30 Things to do in Thailand Travel Guide, Top Attractions & Thai Street Food

Today we're taking a fun little day trip outsideof Chiang Mai.

We are visiting the Elephant Nature Park, which is about sixty kilometers outside of the city.

This is an elephant rescue and rehabilitationcenter, so we're going to be showing you around.

This center is also a refuge for a numberof injured and abandoned animals such as dogs, cats, water buffalo and others.

We have a bucket full of fresh fruit and ontoday's menu for the elephants are bananas and watermelons.

Hi Baby! There you go.

No bananas.

Nope! That was my first time touching an elephantand there skin is surprisingly course and hairy.

Right now the rescue center is home to thirtyseven elephants.

Thirty two of them are female and five ofthem are male.

These are Asian elephants, which vary fromthe African elephant.

The African elephant is actually a lot largerthan the Asian elephant and they also have much bigger ears.

Most of the elephants on the site have beenrescued from logging, tourism and begging industries.

This is the happiest time of day! The elephants are now being bathed.

Overall, the experience at the Elephant NaturePark has been phenomenal.

We've really enjoyed having an opportunityto feed, bathe and interact with all of the elephants.

It is a great alternative to doing the trekkingwhere you are just sitting on top of the elephant and they are working.

This way you get to spend time with the elephantin its natural environment feeding it and just having a great time.

This is the hillside town of Pai.

It is about 3.

5 hours away from Chiang Maiand this is where we've been spending the weekend.

We are staying at the Pai Chan Cottages andthis is our private little Bungalow, so let's go have a look inside.

Hey! Come on in! This is our humble little room here.

You can see we've got a nice big size bedand mosquito net over here.

Fortunately this time of the year we haven'thad to be using it very often.

It's freezing at night! It is freezing so likely the mosquitoes haveall died.

The best part about this place are the views.

Check out this: rice fields! Am I interrupting your nap? You're just too cute and wrinkly.

Look at that little nose.

Meow meow! We've only got a few days left here in Thailandand I've been hearing from friends raving about Pai for years and I've always put offcoming here.

This time I said 'There is no way we're goingto leave Thailand without coming to Pai.

” Now I understand what all of the fuss is about.

This place is wonderful.

It is one of the most relaxing towns I'veever visited and we're going to show you around.

You'll get to see first hand why we love ithere.

What are you doing? I couldn't be anymore relaxed than in thishammock right now.

At this rate, I don't even know if we're getinto town.

One of the main reasons people come to Pai is to justrelax and totally chill out.

A lot of other destinations you go to visittemples, you go to do other types of things but here it is just enjoying the scenery, wandering around and swinging on a hammock.

Those are the top things to do and I'm lovingit so far.

We seem to have found hippy central just acrossthe river.

There is a cool little bar called sunset barand it can be reached via a bamboo bridge.

Shall we check it out? That was awesome! We crossed that rickety old bridge and thenwe came to some really cool looking guesthouses and now we're here in the fields.

One of the draws to Pai is being able to explorethe countryside.

Yesterday, I rented my very first scouter.

It only cost me three dollars a day and Igot a helmet with that.

It was a great way to explore.

I thought it was going to be kind of trickyriding it for the first time but it was a lot of fun.

You did well didn't you? It opened up a lot of the surrounding areasthat would have been tough to reach by foot.

Aside from chilling out and relaxing in Paione of the few things that we actually really want to do is to take a trip over and visitthe hot springs.

We're here in Pai visiting the hot springs.

This is the thirty five degree pool and I'mswinging like Tarzan.

Well not exactly but I'd like to think that.

Oooh Oooh Oooh! That giant white Buddha over there is somethingI plan on visiting tomorrow morning when I wake up.

I can't swing.

I need an assistant to swing me.

Sam, come swing me! I'm just kidding.

I'm kidding! No, Sam.

Sam no! Oh, my gosh! What are you doing? Okay, I just want to get you on the hammock.

I don't want to go flying! No.

Okay, just go back on and say something.

Go fetch me a drink! We boarded a river taxi, one of our favoriteways of getting around Bangkok, to visit one of the most iconic landmarks of the entirecity.

Today is one of our last days in Thailandand actually one of our last days in Southeast Asia.

We've decided to do a bit of sightseeing aroundBangkok and we are visiting Wat Arun.

This is the Temple of Dawn located on thewest bank of the Chao Phraya river.

I'm already sweating profusely and now itis time to go climb this massive temple.

