27 Ways to Increase Website Traffic + New Marketing Publications

How to increase trafficto your website.

Today I will teach you 27 techniqueshow you can increase website traffic.

And I do show you other interesting publicationsthat were published in the last week who don't know me, my nameis Anatolii ulitovskyi.

I am from SEOTOOLS.


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I'll start from Brian dean articleand he highlights 27 techniques, how he increases trafficto his own website.

And his first techniqueis guest posting.

You know, it's interestingtechnique because I remember one time I read otherarticle from (Kim sola) and he highlighted in hisarticle that it's difficult to increase website trafficto use guest posting, because the strategy usually usesfor links only for this purpose.

But Brian Dean in his article highlighted how hecan increase traffic by using this technique, and what he usually does is that he adds somelink resources to his guest post articles and people can click to this linkresources and go to his website.

Other techniques he usuallywrites intresting Bio and it helps to get real trafficin all to his website.

The second technique, upgradeall blog posts, you know, it depends on the website, of course, but youneed to do it to check that your blog post provides value to your readersand what you need to do.

To check it, to know, just read again then andfind perhaps some information is outdated and you need tochange something.

For example, I know Neil Patel usually paysmoney to some other SEO specialist who can check his blog post andhe can check Google Analytics to where you can find someinformation about user behavior.

And if you see that userbehavior, behaviors decrease that means that you needto rewrite all blog post.

And you know, it depends ofcourse of website for example, HubSpot deleted 3000 blog posts, because they, this resource, didn't have resources or time or perhapsvision to rewrite all these blog posts and you can do the same.

The same for example you can rewrite, you can edit someinformation or slightly at other interesting information or even delete them but ifyou want to delete them just check perhaps your blog posts havesome external backlinks you can set up .



comedy comedy direct to otheryour articles and in that way you you will not lose externalbacklinks and they are wait.

Okay, if you go ahead and it's aninteresting article by the way you can read this and third techniqueabout use ''click to tweet'' links.

Yeah Now, I like this pointbut it depends on you.

You can use this plugin onWordPress and for example, if somebody wants to add some interestingquotes to his Twitter account, yep, with this article you cando it just to use one click, or for example, you can add some buttons, like you can see on Brian dean's blogs, in many websites I saw that users, a lot of different social methods.

But what you can see here Brian deanuses only Twitter and Facebook, for marketing purpose youcan use LinkedIn as well.

But of course, it depends onyour audience and then before just adding any differentsocial network buttons, just check whetheris your audience? And to go ahead.

Tip number four optimize your contentwith LSI keywords, you know, it's interesting because Google, imform us that thereis no there is not this definition of LSI keywords that SEO specialist create thisdefinition but it's not true.

Just I want to tell you what it is whenyou write some any keywords on Google you can see on the bottom ofthe page some other keywords if you didn't find some interestinginformation you can click to these keywords you know to get other results and Brian Deanusually add this LSI keywords to his content and it helps Google you know, to understand whether this content and perhaps to rankdifferent any keywords.

Yep, And what you can see here youcan find LSI keywords and phrases like Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viral content, Pinterest.

Yeah, it depends, for example, if you writeabout social networks, and tip number five, get more traffic from your blogposts with content transformation.

Hmmm interesting that you it'sinteresting technique that Hmmmm I could squeeze evenmore value out of this content so I turned that postinto a youtube video.

You know this techniqueif you know this guy, his name is Gary Vee and heuses alot this technique but he converts one type of content to anothertype from text to video or audio format.

You can do it as well ifyou write great posts why you can't create a greatvideo or even audio podcast and share different audience, becausepeople prefer different formats.

And for example, I like tolisten to audio podcast, other people like to watchvideos, who likes to read, it depends on our preferences and you can convertto different suitable formats to your audience.

Tip number six Go On PodcastsYeah, it's interesting because 27 26% of Americansregularly listen to podcast.

Yeah, it means it works and that BrianDean takes part in different podcasts.

