2 Days 1 Night in Vientiane, Laos!!!!! E.P.2 (เสียงไทย : subtitle :English)

Hello everyone.

This is our second video at Vientiane, capital city of Laos.

If you miss the first clip please see the link below.

Grilled chicken hearts, Pad mhee.

Pad Mhee came first because it cooked already.

How is it? I don't know how to say.

Nothing special.

Seasoning not much.

/ Like we had in Thailand.

So, same as in Thailand.

But I see deference I can see more vegetables and chicken bloods inside.

Let's see she cook our food.

“Sim Dai” is you can taste it before serving.

Yeah, it is okey right now.

As I have Somtum in Laos so far, They will ask us to taste it first.

ask if we like the taste same as this stall too.

We just had European food, Pizza.

Now we're having Somtum.

We'll have everything we want it is our concept.


There are eggplants inside.

and also yellow cockroach berry.

But very spicy! colourful Somtum.

Can't stop eating.

Be careful, that's hot.

Hot! Like he said before that he want to eat he had Somtum here last year and like it very much.

Now he pulled the Somtum dish to in front of him right now.

and I'm not allowed to eat it also.

He left only Phad mhee to me.

We just had pizza 10 minutes ago.

Now we're eating Somtum.

No plan for eating anymore.

I like this so much.

Grilled chicken hearts.

The taste actually like in Thailand but they don't completely cooked it before serving because it will be dried when serving They will cooked a little bit, just medium, Then will be well done when we order it.

There will be juicing when bite it.

I like this very much.

Many people for now in our stall we had.

We were first table but now a lot people there.

Total is 34, 000 Kip (≈$4.

08, 131 Baht) Very cheap I think, same price as a cup of frappe coffee we just had.

Ahh yeah, last cafe, only one pizza was 35, 000 kip.

34, 000 kip altogether.

Delicious as always.

I recommended to you guys.

Well, lets move to dinner time.

Good evening.

We're looking for Sin Dard for our dinner Our mission is Sin Dard.

Sin Dard is.





same as Thai bbq.

All we had afternoon now are gone already.

Finally, I wanna cry.

Dok cham pa restaurant.

Sin Dard 35, 000 Kip (≈$4.

08, 311 Baht) buy 2 get 1 free.

There are English and Laos languages.

Let's move when ordered.

We just ordered Sin Dard.

buy 1 get 1 free but this one isn't in the set.

This is Kimchi.


Ohhh, this is how to use it.

We'll marinate our meat inside this hole with Kimchi.

No, for a charcoal brazier.

Our first dish, This is pork neck.

You can see little bit fat in red meat.

but still a lot of red meat.

it supposed to be soft.

Move to next dish.

Only fat.

How much? Same price if pork.

Price is 35, 000 kip( ≈$4.

2, 134 baht)(one dish) but we have 2 then will get 1 free.

And this one.

This is brisket.

In one set of dipping sauces.

one is for the meat that is looks like crushed peanuts same as we had in Vang Vieng.

I think its kinda like dipping sauce for Port satay in Thailand as well.

and this one, chillies, garlic and a piece of lemon.

Taste like peanut, start with sweetness after that its salty, like Pork Satay dipping sauce in Thailand.

Lets try the meat with the dipping sauce.

The meat is little bit marinated I can tasted a bit salty.

when dip in dipping sauce.

and with lemon.

that is perfect.

I'll try with Kimchi.

Well, just realised why Kimchi is too salty.

because of their dipping sauce is sweet.

eating all together in one bite is perfect.

Altogether is.





115, 000 kip around 454 baht(≈$13.

84) I like it actually.

better than I expected, from Vang Vien experience.

Lets take a walk.



It's our second day from Vientiene.

Our first plan was going to Patuxai But now it's rains.

it's around 10 A.


right now.

Yesterday was so shine.

Never ever though about rain.

Now we're thinking about buying an umbrella.

or rain coat but rain its'n heavy actually so, we then just take a walk maybe we'll walking in the rain or wait the rain stop in a cafe after that just go to Patuxai.

Bought an umbrella.

From Jiffy shop.

22, 500 kip, around 80 baht(≈$2.

7) but a rain coat in another shop is 90 baht well, this size is for one person, right? its ok.

Back to get our motor bike.

Here we are, Patuxai.

Not far from our hotel.

We parked our motorbike here.

Parking fee is 3, 000 kip Park here and then pay the fee over there.

Nice whether right now, rain is stop So, buying an umbrella we used it just 10 minutes.

Nice weather.

crowded in here.

Actually we came here many times.

but never go to the top.

just walk around here.

So, this time we'll go to the top.

Patuxai was built around 50 – 60 years ago.

It's victory monument, , was dedicated to those who fought in the struggle for independence from France.

Another name of Patuxai is vertical runway, as the cement used for construction new airport but for some reason, the cement was used for Patuxai instead.

That's why another name is vertical runway.

This place is never be air port before.

Buying ticket to go to the top.

Entrance fee is 3, 000 kip(≈$0.

36, 11.

55 Baht) each 11 Baht each.

a lot of souvenir shops on this floor.

Wait, wait, there are 7 floors!! I though just 4 or 5 floors.

So the most beautiful in the top.

There are 4 floors left.