I've seen Wat Arun a few times while travelingdown the Chao Phraya river.

It is really interesting because from a distanceit just looks like it is a grey temple made out of concrete but once you actually gethere and walk up close to it you can see all of the intricate little details like it ismade up of broken tiles and ceramics.

It is really cool.

It is a bit of a surprise.

And it gets even steeper.

That was easily the scariest set of stairsI have ever climbed.

The steps were like this high and they wereonly this wide, so your feet could barely fit on there.

I had to come down seated the whole time – likejust on my butt.

Some tips for visiting Wat Arun.

First, make sure you bring tonnes of water.

We brought two water bottles and we've justguzzled them.

I swear, I've sweated about half of my bodyweight.

And second, even though it is a really steepclimb – even if you're afraid of heights like I personally am – it is still worth goingup.

The views are amazing.

So it is Saturday night in Chiang Mai andtoday we are heading to the Saturday Night Market.

Well, we're still a few blocks away but Iknow we're close.

You know why? Because I can smell the food.

Background music playing.

What do you got there? So I got myself a twisted potato which isa lot like the tornado chips we used to have in Korea.

It looks like it is all seasoned? It's nice.

Barbecued flavored.

You're going to be sharing that? You are wasting the chips.

Background music playing.

Yes, blueberry.

That looks good.

It's like blueberry cheesecake with ice cream.

It's going to be messy.

Snow ice cream with blueberry sauce drizzledover top.

How articulate.


Live music playing from the streets.

Background music playing.

So what did you get? I've got some pan-fried dumplings that arevery similar to the Korean gun mandu that we often had when we were living as teachersin Korea.

So let's see if these are as good? They look hot.


Pretty good.

Background music playing.

Someone found his favorites here.

So what started as just a little snack outhere at the market has turned into a full on feast.

I've got dim sum and fried spring rolls.

Looking good.

I got this – German sausage.

Very good.

Background music playing.

And in case we didn't quite have enough toeat – a sweet little dessert treat.

So that is a banana and egg roti with lotsof chocolate and condensed milk drizzled over top.

Background music playing.

We came to this night market.

We were supposed to go for a walk but guesswhat? We ended up having a massive feast and soinstead of exercise we were gorging the whole time but it was worth it.

So today we are having lunch at a little placecalled the Peppermint cafe.

This is in some little back-alley in ChiangMai.

We're sitting outside right by the streetand we're going to enjoy some more Northern Thai food.

And you know how much we like our back-alleyrestaurants.

Background music playing.

We're here for original Thai food and goodshakes.

Looks like you got just that.

So today we are having a dish that is calledKhao Soi and if you just look down over here you can see that it kind of looks like a currytype soup and we have regular boiled noodles, some crispy noodles and chicken over top.

So this is a Burmese influenced dish fromNorthern Thailand and it literally means cut rice.

This is one of Northern Thailand's most famousdishes.

background music playing.

So I've had this dish once before and I thinkmy favorite part is the combination of the soft egg noodles mixed in with the crispyones.

It's just a nice, crunchy, soft texture andthe curry sauce gives it a bit of an extra kick, so here we go.

I love coconut based curries and this is quitesimilar to Massaman Curry.

background music playing.

This is a really popular street food in NorthernThailand.

It's actually quite hard to find overseasin Thai restaurants, so that means you have to come to Northern Thailand and try it foryourself.

Empty plate over here.

The sign of a good meal.

Overall, that meal was delicious and comingin at just 59 Baht per dish – what value! You know we love to eat, so today we've signedup for a cooking course where we're going to learn how to make some of our favoriteThai dishes.

Right now we're at the local market, so we'rejust going to be walking around picking out some of the ingredients we'll need today forthe class.

Let's have a look.

Judging from the amount of cooking videoswe make you'd probably think that we're constantly in the kitchen and that we always like tocook.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

Most of the time when we're on the road weeat out, so this is actually kind of an excuse to get into the kitchen and cook and to actuallytry and make food because normally we don't do that.

We have now arrived at the Thai Farm CookingSchool.

We drove about seventeen kilometers outsideof Chiang Mai and it is a completely different world out here.

We're just surrounded by nature and an organicfarm.

We're actually going to be picking a lot ofvegetables from here.

We had a choice between doing the cookingcourse in the city or going out to the countryside and I think we've made the right decision.

Now clean rice already.

Please come inside.

I would like you to pick by yourself the wholeleaf basil.

