi we have to wait till 3 p.


To check in to our place Did we say that already? [Allison]: Maybe.

It's been a long day – days I don't even know what time it is right now.

It's about noon right now So we got a few hours to kill, we're gonna go to a cafe and then we are going to check in and we are going to chill and then the jetlag is probably actually gonna hit us I'm doing good right now.

[Allison]: Yeah, we're feelin' fine.

We've arrived! Our taxi ride was for an hour.

The traffic was insane.

Woah, but, we made it to this adorable little cafe called The Good Cup Coffee Co.

and we got ourselves some delicious iced coffee we have some food on the way we got our workstations going we're happy little travelers.

We're trying to fight the jetlag – but I'm not feeling too bad still so I'll keep you guys updated I'm definitely, like, my eyes feel heavy and my whole body doesn't want to do anything but this is nice just sitting and chill.

We've got about two hours Our place is literally like right across the street.

We're on the streets I almost forget how chaotic the streets are here in the Philippines.

Yeah, just figuring out how to get it.

Aha! I think this is our building.

I think we found it.

Yeah, we've been walking all around this building trying to find the entrance but this is it! [Eric]: Okay, we got to our place and the doors already ajar.

That's the proper term right ajar That always creeps me out.

I think whoever cleaned there probably didn't close it.

Smells very clean in here.

Looks nice and clean.

So, this is our home here in Cebu [Allison]: Check out that view though.

[Allison]: That's rad, we're on the 29th floor.

[Allison]: So we could see everything.

[Eric]: So we got the bed over here we got the kitchen area which you've already kind of seen and of course the bathroom This view is pretty insane.

Check this out, whoo! That's high, I didn't realize.

We're on the 29th floor When the festival happens it should be right in this area.

So we're gonna have an epic view of it should be pretty spectacular There's this huge parade I think it's like a mile long.

We read that the Sinulog festival is the largest celebration in the Philippines.

We didn't quite realize how massive it's going to be.

Now we are loving being officially back on the road I feel like we've been oh, we've been traveling but in the States We're back at it.

We're just back in the craziness.

It was it's such a hard thing You you feel like you're not quite prepared for it until you get on the plane You do the flight and you get on the streets and then you're like, okay.

I'm in it.

I'm ready I wasn't convinced this morning when we left and now that I'm here.

I'm so happy to be here Yeah, we're gonna have all kinds of really cool travels ahead of us.

It's been amazing.

But now I think it's time for some beer and freshen out and some chillin.

Goodbye adventurers.

We'll see you on the road.


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