25k Online Business Marketing Formula | How to Online Market Your Business

yo what's up guys it's John here andtoday I'm going over a three step formula that you can use to market anybusiness online no matter what type of business you're running if you want toget online if you want to start making online sales getting more people todiscover your business

online I'm showing you a three-step simple formulathat you can use to get started to start marketing your business so I'm basicallygonna go over this three steps right here guys if you guys do want an overallndepth step-by-step you know top to bottom youknow marketing strategy guys to market your

business online go ahead and checkout this free book it's called dot-com secrets by Russell Brunson guys thisbook right here will literally change the way you think about online businessfrom top to bottom guys it goes over exactly what you should start doing howto set up your business online and

overall what to do to get started guysbut today I'm gonna go over this basic three-step formula that anyone can useto get started to start marketing their business online so let's go ahead andget right into it number one step number one is gonna be choosing a social mediaplatform so

obviously if you want to start marketing your business online ifyou want more people more people to discover your business you got to gowhere the people are at right and where is everybody at nowadays on a socialmedia platform either they're on Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube Pinterestliterally guys these social

media platforms really do hold the key and thedoor to you know marketing your business online getting more people to discoveryour business because obviously that's where everyone's at so the first thingyou want to do is go ahead and choose a social media platform to establish yourbusiness on so what

you're gonna do is either create a Facebook page create aYouTube channel or maybe an Instagram page to start posting you know stuffabout your business to let people know where your business is that to helppeople start discovering your business so for example if you want to go aheadand get

on facebook you want to create a Facebook page for your business rightnow way more people know exactly where to find your business more people or youknow know how to find your business because obviously there's a ton ofpeople on Facebook already so if you put your business on Facebook

create aFacebook page for it you're gonna open up your door your business doors to aton of people that are on Facebook already so againnumber one the first step you want to do is choose a social media platform thatyou want to get on now you can also choose a

blog of obviously if you'redoing all this it's because you have a website already you've already created awebsite you want to market your business onlineso the first step you know obviously you already have a website created where youhave all your products about your business all your business informationnow to

get people to discover it you want to choose a social media platformto go ahead and establish yourself as an authority and get more people todiscover and know about your business so number one choose a social mediaplatform number two it's gonna be built the KLT fact there's a know

like andtrust factor so if you want to start making money from the internet if youwant to start making money for your business online there's gonna be thesethree key factors right here that you're gonna have to establish before you makeany money online before you even make a single dollar

I guarantee that you'regonna have to go through these three key factors right here them know like andtrust fact there's no like intro so you want to get people to know about yourbusiness right number one is know so you want more people to know about yourbusiness so how do

you start doing that how do you get more people to startknowing about your business that is step number one is to start creating contenton your profile on your page on your social media platform whatever platformyou decided to choose you're gonna start creating content on that platform startcreating a

weekly schedule where you're gonna be posting stuff on your platformsposting up content people are things that people are talking about they haveto do with your market right so that way more and more people startknowing who you are they start basically seeing your content somewhere and theyknow about you

right so the way to get people to know is by creating contentguys now you're gonna go to step number two which is the like fact they'regetting people to actually like your business like your page like yourYouTube channel you don't start liking your stuff so go ahead and get

people tostart liking you you have to start posting up valuable content so you'renot just gonna be posting up you know about whatever posting up your randomthoughts on what's in your head the content that you post actually has to bevaluable you know help helps people it helps change people's

life you know howpeople discover something new helps people learn something so if you wantpeople to start liking you your content has to be valuable that way people afterthey know you know they know about your business they you know recognize thatthey seen some of your content once they actually

check out your content if yourcontent is actually valuable that's when they're gonna actually like you likeyour page like your business that's fact they're number two now the last factthere is gonna be the trust factor know like and trust the trust factor comes inwhen people actually see that you're

consistent that you've been postingstuff for a while maybe six months even up to a year already you've been postingconsistent stuff that way people know they can trust you right you're not justgonna be you know posting something and going away for a year or two or you knowdisappearing after

that obviously that's gonna be very untrustworthy so in orderto get people to start trusting your business and trusting your page yourYouTube channel your platform you want to be consistent that's where the wholescheduling thing comes in where you're posting things on those on a weeklyschedule right so you can

post on Monday Wednesdays Fridays on Tuesdays andThursdays or you know maybe only on weekends whatever it is you want to setup a schedule where you're sticking to it and you're posting consisteconsistently week after week that's where the trust factor is gonna be builtbecause again people are gonna know

that they can trust you they know whereyou're at they know that you're gonna be able to answer their questions they knowwhere to find you and you're not just gonna get up and disappear right so inorder to build a know like and trust factor that's exactly what you have

todo first in order to start making money online noter start getting your firstsale so again the note factor you want to build a no factor by justbuilding content posting no consistent constant Seesmic content on a weeklyschedule letting people know who you are letting people know that you're righthere