I'm making my Yellow curry paste.

Pound, pound, pound! Harder! Faster! Stronger! So Sam is lagging a little behind right? Come on.

Master Chef here – look at that.


No, I really am lagging behind, I better hustleup.

I'm making a yellow curry today.

This is mine.

This is what I created and Sam went for thegreen curry, so this is his.

And I'd like to point out I don't think hedid a very good job.

Oh, that just fell in there.

What is this? Whatever.

Total chunks.

You get an F! Alright, oh! It's boiling! It is not supposed to boil.

We're making the Tom Yum soup.

Mine is going to have shrimp and I've gotmy coconut milk here, so I'm going to be adding some ingredients – mushrooms, onions.

I'm ready to try fine creation.

This is my Tom Yum with shrimp.

Let's see.

I made mine really sweet.

I think maybe I put in to much sugar but itis kind of nice and creamy because I used coconut as a base.

You need to add more salt or fish sauce then.

Mine does need more salt.

How is yours? You look like a farmer drinking soup.

I'm keeping this hat I swear.

I'm quite happy with mine.

I put quite a bit of salt in it and I alsoput fish sauce.

I'm making my Yellow curry now.

I'm just stirring the coconut milk.

I put in the curry paste I made earlier.

There is also some pumpkin and potatoes andI accidentally added some leaves that I wasn't supposed to but shhhh.





Cheater! Not that we've chopped everything up we'regoing to be throwing this into the Wok and making our stir fried rice.

I was wrong about this dish.

It is not a stir fried rice.

It is just a vegetable stir-fry.

It's really good.

I made one with chicken and string beans andmushrooms and here is my yellow curry with potatoes and pumpkin.

Is it good? Uh-huh.

At this point in the day I'm getting completelystuffed.

I actually wouldn't mind taking a siesta rightnow but we're going to be making two more dishes.

I'm going to be making a Pad Thai and thena Mango Sticky Rice.

So I'm suffering from what my family callsbulbous plumptitude.

I'm making Pad Thai.

Your favorite.

Here is my Pad Thai which is probably oneof the easier Thai dishes you can make.

We saved the very best for last.

Here we have our favorite Thai dessert – MangoSticky Rice – and it has some deep fried Mung Bean on top.

It is crispy.

This is going to be good.

Alright, let's check out that first bite.

It is nice and coconut-y and it is amazing.

So overall that was a really cool experiencelearning how to cook Thai food.

I made five different dishes.

I'm beyond full.

Like I feel like I'm ready to hibernate now.

So this was 1100 Baht.

It was like lunch and dinner and the thingI really liked about this particular school was that it was out in the countryside wherewe were able to get outside of the city and away from the pollution and whatnot and justhave a really cool organic cooking experience.

Tonight we are visiting the Sunday Night Marketin Chiang Mai and right now we are at Thapea Gate and this is where the market starts runningone kilometer into the old city.

So we're going to be wandering around, samplingsome food and showing you what it is like over here on a Sunday.

Background music playing.

So you can buy a lot of handicrafts here atthis market.

For example, silk, scarves, wood carvings.

You can get some paintings.

They have ceramics.


Lots of jewelry.

I mean you can browse here for hours on end.

And trinkets galore.


Background music playing.

When you get tired of walking around in thenight market you can just head over here to sit down and relax and get a nice Thai footmassage.

Thirty minutes for two dollars right? Probably.

Background music playing.

Actually it's 80 Baht for the foot massage.

You can get a cheaper one at the Chiang Maipark.

background music playing.

Sizzling noises.

Crowd noises.

One spring roll.


One tempura.

One of this.

One of this? Ah, yeah one.

Well you sure loaded up with some tasty treats.

Okay, so this is my second dinner.

I have some deep fried tempura eggplant witha sweet and sour sauce on top and fresh spring rolls with carrots and cilantro maybe andsome noodles.

Okay, try one of them? And that would be? It tastes very healthy.

Hahaha! Is it good? Mmmm, it's not as flavorful as I would havehoped.

Here, have a look.

It's actually bean sprouts not noodles.

I was wrong.

Bean spouts and tofu and some carrots.

And what is this over here? Well, I must have been a monkey in a pastlife because whenever I get a chance to try a banana I'm always in there.

And this is the deep fried version.

So, it's already kind of smushed up here.


Does it have some kind of special sauce overtop? No, there is no special sauce it's just deep-friedand the banana is really mushy and moist in the inside.

