3 Days in Montreal, Canada! Exploring a New Country! | SOLO TRAVEL VLOG (2019) [CC]

Hello and welcome to Canada! Yay! This is my first time in Canada.

It only took me my whole life.



only tookme many many years to actually get up here but I am so excited.

I am up here for a week.

I am currently in Montreal and I am aboutto head out and explore.

But I wanted to start off this vlog with hello.

Welcome and I'm really excited to be herefor a few days before heading up to Quebec City.

Let's go out there, let's see what's goingon.

It's really cold.

I've already been out for a run today so we'regoing to bundle and we're going to have as much fun as we can.

Alright, I will check in later.

Bye! Check out the view! I'm on the 27th floor of this Airbnb and thisreally makes me want to live in a city.

The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal is inthe historic district of Old Montreal.

It is built in the Gothic Revival style andis absolutely stunning.

I am usually against paying to enter churches, although I will give a donation, but this is one that I made an exception to.

It is well worth the admission cost and Englishand French guided tours are included in the cost.

The original Notre-Dame church was built in1672, but over time, the congregation outgrew the church so in 1824, James O’Connell, an Irish-American Anglican from New York City was commissioned to design the new church.

O’Connell is actually the only person tobe buried in the crypt and he converted to Roman Catholicism shortly before his death.

Construction on the church began in 1824 withthe sanctuary being completed in 1830.

An interesting fact about this church is thatthe stained-glass windows depict scenes from the religious history of Montreal and notbiblical scenes like many other churches.

This church has so much history that I can’teven begin to outline here, so I highly recommend you do some research online, or better yet, visit the church for yourself! Don’t forget to do the guided tour becauseit provides you with so much more information.

The Clock Tower, also known as The Sailors’ Memorial Clock is a 45-meter tower that serves as a memorial to the Canadian sailors whodied during World War I.

During the peak visitor season, I believeyou can go up to the top to take in the view, but it was closed while I was visiting.

Good morning.

I apologize.

I'm a little washed out but good morning.

It is my second full day here in Montreal.

I've had a little bit of a relaxed morning.

I went and I worked out just kind of chilledout.

Slept in a little bit but now I'm about toget on the metro to head over to the Olympic Stadium and check that out.

And then there's a couple of neighborhoodsI want to walk around.

I'm going to go back to Old Montreal and.



there's some other things.

I have a pretty full day ahead.

Last night it snowed which was really excitingand fun.

It's definitely very cold out there.

I'm just looking outside and it looks COLD.

So, I'm all bundled up.

I'm ready to go and I'll try to vlog whenI'm out but it is so cold that my hands get really cold when I take my hands out of mygloves so it is difficult to hold a camera and talk and it's windy.

Excuses, excuses.

I'm having a lot of fun here.

Just taking a relaxed trip to get my mindoff some things that have been bothering me at home.

So yeah.

It's been fun here.

Let's go out and explore a little bit todayand I'll take you along.

Montreal Olympic Park served as the main venuefor the 1976 Summer Olympics.

It is the largest stadium by seating capacityin Canada.

At the north base of the stadium is the MontrealTower, the world’s tallest inclined tower at 175 meters.

You can pay to go inside the stadium and tower, but I elected not to in order to save some money, but I’m sure the view is great.

I stopped inside the World Trade Centre Montreal a few times during my trip.

Honestly, I first went in because I wantedto escape the cold for a little bit, but it is actually cool inside.

There is a piece of the Berlin Wall and theyhad a fun display of various Santa’s around the main lobby area.

If you need a place to rest your feet or toget out of the cold, definitely pay a visit.

Hey! So today is my last full day here in Montreal.

Yesterday was.



I'm not going to say a bust of a day but Ididn't do as much as I wanted to because I felt like I walked around a lot.

But definitely the highlight yesterday wasgoing to the Olympic Stadium.

That was really cool and it makes me reallyexcited for the Olympics next year.

Like, two hundred and forty something daysfrom the time I film this video but who's counting? Today I'm going to head out.

I'm going to check out a couple churches.

I'm going to go to Mount Royal Park.

I believe that's what it's called.



checkout the overlook.

I'm going to go over to the Mile End neighborhood, check that out.

And then hopefully I'll have a little bitof time to go the Christmas market tonight before coming back here.

Doing some laundry, packing, and going tobed because I leave tomorrow morning.

But the fun is just starting because I'm headedto Quebec City so I'm very excited about that.

But for now, let's head out.

I'll take you along with me and let's go exploresome more.

Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral is a renaissanceand baroque style church that is actually a scale model of Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Construction began in 1875 and was completedin 1894.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal isthe largest church in Canada with one of the largest church domes in the world.

It is the highest building in Montreal.

The basilica is known for its associationwith Saint Andre Bessette who was believed to have the ability to heal.

Over 2 million visitors and pilgrims visitevery year.

The church is more modern than others, butit is still beautiful and interesting to visit.

The views from the church are also worth checkingout.

Montreal is a beautiful city full of richculture and exciting attractions to see.

I completely understand why people love thiscity so much and I am so happy that I finally was able to make the visit.

I only scratched the surface during my tripand I will be back again soon to explore more.

Thank you so much for watching this video.

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Until next time, wander far and wander often.


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