you know on whatever platform that you want to build your profile on numbertwo the like factor after people start checking out your content if it'sactually good if you have good content if it's valuable they learn somethingfrom it they discover something they didn't know that's when they're gonnalike you

once they like you that's when they can start building the trust inorder to build the trust again it comes down to being consistent buildingconsistent content posting up considered consistent con posting up consistentcontent on your page that way people know that they can trust you you'realways gonna be there

you're always posting stuff they know where to reachyou where you're at guys so that's the most important thing guys is built a K LT factors and know like and trust factor now number three is gonna be leadgeneration I know it's hard to see because of the light guys

it's a littleglare II but number three is gonna be lead generation so you're gonna need atool to start generating leads for your business right so obviously if you're ifyou have a business you want to start generating leads for a meaning thatthese leads are potential future customers potential customers

people youcan start doing business with in order to start generating those leads you needa lead generator so let me jump over to my computer and show you the exactlygenerator that I use myself so let's get right to it all right so we're on mycomputer right now and the

number one tool that I always recommend to anyonethat wants to market their business online and start generating leads fortheir business is this tool right here called click photos click photos is alead generator for any business so if you're gonna be marketing online we justtalked about this you're gonna

start generating leads right you're gonna haveto start learning how to generate leads for your business now when it comes tothe online world it's a little bit different when itcomes to leads right obviously instead of collecting a phone number or you knowmaybe your address or you know whatever what

you're gonna do generate leadsonline is collect email address collect people's email address that we can startfollowing up with them you know sending them consistent emails daily emailsreminding them about your business and what it does it what solution you'retrying to solve you ever have somebody you do this yourself

you're constantlychecking your email for coupons or updates about a business or a company ora store that you like maybe even a restaurant that you like that's exactlyhow this works right here you're gonna start collecting emails and that's whatclickfunnels helps you do well click one of those is build

these landing pagesthese are basic one-page websites that collect emails so let me show you aquick example so as you can see this one right here so this is a website righthere and all I want you to do is put in the email to generate the lead so you'regonna

be building these landing pages right here that are gonna startgenerating leads for your business now the best part about click funnels isthat you don't have to be like a web developer or computer tech to buildthese awesome websites to generate leads for your business all you have to do

iscreate an account log in create an account they have a 14-day free trialguys I'll leave a link down below if you guys want to check it out for yourselfso create an account and start building these pages guys cuz it's in literallyan easy drag-and-drop system all you have to

do is choose where you want thetext on your page or where you want the pictures on your website and just dragand drop him wherever you want through guys so I'll show you this example onemore time so wherever you want to move around any of this text any of

theseimages all you have to do is click on it pick it up and drag it to wherever youwant on the page click photos is gonna do the rest of it for you and just putinto your email box wherever you want to again when people land on this pageright

here they're gonna type in their email and that's how you're gonna startgenerating your lead now obviously if they're gonna be entering their emailaddress you're gonna they're gonna want to exchange for something so one thingyou can do on your landing pages give away your free book give away a

freeconsultation or a free guide in order to generate the lead so in exchange foryour email address you're gonna be given away a free ebook or a free consultationor free meeting that's exactly how you start generating leads online it's bygiving away something free to get people inside of the

door once they give youtheir email address you can start following up with daily emails givingthem guys more solutions given a more value an email and overall justreminding them about your business and what you guys can do so the email toolthat I use to follow up for my business

is called Aweber so Aweber also has a 30day free trial guys you can check it out as well and what they basically do isyou can connect a weber through your clickaccount and start following up with your league's leads a Weber's gonnaautomatically send them emails for you every single

day again reminding themyou know about your business and what solution you're trying to solve now onceyou create an account with Aweber inside you're gonna go into your back officeand start setting up all the emails yourself start writing the emailssending them up yourself and send them up exactly when

you want them to excuseme to go out once people sign up to your email lists um when people subscribe toyour email list from clickfunnels you generate the lead you go ahead and gointo Aweber write all those emails out and let Aweber know exactly we wannastart sending them out

so they can send out one day at a time two days at a timeone at once every other day guys you do all that inside of Aweber and again it'san it's basically an automation process because once you set it upAweber does the rest of the work for you

you don't have to be sending out apersonal email every time somebody subscribes to your business orsubscribes to you know your email list so again this is gonna be step numberthree through honnestly marketing your business online is having a leadgeneration tool and the number one but that I would

recommend to use is clickon those guys again I'll leave a link down below for click photos and awebrick I so you guys can see exactly how to start sending out emails to yoursubscribers to you know your business following that way you can have all thatsetup right there so

that's basically it guys again if you guys do want anoverall exact blueprint on setting up and marketing your business online checkout russell brunson home secrets but guys this is honestly my number onerecommended book for anyone that wants to do business online guys it's gonnashow you exactly what to

do step by step guys and you can get this book for freejust click on that link down below guys check it out it's going to show youexactly what to start doing so that's it for this video if you guys got some verypermit and hit the subscribe button down

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