And you can do it as well, becausein that point, you can increase your brand awareness and to get the linksfrom this podcast from this source.

Yep, it works Definitely.

And tip number 7: promote yoursite with blogger outreach.

Yeah, you can use I think it'slike some blogger outreach.




I know that Brian Deanuses a lot of different techniques, skyscraper technique outreach, and right now he uses blogger outreachbut what you can see here Yeah, he highlighted this processI sent a personalized email to bloggers that alreadyshared content on my topic.

Okay, what you can do here you need to usebuzzsumo or any other social media tools where you can check bloggers who share the samecontent and ask their opinion and use outreach and for this, consider Brian Deanusually does it yeah, it works.

And tip number 8: thecontent relaunch strategy.

Oh it means that you you can relaunch anydifferent type of contents you know, not bad not bad nobody knows what wasnaughty it depends of course and you need to find this to use differentstrategy to different techniques.

And what we can see here that BrianDean shared his content on social media and sent and sent out an announcement tonewsletter subscribers and stuff like this.

That means when you create new interestingarticle or different type of content you can share with different audiences like touse your email subscribers, push notifications, and even to set up with or on Facebookor any other different platforms.

Tip number 9: create content that appealsto influencers, always difficult, you know, because I think that influencersknow about high quality content.

And even if you createhigh quality content, sometimes they know some stufffrom your content that you need to create some unique interestinginformation and it is true that Brian Dean publish one articleper month and it depends, it means that he's spends a lot of time to findsome interesting information to combine them.

It create something something unique.


And Tip number 10: sharevideos on the linkedIn.

Yeah, why not, you know because the users on socialmedia networks they like to watch videos and it shows in six times more engagementthan just generic publications.

And what you can see thatBrian Dean takes his videos and republish them on LinkedInand it helps you know, it gets some results justit's important to know don't publish the same video onYouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Because users on YouTube theyprefer to watch long videos you know, and because people go toYouTube Just to watch videos.

But users on LinkedIn and Facebook they haveanother purpose you know to visit these platforms and if they see videos they prefer to watch shortversion of videos and you have fun on video and cut too many different parts of thisvideo and yeah, and it definitely works.

Tip number 11: Host Giveaway contest.

Yeah, people love free stuff.

Of course.

Who doesn't like free stuff?And what you usually we can see here.

Here's an example of contestmy friend more Cogan recently put together if youhave some timeline deadline, and yeah, it's old technique but it helpsa lot, especially in pay per click when you can show some limitedoffer or limited deadline.


And people know that it's betterto take it and it improves sales Yeah.

Tip Tip Number 12: Add ''sharetriggers'' to your content yeah I think that brian dean explainsabout some share triggers you can you find many different triggerson for WordPress plugin Tip Number 13: Retargetvisitors with Facebook ads you kmow I think it's important youknow to add the facebook pixel and Google Pixel and to retarget thembecause visitors on your website you know they need to meet your brand seventimes before they decide to buy and you know, sometimes people can open and buy but if you retargetmore you can increase your sales plus 70% indefinitely well and you need to do it and itmeans the Facebook and Google ads i think all these platformsare the biggest.

And it's important to, to set uppixels from Facebook and Google.

Tip number 14: ReduceYour Bounce Rate.


It's interesting because youknow, you can check your bounce rate on by using Google Analytics.

And you can take this data and analyzewhat type of bounce rate you have.

But you need to understandthat it depends on your pages, for example, informationalpages, like workforce, they have more bounce rate, like from 60 to 90%.

But for commercial pages, it's around 30%.

Yeah, youneed to consider this fact.

And, yep.

Brian dean Spends time tocheck it and yeah, good technique Tip Number 15: Publish long-formcontent, I think Yeah.

Brian Dean is a masterhere, you know, to publish long tail long form content in order toshare more information, more publication.

And the reason why he usually does it becauselong content ranks better than shorter version and for example genelia told that Googledoesn't have system to count words on your content.