Okay, this is my tempura eggplant.


Okay, that tastes a lot better.

It's almost like a french fry.

Can I say that? Yep, it has a nice sweet and sour sauce overtop and it's very oily.

Um, but that means it is very flavorful.

French fry on a stick.

Background music playing.

And that concludes our visit to the hecticChiang Mai Sunday Night Market.

Background music playing.

This afternoon we're going to be visitingthe Golden Mount and to get there we'll be taking public transportation namely watertaxis.

When exploring Bangkok one of my favoriteways of getting around is hoping on a river taxi.

The system is very extensive.

Background music playing.

So these taxi boats have blue tarps alongthe side that you have to lift up once the boat starts moving and that is because theriver looks like that.

You would not want to fall in there or getany of that water in your mouth.

Oh, I can even smell it.

Whew! That's stinky! Background music playing.

It's a lovely day here in Chiang Mai and we'regoing to give you a tour of our neighborhood.

Background music playing.

So we live in a very residential neighborhoodand in this area you're going to a see a lot of traditional homes, as well as luxury mansions, so let's have a look.

Background music playing.

Hi, Puppy.

You're cute.

Do I smell nice? Background music playing.

Hi puppies.

How are you? Hello.

You're cute.

Look at you.


Hello Puppy.

So we've encountered lots of friendly dogsthis morning.

One of my favorite things about this neighborhoodis that we live right by Chiang Mai Gate and it is a great place to get lots of reallytasty street food at night and the best part is that it is so cheap.

So you can get mango shakes and mango stickyrice, noodle soups.

There is just so much good stuff to eat there.

And what is your favorite part about our neighborhood? I like just how peaceful and quiet it is.

Chiang Mai can be a really hectic and chaoticcity in certain sections but where we live it's just tranquil.

And one of the perks of living in our neighborhood- we live right beside a Silver temple.

Background music playing.

So that is an example here of one of the moortraditional style Thai homes.

And right across from it you have a supermodern mansion I'd say.

Background music playing.

So that concludes our tour of the neighborhoodand we'll show you a different part of the city next time.

We're being deported from Thailand, so we'replanning our escape.

No, okay, actually it is time for a Visa run.

We've been living in Thailand for a monthnow and we only get thirty days, so today we're going to Burma to get an extension andright now we've stopped in Chiang Rai where we have this lovely sulfur spring that smellslike eggs.

So we're not too far from Chiang Rai rightnow.

We've got here in like record time.

Our driver is an absolute maniac.

He's driving on the wrong lane in places whereit says forty kilometers he's going like one hundred or one hundred and twenty but at leastwe're going to get there fast if we actually make it there alive.

Water spring noises.

Background music playing.

And just like that we're in Burma and thisis my little pass.

I've only got an hour until we've got to crossthe border again.

Background music playing.

Three for 6 baht.

So I've just got a little goody bag of treats.

I honestly don't have any clue what it is.

We really don't have a lot of time.

We were only given one hour to cross the borderand get back, so now we've got to head back to the Thai side already.

So sad.


Background music playing.

Okay, so how the Visa run works.

We took a bus from Chiang Mai to Mae Sae andthat was 650 Baht and it took about four hours.

Then once we reached the border we had togo through Immigration, get our passports stamped and we paid five hundred Baht to getour re-entry Visa basically.

The whole process cost only eleven hundredand fifty Baht which is slightly less than forty US dollars.

So that gives us an extra two weeks in thecountry before we need to hop another border in order to extend again.

Background music playing.

This is day three in Chiang Mai.

We just moved here a few days ago and we alreadyhave a favorite restaurant called Chang Chalaad.

Today we are going to be ordering some classicThai meals.

I've been to Thailand probably close to tentimes and this place literally has the best Pad Thai I've ever had anywhere.

I like this dish so much.

That is why I can't stop smiling.

So Pad Thai is the kind of dish you know evenif you've never been to Thailand.

You can get this back in Canada or reallyanywhere in the world.

The ingredients – well, it is a noodle dishesas you can see.

It also has tofu because we got the vegetarianversion.

It has egg, peanuts, beansprouts, peanut sauce.

It's just so tasty, so filling, so good.

So what makes this the best Pad Thai I'veever had? Well, it's especially the sauce.

This is the most tangy, sweet and rich.

It's almost a bit creamy sauce I've ever hadon a Pad Thai.

This must be a secret recipe because I'venever had anything quite like this before.

