3 Online Marketers Mistakes

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel I'mRaquel your momtrepreneur okay and today we're going to talk about a fewmistakes that online marketers make when they are starting ok few years ago whenI was starting I made some of these mistakes I saw some people doing otherkind of mistakes and

even though everything changes a lot what's truetoday may not be so true tomorrow and what works today may not work tomorrowthere are certain things that you should avoid if you can and there are somethings that even if you do them ok let's get real the faster you learned

thatthey don't work the better so today we're not talking specifically aboutFacebook and if this is not your first time on my channel you know I talked alot about Facebook and what charges you worth what strategies don't work buttoday we're going to talk about things that work in every

social media platformokay and by the way if you want to know more about how to market yourself onFacebook or how can you actually get engagement on your profile check thesevideos you will be seen here or here ok they will help you and if you want tojoin my 5

to Facebook marketing workshop just log in the description of the videook back to it so what things work when you're on social media to grow yourbusiness and what things don't work when you're trying to build your business okand if you actually already settle your business and you know

it's working whatare the things that are actually going to help you grow your business on socialmedia it's pretty pretty simple but people tend to avoid it people tend toignore it why let's see most people they chase easy money okaymost people they don't want to have a lot of

work most people don't want tochange anything in their lives and get different results well that doesn't workthat's like when you want to lose weight you actually have to change something onyour daily habits right it's simple you don't have to feed genius to get tothese conclusions so one of

the mistakes that people do one of the things thatpeople don't realize is that if you're in social media to build your onlinebusiness it doesn't matter company you are representing you need tobrand yourself I can give you two reasons just from the top of my headokay first of all

your company doesn't need doesn't need your publicity let'sget real they have lots of money they don't need you they don't actually needyou to promote their products and services they have a lot of money ifthey want to spend it on ads all kind of stuffs billboards Facebook advertisementand all

of that and they do that so why are you promoting your company in a waythat you should be promoting yourself okay second reason is why should peoplefollow you if you're doing exactly the same things that so many other peopleare doing you need to stand out you need to

show people then even though you'rewith that company you have your own essence you are your own person okay youdon't actually depend on that company you're more than just that company bythe way when you're prospecting when you're marketing online I mean yourcompany should be one of the last things

that you do if you go straight thing allover your face coke or your Instagram which company are you it even thoughpeople like the products they won't go straight to you they will go straight toGoogle and then YouTube and then watch all the reviews and even if they decideto

join probably won't be through you so talking about the results talking aboutthe problems they solved yes and then when people are halfway convinced thenyou talk about which company is behind it okay because let's be real there's alot of companies doing the exact same thing there are a lot

of companiespresenting the exact same kind of products you need to find a way to standout and reach out to people and connect with people that is not product basedthat is not just company related otherwise you will be just likeeverybody else I asked you again why should that person

why should peoplefollow you okay so this is why you need to get this in your head you need tobrand yourself okay that way also it doesn't matter how many companiesyou wit because people who follow them for you not specifically for the serviceor the product okay considering again there

are a lot of people a lot ofcompanies offering the same things that you are so if you keep promotingpromoting your company people are not seeing you so the same way they could gowith you they can go with so many other people okay so bring yourself okay avoidthis mistake

that a lot of online marketers do instead of bringingthemselves they brand their companies and then when they change companies whathappens they have to start over again and you know people that were followingyou they stopped following you because they don't know what you're about secondthing that you need to

be clear on especially if you're beginning in onlinemarketing okay you need to be congruent okay what does this mean it means thatif you choose and you shoot a few topics to talk about in health and wellness intravel business in care it doesn't matter whatever is that you are

intookay you have to choose a few topics talk about them and stick with them okayyes you can learn more about something else related to didn't start talkingabout it but even though if you change from one big topic to another big topicthere's always a transition there is always the

connection between that andthe way that you are the kind of things that you like okay so if you just gothrough your timeline doesn't matter if it's Facebook Instagram Twitter andstart talking about so many different things some so many different betweenthem people who don't know people won't know what

you're about they will beconfused when they have to make that decision follow not follow I mean I amgoing to follow this person because she talks about or she is like this or sheis Alling all about this okay you need to be congruent okay and talk aboutthings that are

actually connected to what you're offering I mean if you saythat you're in CBD all for example but I go to your Timeline and all I see is youshare other people's stuff sharing the newssharing politics sharing religion sharing things that have nothing to dowith it okay you know I'm

not saying okay that all of your talents should beabout your business but there are a few things that at the end of the day end updefining you okay and now you may ask okay but maybe talking about politicsand sharing everything that I feel like it and talking about

politics andsharing things that have nothing to do my business maybe that's my thingwell let me tell you that's your thing but for people that don't know youpersonally that's a little difficult to identify what kind of person you are andwhy should they follow you so you need to be

congruent the same way that whenyou create a post when you have a call to action and you should okay that callto action in-depth content okay that content that you are leading people toneed to be congruent with the content the message in your posts don't justtalk about mindset and

then at the end offer how to get 50 leads a day okay letme help a lot of people but that's not why they kept reading your post right sobe congruent also when you create a post and then you add a call to action youneed to become root in

your posts you need to talk about the things that youdecide you want to talk about and stick with them okay at least for a while sothat you can actually create that standard around you okay it's your brandokay so avoid is mistake that a lot of beginners and internet

business they dobecause they don't know how to market online okay avoid this okay if youactually want to grow your business using social media number three onlinemarketers mistake is that don't consistency okay yes you heard this alot a lot of my videos in a lot of videos you may

watch on YouTube everyonesays consistency everyone talks about consistency consistency there's a thingit's really really hard to keep consistency it is but if you payattention you don't buy things just because you look at them once you don'tjoin someone just because you saw them once or twice or even five

times likeokay you don't do that so why do other people should do that you just post oncea week or once a month and we expect people to just go straight you call toaction and sign up for your business and sign up for whatever is that you'reoffering okay people

need to be exposed to yourcontent a lot of times people need to actually be exposed to your message okayso that they can actually build that who know like and trust factor in maybemaybe in a few years they will buy from you maybe some people are fast and maybesome

it depends we are different we are in different stages of our lives we area lot of different needs different goals okaybut here's the thing it might happen once or twice that people just go intoyour your offer and just buy it or sign up but in general that doesn't

happen soyou need to be consistent as you build consistencyyou'll also grow your following that's like you're going through your planetand get people to see you people will actually see what you're doing peoplewill take a look at what you're doing for a while you will see you what areyour

results you see what are you what is she doing and then one day when theyrealize okay this is it this is what I want I actually trust that person andI'm going to follow her and actually join her no one willjoin you and sign up with you and buy

from you just because your post once ina while okay so you need to create consistency now if your schedule doesn'tallow you to go so it should be the every single day which if you'restarting yes I would strongly advise you to but if you can only post once sowaiting

do it once a week but do it every week okay consistency doesn't meanthat you have to be there daily but means that you do something thatspecific frequency and you keep it that way otherwise people won't know when toexpect stuff from you when are you around and let's get

real again ifpeople don't see you people will forget you okay so yes consistency is verydifficult to obtain it's very difficult to maintain but it's everything okayit's everything it's not about how much money you're doing it's about for howlong will you be doing that amount of money okay it's

not aboutjust doing a lot it's about doing for a long time okay so yes consistency isvery important if you actually want to grow your business using social mediaokay it's like everything that you want to change in your life you only seeresults after a long long time doing the

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allon my next video bye

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