But many studies, even Brian Dean made thestudy that a long content ranks better and it's around 1890 words, you know, in the top 10it means you the average parameter of one content, it's around 200to 2000 words and Tip Number 16: Optimize forGoogle's Mobile-First Index.

I think you know when Google imformfirst time about mobile first index many website owners for thatneeds to change a lot you know, but if you have adaptive design, responsive design on your website, I think you don't need to worry alotjust check mobile check mobile version and align or fix some errors if you have that yet because more than60% of users they use mobile version.

And Tip Number 17: Createan Active YouTube channel.

Yeah, the reason whyI record this video because it works it helpsto sell my products it helps Brian Dean and in2022 according to statistics People, will watch more videos and videos willtake 82% of all traffic here it's a big number.

And of course you need to have some YouTubechannel.

And okay, we'll go ahead.

Tip number 18: Publish Viral Content always, youknow, it's difficult to create viral content, I think it's not simple tofind what will be viral.

For me, it's better to create highquality and valuable content.

And if you can touch peoplemind to make it viral.

Yeah, it will be great.

It will be great, of course.

What we can see here A Tip number 19: Promote Blog Postsand Videos on Quuu, it's interesting.

You know, Quuu is a dead-simple way to getpeople to promote your content on social media.

All you need to do is submityour best content and they'll ask influencers to share in it onFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

I recently promoted one of my postson Quuu and got a handful of shares for influential people in thedigital marketing space.



I think I cantry I can try this technique.

Tip number 20: RepublishOld Articles in LinkedIn.

Yeah, you know, I think you need to usenot only in LinkedIn and even Medium and you can set up their canonical tags to yourto your page and Google will rank your page because canonical tagsshows, the main page, what Google needs to rank and why not you canadd all your content articles to LinkedIn, Pulse and to get results there.

Why not? Okay, Tip number 21: Use a ''Question Analyzer''to Create Insanely Useful Content.

Hmm, yeah.

I think many different type ofquestion on Analyzer on Pinterest or SEMrush and answer the public but Brian Dean showsus buzzsumo's question analyzer or answer the public yet to find question that people ask, you can answer this questions on your content.

Yeah, definitely works.

Tip number 22: Add EnticingContent to Social Media Posts.

It means that, you know, in social media, you don't need to have unique content.

And you don't need to add allyour content just highlights what will be interesting for social mediaaudience and yeah, add this content.

If you use some features already forgrabs, it will be great it works.

Okay, you go ahead andthe next article, The next Tip 23: Improve Your Organic Click-Through-Rate.

I think yeah, of course, it's important you can improve your title or description or even toadd schema markup and choose different techniques.

For example, for title, you can addnumbers, brackets, different symbols, some interesting words and just find some interestingwords that will tie your audience you know, your users.

And to tip number 24: Publish More list Posts.

Yeah, because you know, when you have list posts, youcan save time to your readers.

They don't need to filter Google contentbecause they have some around now and some list post yeah just take yourrank and yeah it definitely works.

Okay, tip number 25: Steal YourCompetitors' Traffic resources.

Oh, yeah, you can useSimilarWeb in the point to check whether your competitors get traffichere you can use the same techniques.

Yeah, it helps and I see that BrianDean highlighted similarweb as well.

Okay, tip number 26: drive trafficto your website from forums.

You know I think that Yeah, of course you need to workin or on forums but don't take all forums in your niche.

Just choose the best forums 1 2 or 3 forumsyou don't need to have all of the forums it is better to pay attention there likeQuora on Reddit or some nice related forums And to Yeah, to be active there too and youneed to help people and forget about links.

You know because many usersregistered the forums and try to insert links to their websites butif you help people until when you have.

It's enough, you know when peoplesee you who helped them and they will consider allin future to recommend you or another different stuff oreven to buy your products, why not? And Tip 27: Syndicateyour content on medium Yeah, like I told you, you need touse medium as well like LinkedIn and syndicate content there you don't need tocreate unique content just to setup canonical tag.


