24HOURS IN BUSAN | Solo Travel Adventure | Summer VLOG

What's up adventures! So welcome to myhouse and as you can see it's messy here, because I'm packing up my things and I'mgoing to Busan tonight at 7 o'clock.

So, actually it's a sudden trip.

Because it's our summer vacation and it started yesterday, July 31.

But due to some circumstances of our company, I have a work that I need to finish on it's deadline.

My summer vacation got moved.

And it should be until tomorrow, August 2.

But because I finished it earlier until 12pm.

So my boss dismissed me immediately.

Then I booked a flight to Busan immediately and a Hostel.

Yes, I'm actually taking a plane to Busan.

First, because it's almost the same price as KTX(Bullet Train).

60, 000won(50USD) or around 2, 500Php.

Second, it's just an hour flight from Seoul Compare to two and a half hours in KTX(Bullet Train.

) And third, Gimpo Airport is nearer to my house compare to Seoul Station which is the main station of Bullet Train.

And, actually I want to give you some ideas.

Guys, if what kind of options you can take if your planning to go to Busan from Seoul.




Are you guys ready for our new adventure? In 3 2 1 Let's go! So I'm done checking in and I just passed the customs.

I'm just waiting for my departure time.

Actually this is my first time that I will ride Korean Air.

I heared a lot of good feedback to Korean Air, and this is the first time that I will ride one.

And it's actually going to Busan.

(lol) So, actually I'm a solo traveler for this trip.




there's a friend of us that inevitably just good only at planning.

You know who you guys are.

See you in Busan, guys.

I'm now here at Gimhae Airport, I'm heading now to subway station to go to the Hostel.

Let's go! I'm now here in Busan(downtown) and I'm done checking in to guesthouse.

I just can't record videos inside the room because some of my roommates are already sleeping.

I'm outside looking for restaurant.

Because I'm already hungry I haven't eaten yet since earlier.

And I need to take my medicine.

Let's go, let's look for somewhere to eat.

I can't find somewhere to eat almost all of food chains and restaurants are already closed.

So I just ordered a sandwich on Subway.

Then, I'm eating here at 7 Eleven.

Let's eat! So guys, that's all for tonight.

I will do some editing in Photoshop.

Because there's a task that I need to do.

So for tomorrow it's just a whole day full of adventure.

Goodnight and see you tomorrow! Good morning guys! It's our first day in Busan and it's the start of our adventure today.

Actually this is only my second time in Busan and I'm so excited to explore new places.

And to be back to some place that I visited before.

But we can't visit it all today because it's just a one day adventure.

So I will just leave the link of my first Busan vlog below, If you're curious on what else to visit in Busan then you can watch that vlog.

We're heading now to our first stop See you there! We're now on our first stop the Beomosa Temple.

This place is located in the eastern edge of Geumjeongsan Mountain, it's a famous mountain here in Busan.

And it was actually build in year 678 during King Munmu's reign of Silla Kingdom.

Let's go and see what we can see inside the temple.

So guys we're now heading to our second destination the Oryukdo Skywalk.

How to get here, from Busan Station exit no.

10 take Bus 27 then get off to Oryukdo SK View Humun.

Then from there you just need to walk a little bit, and look you will see this.

It's beautiful.

Let's go! So guys, I'm now here at Gwanganli Beach.

As you can see at my back is the very famous Gwangan Bridge.

Over there.

Over there.

If you ever watched Black Panther, they have some scenes here in Busan and one of their fight scene was taken there at Gwangan Bridge.

In all of places that I visited today, this is the only place that I look forward to come back of all the places I've been before.




I don't know.

There's something special about this place.




I didn't go to Haeundae because.



for sure it's a blockbuster over there.

Like this one.

That's why.

Let's enjoy the beautiful view of Gwanganli Beach.

I'm now here near Jagalchi Station, I'm going to eat dinner first then let's see if there's still a night market that we can visit during this hour.

It's already 9 O'clock, so I'm going to eat first.

I'm now here at BIFF Square or BIFF Street.

It's a night market here in Busan, it's near Jagalchi Station line no.

1 exit 7.

We haven't been able to come here last time that's why I came here tonight.

And let's see what we can buy here and what kind of street foods we can eat.

So, let's go! Give me a small one.

What kind? This one.

Which one? That one? Yes.

There's an open one here.

Guys castanias(Chestnut).

3, 000won? Thank you! That's all for my Busan Vlog.

I'm now here at Sasang Bus Terminal, so I just bought my bus ticket to Geoje Island.

I'm going to stay there for 3 days.

And I hope that you enjoy watching this vlog, please like, share and subscribe.

And also click the bell button for more upcoming vlogs.

So, see you in Geoje Island.


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