Hey there everyone.

Today we're in Pai, Thailand.

Nestled in the foothills of Northern Thailand, just three hours and close to 800 curves from Chiang Mai, is Pai, a little hippie Thai backpackerhaven filled with restaurants, funky boutique shops, cafes and a laid back friendly attitude.

Now what makes it a draw for travelers isits accessibility to town and nature… and the local countryside.

So I just dropped into Pai and now comes thetask of looking for a place to stay.

I've no booking.

We're going to go ono foot and find someplace.

I had to walk a bit of a ways to find thisplace and it was only because I was going from place to place to find somewhere to Tosee if it could fit my price range.

It's around 3pm and I'm finally situated.

Now i'm going into town to get some food.

I'm so hungry and saw so many places to eat.

I rented this bike for 150 baht.

The newer ones go for 200 baht.

In Pai, they hold your passport in ace anythinghappens to this bike.

Yu can't run away.

It's a good idea to video tape your bike beforeyou take it.

For the most part, getting around Pai is beston motorbike.

Just because you can see so much so much moreof the countryside.

And that's the good thing, you can take amotorbike and drive around and see all this nature.

They say “All roads lead to Pai” and that’spretty much the case.

If you're renting a motorbike, it’s virtuallyimpossible to get lost as many of the country roads will lead you back to Pai town.

This is a cafe that's right outside of Paitown.

it's called Coffee in Love.

It's got a great view of just the countryarea around Pai.

I'm thinking this is a film location.





He's even got a bounce card.

Holy crap.

Many places along the road.

if they're resorts or cafes, they've got apretty beautiful theme.

Like just look at that.

It seems so idyllic.

Seems like retro look.

A trip out to Pai Canyon to watch the sunsetis a must.

Getting up to the top of the canyon entailsan easy 10 minute walk that might barely draw sweat.

There are different peaks to the canyon soyou can explore which offers the best sitting view for your sunset During World War II, Japanese used POWs andlocal Thai to construct a wooden bridge across the Pai River.

In 1944 the bridge was burnt down, but localsreconstructed it.

Today it’s a memorial to the memory of thispart of history.

foot massage feels really good especiallyan hour wone (facial OW)… but good.

Walking down the walking street of Pai rightnow.

What differentiates Pai Walking Streets apartfrom other walking streets in Thailand is that there are individual artisans and theyall bring out their particular crafts.

So right now i'm going do a round and checkout all the types of foods that they have on this street.

Then i”ll come back and pick out the onesI want.

I know i said I'd wait until I saw everything, but I had to get one of these.


It's filled with vegetable curry.


10 baht.

I might hav ego get one more when I came back.

30bath for a Fruit shack.

Pineabpple shake.

Can't go wrong.



Let's go… see more stuff.

there are many temples in pai and you an exploreto your heart's content.

This si merely one of them and it's a smallerone.

I'm not sure it's even on the map.

The Thai have a way of designing temples orwats in very nice, ornate fashion.

Now that's a lot of roosters.

Nam Wat Hoo is just 2 km west of psi and housesa tsacred buddha image that'’s said to once have emitted water from it’s head.

The Pai Chinese Village is an odd villageof Chinese souvenir shops.

Most shops sell similar things from driedseeds and fruits, tea cups, Chinese decorative cha-chas.

Probably the shortest airport runway I'veseen yet.

The Paid Airport.

She's trying to help me found the translationof this.

This is the mystery object.

The Thai like to gift their monks with certainitems when there's festivals.

It's hot and I need a snack.

I'm starting to taste other things other thatcream sickle And this right outside of Pait town.

This is where we're going next.

Yeah ha.

There you can see it.

I've been motorbiking the whole day.

So this site most physical I've been.

This is Pai right here.

We were way down here.

In Northern Thailand, Khao Soi is one of thepopular dishes to get.

It's noodles with a curry based coconut milkkinda broth.

I got mine without meat.

this dish is alsolike a spring salad.

It's got carrots, baby corn, mushrooms cilantro, bean sprouts and tofu.

This si like magic in my mouth.

Deep fried banana and coconut.

Name of this is called Tai Hong.

There's definitely bean in it but it's hollowand deep friend.

Smothered in sugar, crunky.

I woke up early this morning to find a sellerthat sold these.



I should get one more bag.


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