And I think Brian Dean has some bonus strategy, like usual post on social media at strategic times.

Yeah, I like the strategy.

Youknow, for example, on Twitter, I usually create, create a lot ofpublications and adjusted my account It May, but I started to Welcome my twitter likeone week ago and right now I have hundred users who might be that account andwhat you need to do to schedule some interesting publications onTwitter or other social media networks and for this purpose you can use somedifferent tools many tools on the internet.

And Yep, and on brian dean shows, thistime is better to publish content, but I think it dependson your audience.

And you can use some data from brian deanor find the other data.


Yep, and bonus strategy to find morekeywords with keywords everywhere.

Seems Interesting it's like othertool yeah keywords everywhere and its tool and you can usesome Google recommendations.

This tool and Yeah, now it's your turn.

Thanks, Brian.

It's an awesomearticle and go ahead.

The next article what theywant to share with you how to bring your b2b contentmarketing back from the dead.

You know, what's the main problemwith content marketing that I don't remember exactly the number but it's like88% of websites, businesses use content marketing.

It means it's helps alot.

Andfor example, neil patel.

Neil Patel highlighted manytimes that on the internet, we have 1 billion blogs and a lot ofpublications each minute on WordPress.

I don't remember this number, but a lot.

And yeah, it's competitive.

It's extremely competitive.

And if youwant to be in this competitive field, You need to consider what your competitors usuallydo it and provide something, some other stuff.

And what I liked this article that theauthor of this article Katrina, Katrina Yep.

And she highlighted six ways tobreathe new life into your content.

And just by know your audience, of course, you need to learn your audience before providing anything, not before writing or creating content to them.

And because if you don'tknow your audience, how you can create content, what, which audience do you like? Because you can't createcontent for everybody.

People are different, you know, some people prefer one blogs, other people, other blogs, but youneed to find your own audience and to You can useGoogle Analytics.

If you have existingaudience you don't have it.

Then just find some interesting status oninternet and create your readers personas.

Second way just distribute and track, when producing any piece of content.

Here are three question thatmust be thought through.

Why is it being produced? Where is it being distributed? How is it going to be tracked? Of course you know, you needto learn your competitors, your matrix and analyze what you can change in thesecond time or even to edit existing content.

And always, always analyze the resultsbecause nobody knows what works or not.

But if you analyze and you can make some conclusionsof what you need to change in your strategy.

Way number three match the rightcontent to the right People, generational differences can befound in content preferences.

younger consumers prefervideo and social content, for instance, whereas older generations aremore comfortable with email, of course.

Yep, you need to find some distributed distributionchannels and Yep, and use for your audience.

Way number four, find your niche.

Youknow, even if you have some topics, for example, like weight loss, and it's extremely competitive, big companies billion dollarcost companies in that field, and if you want tocompare with them, don't try to create some generictopics like weight loss supplements, weight loss pills, or any other stuff.

Just find your own way find whetheryour competitors are not active and because 15% of new keywordsappear each single day It means that you you have some job that youcan find some interesting way of whether you can provide orcreate your content.

Way number five, experiment and innovate most of the advicewe've given so far has been both carefully planning content.

Of course, you need to have some content plan andyou need to consider your existing resources.

Do you have money to hire some spare remote specialists?Or do you have time to create all this content? For example, I won't write 50 articles permonth but they don't have resources you know, and it means the Yep, in BrianDean can create one article.

I think he wants to create two articles but he doesn't have theresources he needs to pay attention to create just one super article.

Yeah, you need toconsider this technique.

And before creating anything you need to analyzedo have resources to create, create this article Way number six saysomething different.

You know, I liked this point even more becauseyou don't need to rewrite other points.

If you check your compatibility you need to findtheir weak side and you have some your strong side, you have chance you have someknowledge and you need to create with different angle and to providesome, some some new information.