It is just really really unique.

So Chang Chalaad is sort of this tiny littleunassuming restaurant that I first visited back in 2008.

It has incredible food, so that has alwaysbeen one of my biggest travel tips to try out these little small places.

Try out these places that aren't on trip advisoror the Lonely Planet.

They are often the best places you can eat.

So the price of the Pad Thai was only 60 Baht, which is two US dollars.

What a deal! It is Saturday Night in Chiang Mai and todaywe are heading to the Saturday Night market.

Well, we're still a few blocks away but Iknow we're close – you know why? – because I can smell the food.

What do you got there? I got myself a twist potato, which is a lotlike the tornado chips we used to have in Korea.

It looks like it is all seasoned.

It is nice.

It is barbecue flavored.

You are going to be sharing that! You are wasting the chips.

Yeah, that's blueberry.

It looks like blueberry cheesecake with icecream.

It is going to be messy.

Snow ice cream with blueberry sauce drizzledover top.

How articulate.


What did you get? I've got some pan-fried dumplings.

They are very similar to the Korean gun manduwe often had when we were living as teachers in Korea.

Let's see if these are as good.

They look hot.

They're pretty good.

Someone found his favorites here.

What started as just a little snack out hereat the market has turned out to be a full on feast.

I've got dim sum and fried spring rolls.

Looking good.

I got this – German sausage.

It is very good.


In case, we didn't quite have enough to eat- a sweet little dessert treat.

That is banana egg roti with lots of chocolateand condensed milk drizzled over top.

Background music playing.

So here we are in Chiang Mai and it is August- the rainy season.

And it rained for maybe about twenty minutesand the whole city has flooded.

Come have a look.

Background music playing.

At one point about thirty minutes ago thewater got so high on our bikes that we had to take refuge in a coffee shop and we pusheda tuk-tuk out of the water.

background music playing.

I thought I lost my shoe at one point.

The current took it away and I just couldn'treach it because the water was too deep.

But then once we finally managed to get outof that street that was flooded.

Low and behold there was my shoe sitting onthe sidewalk.

You are one lucky girl.

I am lucky.

And that is a lucky shoe you are holding.

Background music playing.

We had no plans to make a video today butMother Nature gave us a little surprise.

background music playing.

Background music playing.

So we ended up at the Golden Mount in Bangkokand it looks like there is some kind of celebration going on.

We're going to see what it is all about.

Thai speaking in the background.

Coin noises.

So out here we've got all of the differentanimal signs.

I'm the cock or rooster and so I've got mylucky piece of Baht to put in here.

Let's see if it's going to bring some goodluck.

Background music playing.

So this is actually a really nice place tocool off because they have mist blowing on you as you go up the steps.

Background music playing.

Banging noises.

Bells ringing.




Background music playing.

So I visited this temple about a month agoand there was no one here.

Today happens to be a big Buddhist holiday, so everyone is coming here to pay their respects and the place is just packed.

Bells ringing.

Background music playing.

Some of the best views of Bangkok from uphere.

Bells ringing.

So today we are back at our favorite Thairestaurant but we're going to be having a special meal.

We have ordered a set for two people thatfocuses on Northern Thai dishes, so we are going to get a sampling of different curriesthat come along with sticky rice.

And this is what it might look like.

Our first dish has arrived and it is calledKhao Soi and it is fried noodles on top of a hearty curry.

That looks amazing.

It does.

Let's dig into that baby.

I'm going to try my first fried noodle.

I've never had anything like this.

It's kind of nice and the curry is kind ofspicy.

How is that? It's a very flavorful spicy curry.

I can tell it is made from coconut milk.

It's not a very thick curry.

It is more stew-like and soup-y but it isreally nice on a warm day like this.

I'm enjoying it.

Sticky rice inside.

So a lot of the Northern Thai dishes havepork in them, so as you can see over here we have a pork sausage.

We have something that looks like ground porkwith nice green herbs and this might also be pork if you ask me.

One of the characteristic elements of NorthernThai food is that you eat your side dishes with sticky rice.

This is going to be tasty.

So I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be usingmy hands or not but because this is sticky rice I am.

We're going to dip it over here and see howit tastes.

Spicy or sweet? This one is surprisingly sweet.

So I'm going to try one of these little puffsin another kind of dipping sauce.

That looks like it could be spicy.

Yeah, it is spicy.

Burning your mouth? We also have a nice pumpkin stew over herewith tofu.