Which floor here ? 4 or 5 ? No souvenir shops in floor 4, 5 No, there are inside.

It's like a big balcony We can take a walk around.


Looking down to the road we came from.

The end of this street, the white building, is the president palace.

and Mekong river too.

Our hotel is over there.

From there to here if not the red light will be just only 2 or 3 minutes.

Can't breath.

That is the last one, right? one at a time.

Oh, , it's narrow.

A lot of signatures, messages.

Actually you shouldn't write it down to this wall.

From Korea to Laos.

And Russian here too.

Windy here.

Why you selfie? Tired? No, I mean, I can see a lot of photographers around here.

when taking photos is done, then, they will print the photos right away.

I can see the vans until over there.

Afternoon for now.

I'm hungry.

We're walking from Patuxai.

Behind us is Patuxai.

We'll ride around the city.

before turning the motorbike.

Turning time is 2:30 P.


This is That Dam.

(Black stupa) The street.




near the Mekong river is.



it is collaborate between Laos and South Korea.

You can see the road is very new and very clean.

If you can't ride a motorbike, there will have rental bicycle too.

8, 000 kip(≈$0.

96, 30 Baht) We told you guys yesterday, Rent a motorbike is 250 Baht per day (≈$7.

63) and using only passport.

Can't use boarding pass for using.

If you come here without passport.


you won't allowed to rent a motorbike.

Motorbike is 250 Baht per day, Bicycle is 35 Baht(≈$1.

07) per day.

There will be 1 litre of gas inside the tank.

They said, can drive around 25 km.

Then, we filled up more 10, 000 kip I can see 1 gauge of the gas gauge.

but when returning the motorbike I can see it as 2.

So, if you want a feeling of excitement then no need to fill up the gas more.

but if you want to drive more around city you can fill up more, 1, 000 is very cheap.

just 40 Baht.

and then no need to worry about the gas when touring around the city.

We'll walking through the temple.

We're looking for lunch.

Wat Mixai (Mixai temple) I can remember that alley have good restaurant.

Last time, can't remember when, we came here.

There was some event at this temple.

Making merit, some free food, at this temple and another one near Mekong river.

Making merit times.

This one I think.

Manivone One fried rice.

This is fried rice.

Smell is very good.

and the dish is very big.

Actually we eat here many times.

Yeah, last year also.

Roasted ribs.

Roasted ribs.


Sticky rice.

Somtum with rice noodles.

Dip in sauce.

This piece is so thick and big.

A little bit marinated too.

I think fermented fish of this restaurant better than yesterday.

Good smell and delicious.

Salty come first and then sweetness.

Smell of fermented fish is so special.

If you want a good taste of fermented fish in Laos, let's come this restaurant.

I'm full.

Last meal for us at Laos.

70, 000 Kip altogether.

240 Baht(≈$7.

32) Only ribs is most expensive, 120 Baht(≈$3.

66) but the others are cheap.

Yeah, Somtum just 40 Baht(≈$1.

2) But, ribs always expensive everywhere.


Behind us.

I recommended it.

Now, we're walking to Wat Srisaket(Srisaket Temple) This building is reserved building.

So, this is ancient building.

The styles looks very old.

Tham nheap pa than phra thet (Presidential palace) We're going to that temple.

Same price at That Laung, the place we went yesterday.

3, 000 kip for Laotian.

10, 000 Kip for foreigner.

Wat Sri Saket.

10, 000 kip per person.

around 40 Baht(≈$1.

22) Opening time is, everyday, 8:00 – 17:00.

Wearing sinh.

Taking a photo or film a video inside this building are not allowed.

Wat Sri Saket was built between 1819 – 1824 under Chao Anouvong's era.

Chao Anouvong was last King in Lan Xang kingdom of Vientiane.

This is Laotian National Flower (frangipani).

I didn't pull from tree, you know.

I picked from the dropped one.

That is Wat Sri Saket that we just went.

We're gonna go to Talat Sao (Morning market) then we'll go to Nong Kai.

New bag.

He's using it.

from Laos.

100 Baht(≈$3.

05) Pay for park the car.

Wanna make my face like that.

Drop a letter here.

Put it inside the box.

Phon is mean drop.

That is a department store.

There are fashion stores and jewelry stores.

We can take a bus to go to Udon (Thailand) from here too.

Back to Udon, Thailand.

We got off the bus here yesterday.

Who are these guys? I can remember.

Kwang Soo and Haha.

Hello Kwang Soo Leaving? 8, 000 kip each(≈$094, 30.

76 Baht) Same price when we came here.

Get off the bus.

From Talat Sao about just 25 minutes 45 minutes when we went to Vientiane.

We're going back to Thailand.

Exchange the money.

172, 000 kip.

we got back 261 Baht.

Hmmm, what ! No, it's 660 Baht.

261 is the exchange rate.

Can I touch them.

There are goats.

This way.

We're waiting bus to back to Nong Kai(Thailand).

We are here, Thailand.

Our trip, 2 days 1 night in Laos.

Now 16:30.

Get in the bus 16:20 now 16:30 Just about 12 minutes start from get in Lao bus and Thai immigration process until now.

Using passport is very quick.

We'll stop this trip right now.

For Vientiane country, no, Laos country.

Laos country.

Vientiane city.

Please keep watching this channel for next trip.

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