If you don't provide new information, nobodywill link you nobody will you read this article, because there are a lot of otherarticles you know about that point.

And we'll go to tip number.

Oh, no, yeah, and it ends here into conclusion.

And yeah, we'll go to another article.

The next articlefrom moz and this article about Google review stars and according to moz We know that Google announced that theywould be restricting review stars in SERPs to specific schemas and would stop displaying reviewsthat they seemed to be ''self- serving''.

Yeah, if you have some rankingsystem on your website, Google might ignore your rankingand don't list on the search.

And for example, you don't needto delete your own consistent if it helps your existing userusers to analyze your products.

But Google will not show this ranking.

This star ontheir search and what you can see here that for monday, Google dropped by 14% andwhat you can see that the most drops drop was in finance industry46% and real estate 46% as well.

Yeah, you can read thisarticle it is interesting.

Yeah, there are many different dataand some question and answers.

And Go ahead.

The next article from coschedule 13marketing mistakes, myths and misconceptions to avoid.

Yep, you know, I like this topic, because Iwork in SEO field for more than 10 years.

And during this time, many timesSEO methods changed.


You need to pay attention only to useWhitehat techniques but even if you have.

If you provide whitehat techniques, it doesn't mean you will get traffic.

It means that you need to bebetter than your competitors but what I like in this article you don'tneed to provide what doesn't work today.

And the first point in this article isSEO is dead, SEO is not dead because SEO gives more traffic than bait, charge then pay per clickand according to Search Engine Land, it's 11 times more.

According to moz don't remember exactly numbers.

It's like fromthree to four, six times more traffic from organic traffic.

And of course today it's difficult to compete withbig websites who have experienced a lot of backlinks but if you provide some interesting uniquestuff and you use whitehat techniques, you just need to write and youdefinitely will give results.

And myth number two, you need a huge budgetto run an effective marketing campaign.

Of course budget , It's more simplein order to provide some metrics to mostly marketing campaigns, effective campaigns you can analyze.

But if you don't have this budget, just you needto analyze what you can provide with your resources for example, content marketing forlong tail keywords or another part.

But But, you know, everything, ofcourse, depends on your budget.

And if you don't have budget, but yourown time, just your competitors and think how you can provide somethingbetter than your competitors.

Myth number three, you shouldn't run a campaignuntil you've you've chosen the right tools.

You know, some bloggers, website ownersdon't use any tools and they get traffic.

Of course, it depends.

You know, forme, I think it's better to use tools.

If you use tools, you know, you can getbetter results than without tools because you can analyze find some quick way in order toprovide some content or marketing your marketing strategy.

Yep, but if you don't have money to buy some professionaltools you can use Uber suggest from neil patel it's free now many other tools like answerthe public yep just find other Free tools Myth number four marketing isn'tmeasurable, oh, you know, you can use Google Analytics or Google SearchConsole or sem rush and moz.

So there are there are a bunch of metrics you canmeasure your marketing campaigns and get results.

Myth number five always be testing.

You know, Idon't think it's me if you need to test you know, you need to test a lot because we don'tknow what works, you know, nobody knows it.

Yeah, I need to read this one I'm going to get somepushback for calling this popular expression a mistake, but although testing is important, you have tohave sufficient traffic coming to your site for your test for your tests to meananything, yep, no provide invitation analyze and think how you can improveit you know, by testing.

Myth number six everything onyour website should be tested.

You know, it depends on on your time if you have this timeof course, it's better to test everything but if you don't, don't have this time, prioritize, you know, choose whether you sell your products ofeach type of pages you need to to change, you know, and just go ahead I think it'sbetter to test your prioritization at first.

Myth number seven, Socialmedia doesn't drive revenue.

Oh, you know, people have different mindset on social mediaand people don't want to buy products by using social media.

But you need to think aboutthat point more broadly.