Spicy? Not spicy.

It's just really hot.

Okay, what is next? So next up in the dishes to try here wouldbe the ground pork.

It looks like it has been marinated in a nicelittle sauce.

Very strong flavor with the sauce.

It looks like soy sauce but that is hard goingdown.

Very tasty though.

So it is only our first week in Chiang Maiin Northern Thailand but we are quite quickly discovering that this part of the countryhas a lot to offer in the cooking department.

Normally, when you think Thai food you thinkof Pad Thai, Green Curries but really there is so much variety here.

Today we had dishes that we had never evenheard of before and they were so tasty.

We still don't even know exactly what theyare.

We don't know the n ames.

I'm sure we will learn them over the courseof our time here but for now what we can tell you is that Northern Thai food is really tasty.

So just when we thought the meal was finallyover and we are so stuffed they bring dessert out for us and it is amazing.

So here you can see bananas.

Those are just slices of bananas in a sweet, thick coconut cream and it is amazing really.

Oh yeah, you need to try it.

I want to see your face when you bite intothat.

Wow! It almost has a bit of a rum caramel typeflavor which really accentuates the coconut milk.

That was seriously the feast of feasts.

We paid 300 Baht in total for that which isroughly ten US dollars and it was worth every penny or should I say every Baht.

Background music playing.

Looking happy on the train.

We're on a train to Bangkok! So right now we're in the dining carriageand as you can see there is no AC so the windows are open and the fans are blowing but I amstill sweating profusely.

Background music playing.

Karaoke music playing in the background.

Background music playing.

What is wrong with this.

Background music playing.

A heart.

Are you dreaming about cats or hamsters? cats? Nod, if it is cats.

Yes, I'm dreaming about cats.

Background music playing.

So the first travel agent we went to in ChiangMai told us there were no seats left on the train but look at this.

We're on a train and no one is up there.

And we are going to Bangkok on the train thatis very full.

NOT! So basically what happened is we went to thisreally shady travel agent for the first time and what they wanted to do was sell us a busticket.

A really really overpriced bus ticket.

Normally a bus ticket is only 400 Baht fromChiang Mai to Bangkok but they were trying to sell it to us for 750 Baht.

They said no trains and only five seats lefton the bus.

Yeah, right.

This will be my first time going to Bangkok.

Last time I was there I was just in transitso I haven't seen any of the city and that is it for now.

The end.

This video is for all of our Korean fans.

Background music playing.

It's been ages since we've made a video.

Well, after a year of living in Korea youknow that you can't keep us too far away from Korean food, so 'yes' we are in Thailand.

We are in Thailand but we are eating Koreanfood for dinner tonight.

Background music playing.

So the first dish we are having is Gun Manduwhich is fried dumplings.

This was one of my favorites back in Koreaand this is really tasty.

They did an excellent job.

We normally had that at the Chungook Chip.

The Chinese restaurants in Korea.

Good stuff? Oh, yeah.

It has been literally months since I've hadkimchi.

I've been missing this so much.

This particular one is really sour, whichI like.

And here we have our Kaeran Jjim, which issort of like an egg souffle and this is something we often had in Korea – especially when wewere at barbecue places.

So the Kaeranjjim is different from what we'vehad in Korea.

This one is a bit more watered down and Ihave to say I do prefer the more authentic taste.

So up next I am trying the kimchi jeon, whichis kind of like a Korean pancake and it has lots of kimchi, so this should be really flavorful.

Good stuff? It is nice and fluffy and you can really tastethe kimchi and there is also a bit of spice in here.

One of the big differences of eating Koreanfood here in Thailand is that the side dishes are not included.

Normally in Korea side dishes are free andif you finish the whole thing they just keep refilling them for you, but over here we orderedsix side dishes and that was 40 Baht, which is about a dollar and thirty three cents.

It was still a bargain but it is not likeKorea where you get it for free.

And if the first serving wasn't enough we'vejust ordered a second helping of the pan-friend dumplings and the kimchi pancake.

Background music playing.

So the big question – what is Korean foodlike in Thailand? We had two dishes that we really loved.

It was the gunmandu and the kimchjeon butwe actually ended up ordering seconds because both dishes were so tasty; however, with kaeranjjimit wasn't as great as it is in Korea.

I think part of the problem is that they don'tuse the stone pot which I think helps it boil better and maybe it just evaporates a bitin water.

