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hey they're all you grrr travelers welcomeback! today I'm going to share with you some of the best things to do whenyou're in Vancouver! I’m gonna get the day pass today.

Here is my unlimited pass.

Here we are in Vancouver.

Nice city.

Pretty clean too.

[Music]want to know what this building is it's a gorgeous building.

I will definitely have to come back to this.

00:00:31, 130 –> 00:00:33, 580[Music] [Applause][Music] christmas is coming to Vancouver [Music]this is just scratching the tip of the iceberg! [Music] And there’s a best buy.

I’ve seen that store before.

Is that a daiso? I think they just found a detour .

This looks like a huge Starbucks.

We’re in downtown1900:01:14, 060 –> 00:01:20, 409 Vancouver right now walking along Granville Street We have orpheum, vogue and right across the street you have venue.

2400:01:34, 960 –> 00:01:40, 479Walk down here you'll notice there's Hall of fame walk.

I'm taking it this is the musical parts ofVancouver.

[Music]I didn’t know was a hostel.

Not sure I like that.

Originally when I looked online it looked morelike a hotel slash hostel.

the older I get the more I try to avoid likeparty environments.

[Music] it's actually been surprisingly good Imean initially the initial shock was like a shock.

but then the people hereturned out to friendly, there's free breakfast.

the security or the luggagestorage it's like super safe to have separate place for it and there's aperson watching all the luggage so it's just it's been amazing.

It’s been a really great stay here.

Vancouver is just a very visually compellingcity to walk around iin.

Look at all those lights this feels like New Yorkfeels like Chicago feels like San Francisco.

all these architectural formsjust brings this color and this dynamic… brings the city to light.

If youlook down the street you can see the edges of the building lines and theycreate like interesting patterns.

[Music]the buildings here are so diverse.

and [Music]clearly one that's pet friendly.

[Music] so I took bus number 52 to False CreekSouth here and now we're going to go there.

onGranville Island you'll find a lot of shops markets but sell a lot of handmadelocal goods.

smack dab in the center of all these stores you'll find theGranville Island public market.

so this marketplace is kind of like a smatteringof everything it’s got products or produce tofill your kitchen with.

gourmet items as just fun things to eat with a little bitof curiosity and imagination some of these things are very interesting.

aswell as crafts.

[Music]Pot pies.

And then banana cream pies.

I can tell that this is gonna get aworkout.

thank you.

I've picked up some sweet baked goods fromStewart's .

there we go got the maple cheesecake.

oh that doesn't rich right? and it's exactly all that I imagined andmore.

oh my god.

you can definitely taste a cheesecakeand they've got the maple in it.

I can feel my thighs growing right now.

this isso good.

day #2 my hostel just had like a really good breakfast.

yesterday we gotaround Vancouver using the unlimited day pass, but it's also cold and a littlerainy and I know that I'd want some information about the city and the cityalong the way.

so today I decided to take a date tour with LandSea tours.

we're at the stanley park totem poles.

the totem poles are designed or createdby the First Nations people, which are an indigenous tribe of Canada.

it says thatit takes roughly around three hours to translate the stories of an entire pole.

a wolf, lightning snake… these were constructed because the First Nationpeople did not have like a written language at the time, so they used artwork to tell their story.

I definitely have to come back to explorethe park more and to see this view.

so back on the bus.

When the tide is at itslowest you can actually walk entirely around that rock.

and that she'sabout five six feet off the ground there.

When the tides is at its highest is kindof lapping around to her flippers there.

so you can see we are getting towardsthe higher tides mark.

this is Lions Gate Bridge.

I'm headed out to prospect point where Iheard that I can… holy moly! oh my god.

here at prospect point you’ll beAble to find an amazing mind-blowing view of Vancouver and Lions Gate Bridge.

Check that out.

oh yeah that's what I'm talking about.

[Music][Music] [Music] [Music][Music] [Music] [Music]We’re at Granville public market during the day and it’s a completely different feeling from the night.

[Music] Canada isknown for its seafood and salmon.

so one thing to try is it's smoked salmonsticks so these are normal smoked salmon sticks, these have the maple in them and these are candied ones.

another you have to tryto see here is a bag of candied salmon.

they even have maple flavored ones too.

but the are smoked salmon.

I’m excited but kinda scared here too.

wonderfully smoke flavor tastes like alittle bit of sugar in it but see this is like soft very tender salmon jerky.

they like the bomb.

glad I got a bag of this.

that salmon is really good.

although I don't imagine my breath would be smelling too good.

okay back on the bus.

are you afraid ofheights? because if you are then maybe this next spot will not be for you.

we'reat the Vancouver lookout.

A 360-degree walking view of the entire city.

maybe you just shouldn't look down.

Downtown Eastside there you go.

Dominion building right over there.



must be all the way down there.

Lions Gate Bridge we were just there.

we're at Capilano bridge at a very special time.

right now they have a lotof canyon lights.

where it is 230 feet high.

it's a long way down.

it's definitely bouncy but all the people on here I feel like my legs arestill bouncing.

okay let's go this way to the treetops adventure.

I can't believesomeone went up and strung all these lights.

It’s a little different from stringingup house lights during Christmas.

the treetops adventure pretty much walkingalong shorter suspension bridges.

go from tree to tree… right there.

To tree… nowwe're at the cliff walk.

these are reminding me of those crazy bridges thatyou see in photos … of like, I think it's China.

we're hugging along the side of acliff.