Because we have sales funnel andyou can touch their mindset to make brand awareness or any othertypes of sales funnel to try to sell them directly just to tell about yourproducts or provide them with some interesting other stuff like webinars a different type ofcontent that will bring value to them.

Yep, and I agree, you need to change this mindsetand we even to make brands create brand awareness that will help youin the future.

Myth number eight mobile users don't make purchases, huh? I think Yep, they they make purchases but.

Of course.

It's more simple to do it by using desktopversion and but people can buy on mobile devices as well.

Yep and almost 40% of allecommerce purchases during the 2018 holiday season were made on the smartphoneWhoa, whoa here 40% Yeah, it is big number.

Myth number nine a single negative reviewcould tank your company tanks in part to the Amazon fake review problem68% of customers trust reviews, more what they see a mixof good and bad reviews.

You know, one time a tradition stated that people might buyproducts from companies that have review from 3.

5 to 4.

5 it means that if you have onlyfive stars, people might think, Oh, it's it's fake reviews, they, they won't believe in this review.

See, of course, it's better tohave different types of reviews.

And if you have some negative reviewsjust forgive this people to ask them and I know that 20% of users who left a badreview can change can change because you can speak to them ask what was wrongand just try to to solve this problem.


Myth number 10.

If youbuild it, they will come.

You know, of course not.

Youdon't need to, for example, if you create content, even thebest content of the world and if people don't knowabout your content, Google, will know about thiscontent you need to promote, to promote by using social media using link, building any other different techniques because it helps to promote yourcontent and without promotion.

Yeah, I think during the timeYeah, it will be outdated.

Myth number 11 content marketing is toocrowded for your company to compete.

You know, I think everything is crowded, but you can findsome niches even in your specific topic and just, you know, it's better to analyze your competitorsand they don't provide all content, they don't rewrite all outdated content, you need toconsider that and then find some interesting topics where you can provide some type or other typeof content that will help people.

Yep, and Myth number 12.

copying your competitors is a good wayto reverse-engineer your digital marketing campaigns.

Never copy, never copy, create your own product.

And if you don't have your own product, I don't think that you will haveany future because customers might see your competitors products they know the thetheir products, why they need to buy from your site.

And Myth number 13 outsourcing digital marketingmeans you don't have to worry about it.

You know, I think it's better to controleven if you outsource some type of job, give delegate tasks to remotespecialists but it's better you know, to analyze results and you can set upsome different settings to check them.

Yeah, good article, I definitelyrecommend that you read this article.

And the next article skyscanner overhaulsbrand in shift tomore emotional marketing Oh, you know, I like that point because 75% of our decisionsmade because of our emotions and only 25% of logic.

And what we can see here this case skyscannerhas huge audience like 100 million users and they decided to make more emotional marketing because people wantto feel that they touch this product, they understand this product.

And you know, for example, when youprovide any marketing campaigns it is better to to show peoplehow they use this product, how this Products solve their problems.

Don't Highlightonly special features because special features don't help to sell like emotions and it's interesting articleyou can read this article i like this one.

And to go ahead the next article fuelingyour sales funnel deep content marketing.

Yep, you know what I like inthis article that we have here, six stages of sales funnel for b2b marketing, because we knowsome resources highly highlight five stages for b2c marketing, but we have here, six, six stages, and it goes stage awareness.

Yeah, that simple you need tomake to create brand awareness.

It helps especially if youuse social media marketing.

The second most interesting of course, ifyour customers know about your existence and the next step You can highlight howyour products them solve their problems.

And Yep, after this people will be interested aboutyour product.

stage number three consideration when customers compare your products and consider it to buyyour products, it's common stage stage number four in that, you know, in that stage she definitely think to buy yourproduct and you need to work, you know, to push your products more strongly than usual and to tell about your special features, how these products might help them to decide their problems.

Stage number five evolution as suggestedbecause you need for example, if you sell your products, you need tocooperate more time with your customers to help them to explain how your pickupsyou can sell again, your products, you know, even if you provide pay per click, you needto consider that the level of competition is so high.

And it means that you need to sell a long period of time toone customer and only that way you can get back your ROI.

And stage number 6 Remarketing Of course, yeah, I thinkyou can use remarketing on Facebook on Google, because it helps to return visitors to your website it It helpsto, to propose some interesting proposals to your customers, for example, to give them discounts, or anyother points why they need to be to go back or for example, people sometimes Don't havetime, you know, to open your website they can forget quickly and what youin that point you can help them.

The next article from saashacker.


And in this in this article, the author of this article, but I don't see who is the author, explained how moz grew to 700 million revenue.

It'sinteresting, you know, because when I twitted this article , rent media told me that datafrom this article is inaccurate, and especially what type of data about the history ofmoz organic search traffic, especially from since 2012.

And most of the article just use SEMrush data Tohighlight what type of traffic moz had in that time, and Yep, and I definitely recommend you to read this articlebecause Rand Fishkin used many different techniques even to sell his own products for$1 not for $70.

But he made a limited proposals tosell this product and you see here.

Some examples, some emailswork he sent to his customers.

It's interesting article, the next article from wordstream:Seven surprisingly effective pop up advertising strategies.


I think everybody hates popups like me, I don't liketo use popups and You know, I think you can set up popups if you know your audience if you knowthat this popups will not bother them and for for example if you don'thave strong and big audience it is better not to use popup windowsbecause you can lose this audience and in this article wordstream explained how youcan use it hide the form on your landing page.


For example if you open any websiteyou can see some pop up or windows and you need to hide this for interesting you see someexamples here for example, from this example, I see that you need to click only one button and up tothis you will get some form and it helps for example, if you have a lot of fields in pops window peoplemight ignore this pop up because they are lazy, how to, to fill all this fields but if You hide themjust use only one button, you can hook them in.

And when you hook your users only, they don't haveanother choice just like fill few of the fields.

And the second point give a first time buyer discount.

Ofcourse, if you have some limited deadline or limited proposals.

Yeah, it definitely helps to sell your products, offer a content upgrade ebooks or exclusive content.

You know, sometimes you need to give for free andwhen you propose some ebook or exclusive content, you can get new subscribers and in future, they willbuy your products, why not some percent of them? And tip number four advertise a free demo.

You know, ifpeople don't know your product, and it's difficult to tell them why It helps you but if you propose some demoversion or limited version they can analyze and decide.

Oh yeah it definitely helpsI need to buy this product Tip number five remind visitors, offer limited timeoffer Yeah, In few times I talked about that point and Tip number six send them to arelevant email gated landing page.

Yeah, if you set up your email marketing campaign youcan use this tip to send them to targeted page not your the main page or otherpages on your website.

And tip number seven about shopping cart abandonment, okay.

Yep, I think a lot of people, customer, they don't have time to fill all your cartempty it means Yeah, you canbring them back.


Why not? You can use some popups windows.

Okay, thank you wordstream and we go ahead no it's interestingwe get some pop up window here.

Okay the next article these are the 25best seo blogs according to a 127 readers.

Yeah, I like the listbecause you know, I usually read all SEO blogs not all of course I don'thave time to read all of them but I scan many blog posts, I add all of them to my Feedly account.

And there I can check what I like more.

And Yep, and first place backlinko the second Ahrefs becauseAhrefs publish professional articles interesting articles.

Third place Moz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, search engine roundtable, sem rush, Neil Patel, Neil Patel, many interesting blogs and in and we have somereview from these blogs.

You can open this website.

It's interesting.

Okay, go ahead and thenext article 9 ways we're changing habits so we can make more inclusive marketingat Google.

Hmm, interesting.


Think with Google.

Yeah, you can read thisarticle.

ensure everyone feels responsible.

I think it's more about your teamwork.

Youknow how your team can cooperate together.