Past the point of no return… but yeah people are still roamingaround it I was assuming it's because there's restaurants to play around here.

let's see better can I say these have daiso right there.

they definitely seea lot more Asian stores , so Tony moly or Nature Republic.

[Music]Hoping the food court is open today.

okay so here I am in Aberdeen Centre food court filledwith different types of Asian food varieties.

We’re not at a loss for stuff to eat here.

[Music]first I have to stop off in 7-eleven.

today my plan is to go to Lynn Canyon todo a little hiking, come back visit Gastown as well as meet up with my goodfriend Henry for some tacos.

I'm gonna go off and grab an unlimited day pass so I can get around as well as use the Seabus which I think will be fun.

[Music] [Applause]sky trains, buses and sea bus.


right now I'm following through on some of yourrecommendations when I did my shout-out on Instagram and Facebook.

You recommended lynn canyonas a backup for Capilano Suspension Bridge which can bea little pricey for travelers.

this is huge.

[Music]Lonsdale quay.

Lynn Valley.

[Music] so we have an adventure ahead of us.

[Music] Swear appropriate Footwear, okay.


don't do that.

wear bright colors well maybe not that.

Stayin the marked trails.

stick together and let someone know where you're going and whenyou plan to be back .

Okay, two out of five maybe.

okay there are more warnings.

thisOne in particular… so Lyn canyon bridge is nowhere near as long Capilano suspension bridge.

But it is freeand when you go into the wilderness you're going into the wilderness.

you can do hikes, there arewaterfalls, there swimming holes apparently.

[Music] Wow imagine being a salmon and swimming up that.

wish I had a whole day to explore this and do hike[Music] these are Lichen and when you see themgrowing in trees, it kind of signals that the area here is that's reallyclean air.

this is like a fairy tale grass bed.


It’s what you see in fairy tales.

breathe deep, breathe deep.

Wow thiswaterfront terminus or waterfront station.

you can rent bikes her.

e oh therethere we are (wifi) connected.

this is ideal that I discovered it here in waterfrontstation because I'm right, at four o'clock.

I’m meeting my friend.


[Music] Henry is a friend of mine from online.

He’s a photographer.

I’ve been following you for a while.

Same here I follow your videos.

one thing about this particular Starbuckscoffee which is right in front of us.

Even though it’s got a nondescript sign, …here let's say that March 5, 1987 this first making Starbucks that's opened the doors toI just bought a cookie here.

Here we're standing at the Statue of GassyJack is considered the founding father of Gastown.

his name is actually JackDeighton.

he had settlements here.

you had business this year and so this area isbasically an origin place for the city of Vancouver.

gastown is full ofrestaurants, boutique and coffee shops… a it's the historical part of what we considerthe city of Vancouver.

there's some nice places to eat here, very innovativeplaces to eat here .

I think I want to try the minced tart? So Henny was just sayingthat this particular bar here 131 water …you can go ahead and have adrink and play games for games you can cover gastown from one end to the otherwithin 15-20 minutes.

there is the steam clock here .

this steam clock goes off everyquarter of an hour.

that was cool.

where's that tune from? dun dun duh.

oh mygod can't you just fall in love with the city at night? this is one side of canadaplace where a cruise ship can dock.


so this is Canada place.

also known as the vancouver convention center east.

so a gunshot wentoff .


a huge one.

every night at nine o'clock there is a gun that setsoff an explosion every night at 9 o’clock.

yep Stanley Park .

I thought it it's likea cannon.

yeah but it's not a real canon.

oh look look at the moon.

look at that doyou see that low crest right there.

is it the moon? no that's not.

is that so what your point of that is Grass Valleyuh-huh 3, 900 feet which we call a local hill so it's not very tall here inVancouver.

but the lights are from the ski hill reflected on the clouds.

ohthat's a ski hill – h so it's clearly open for skiing.

It looks really cold.

There's two ski hills… three.

three! is that a third one right there, the little dot.

that’s cypress grouse mountain.

Seymour, cypress ah ski complex there the head is grouse mountain and right below them youhave a floating Chevron station.

So you have Seymour, Grouse and Cypress.

you will finda Tim Horton's or Timmy's everywhere.

it's a very popular coffee and donutshop.

it's what Dunkin Donuts is for Americansexcept for it's even more popular with Vancouverites.

[Music] that was about coffee double creamdouble sugar you have double double tea.

double double tea.

but Henry was showingme this— $10 bills.

What’s interesting about this common domination that is a vertical orportrait format all the other bill was commonly usedin horizontal or landscape the other thing which is really coolwith that because it's a common denomination everybody to have $10 billwill look at this woman not just a woman but a woman of color.

So cheers to youCanada for being progressive .

it's about time.

And eco friendly, and human rights oriented… and… Japadog seems to be a thing ofVancouver.

this is the first most popular… eventhis is going to be with bonito flakes and cabbage.

I want to get this oneright here .

I want the number two Okonomi.

yeah there is noJapadog in Japan.

and this is a vegetarian one.

YUM willing it up I like pocket yessuppose it's Monday oh it's Japanese okonomi.

Japanese mayonaise.

okonomi is like influence from Japan.

itis like a pancake, a vegetable pancake, [Music]Wow The okonomi sauce and the mayonnaiseJapanese mayonnaise makes a huge difference.

I can taste the bonito flakes alittle is a unique flavor with the bonito flakesagainst the hotdog itself.

Wow really good.

thanks for watching, let me knowwhat do you think of this video in the comment section below.

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until then travel safe, smart and fun Iwill see you in Vancouver made the GRRR Be with you.


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