Partner with agencies who care of course, you know, if your agency wants to earn money from your side, and, but youknow, it's better to have long cooperation when they want to sell your products tohelp you and Yep, and after this when you can combine this you're adding moneywith or to pay for their service.

Tip number three use real people in all workhmmm interesting, you don't need to use bots for example yeah you can give some oldsource resource some work to source Tip number four Think aboutall aspects of question.

Tip number five approach creative and media holistically, partnerwith others to measure progress, look beyond your bubble , make inclusion a dailyhabit for the team.


And don't forget the act You canread this article, interesting and then we go ahead to this articlefrom Search Engine Journal.

What does it mean to do SEO? some basicinformation for I think For Beginners Yeah, you can read this article I don'tremember why I opened this article perhaps i found some interesting therebut right now I didn't see this.


The next article your five step guide to achievinggreater influence and impact take inspiration from others.

Interesting I think that the you need to connect with people byusing social media like Twitter and take inspiration from others.

Just find a way other can help you.

And Yep, andyou can highlight this points.

love what you do.

I think if you don't patient, you can go ahead.

You need to love your job.

On Monday morning.

You need to think oh, it's new week.

I wantto go to my job to produce new results.

Yep, it's important trysomething new of course, you know, you need to find some new stuff.

New points.

Unique propositions.

Yeah, it definitely helps you knowto go learn how to do stuff and focus on growth, creativityand stakeholder engagement.

Okay Interesting article go ahead five ways to collaboratewith Instagram nano-influencers Oh interesting because, I know that a lot of brands use Instagramespecially to cooperate with influencers.

And tip number five send yourproducts for the review.

If you have someone truthfully, youcan send them products or access to your service and ask their opinion because theycan share these products if it's helpful for them.

Tip number five invite the personto become a brand ambassador.

Oh, I think it costs money but You don't needto pay Kim Kardesian or Cristiano Ronaldo crazy money just find some influencers from10, 000 to 100, 000 influencer followers and you can cooperate with them goahead share coupons and discounts or if you can propose somecoupons and discounts for subscribers , influencers whynot you can reach them, become a giveaway sponsor yeah that'snormal and generate user generated content.



And the lastarticle Roundup post: tips and ideas for for non standardmarketing activities.

Acquire backlinks thanks toHARO Yeah, it definitely need to try this resourcebecause you can You know, you can achieve some journalists there.

It's famous resource, use link retargeting to reach Facebook group members.

You know, you need to find some Facebookgroups where a some in, in your industry where you can have discussions with othermembers.

Why not you can achieve them, use SMS to generate new sales.

I hate to get much SMS but it works.

Whatwe can see we see some metrics here.

Should I output question?Yeah, why not? I don't think it's difficult, youknow, to set up a costume.

Just spend some time andyeah, you can find some contents there.

Non-standardcontent distribution.

And yeah, I like the ideaof educating your customers as opposed to drownimg themin ads wherever they go.

creating a valuable pieceof content in one thing, but effective distributionis a whole other story.

Interesting, it means that you can usedifferent social media in order to distribute your content or even forumsor other places.

It's better to have youtube channel youknow, when you distribute many different ways and you can analyze which wayworks for you make the most of integrations, catch the moment to askcustomers for a review.

Yep, why not? Because ifcustomers give feedbacks, he definitely helps to sell moreyour goods in future, the future.

Involve others in your contentmarketing campaign early Answer your audience's questions Use a glossary for SEO and Think outside the box.

Yeah Of course, I yeah.

If you have some brainstormingjust Try to go a different way you know don't even to findsome crazy ideas sometimes these crazy ideas can bereal and you can realize them think about alternativeplatforms for outreach.

Track user behavior and howuser behavior, you need to learn the audience and valuebeyond customer expectations.

Yep, essentially, you can read this.

And that'sit for today.

I think you enjoyed this video.

I hope the next time I will recordmore interesting video about SEO that will help you to get organictraffic and see you next time.



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