So for the kimch jeon, we ended up spendingone hundred Baht, which is just over three dollars.

Same for the gunmandu and the Kaeranjjim camein at 60 Baht which is two dollars.

So, overall it was an affordable meal.

Roughly with side dishes and water you'relooking at about ten dollars or roughly 300 Baht.

So if you're craving some Korean food andyou find yourself in Chiang Mai, Thailand we highly recommend this little place.

It is called Korea House.

Background music playing.

So we're still here at our favorite Thai restaurantChang Chalaad and we're going to be having a delectable dessert.

One of my absolute favorites and to be honestmuch like the Pad Thai this is also the best dish I've had here served at this particularrestaurant.

Background music playing.

We've got ourselves a friendly little visitorhere.

Hello kitty cat.


Background music playing.

So for those who have never tried this dessertit's my favorite in Thailand.

Basically, what it is sticky rice and on topof it you have these sweet condensed coconut milk, which obviously has some sugar addedand then you have these wonderfully sliced mangoes.

Background music playing.

So I would like to preface this by sayingthat I hate rice.

I don't ever eat rice back home.

But this dessert has really changed my mind.

I'd say it is better than chocolate and betterthan cheesecake.

And those are my two favorites.

So that's saying a lot.

Mango sticky rice.

You have to try it.


To me what makes this the best mango stickyrice, I've ever had is that the cream sauce is sticky and the coconut milk is quite thick.

This is the creamiest I've ever had.

Oh, this is sooo sooo good.

So the price of our delicious mango stickyrice dessert is only 50 Baht which is about a dollar seventy five.

Background music playing.

So tonight we are at the food market rightby Chiang Mai Gate.

We actually came here looking for dumplingnoodle soup but our favorite vendor is not here, so instead we are having dessert.

Nothing quite like banana egg roti with chocolatesauce and we're going to show you how it is ordered and made.

One, please.

Background music playing.

Speaking in Thai.

Pounding noises.

Sizzling sounds.

Your face like Arabic.

Pharaoh huh? Look like Pharaoh.


Do you eat now? Yes.

Thank you.

Chopping noises.



Kop Kun Krap.

Thank you.

So this kind of banana pancake is popularall over SE Asia but this form being roti is quite different from the one we tried – especiallyin Malaysia.

It's more thick.

It's fluffier.

It's got a lot of banana stuffed inside andit is just loaded with chocolate sauce and condensed milk.

Background music playing.

Ooh la la.

Ready for the first bite.

So good, so good that she is speechless.

You can really taste the banana and the rotiis very moist and wet with the chocolate sauce and the condensed milk.

It's just really tasty and probably not thebest thing to be eating since we're on a health kick but we need a little cheat every oncein a while.

Yeah, that's real good.

The chocolate sauce is awesome.

Even better though is nutella.

If you can find a place making it with nutellathat's pure bliss.

So this delicious little dessert / snack wasonly 30 Baht which is one dollar.

Background music playing.

Background music playing.

So we just came back to Chiang Mai after aVisa run in Penang, Malaysia and also a short little holiday in Phuket.

Are we ever glad to be back.

One of the main things that we missed aboutChiang Mai was the street food that we get really close to our apartment.

Today we're having one of our favorite meals.

Background music playing.

So let me give you a very special tour ofmy bowl.

Ooh la la.

So we have the yellow egg noodles.

They look very nice.

It also comes with some dumplings.

Today it is pork.

We also have slices of pork over here.

Some bean sprouts and lots of greens, whichadd a lot of flavor to the soup.

One of the things I love about this particularnight stall stand is that we can add our own different spices exactly what we want.

There is lots of chilly.

That's what I'll be putting in mine.

So I'm hardly putting any because this issuper potent and I always end up making it way too spicy and then I can't finish my dish.

Let's hope that is not too much this time.


I did make it too spicy again.

Background music playing.

So my favorite part about this dish is thewanton like dumplings.

They are absolutely delicious and we're havingpork dumplings today.

Tasty? Oh, yeah.

So you've seen us film a few other food videosat Chiang Mai gate, but the reason we keep coming back to this place is because thereis so much variety.

There are so many local foods that we cantry, so we're constantly being introduced to new Thai meals.

This is our favorite dining spot.

Outdoors by the gate.

Nice and cheap too.

Samuel Jeffery, keeping it classy.

You dripped! So the total for each meal is 35 Baht, whichis just over a dollar.

Background music playing.

So today we're doing something exceptionallyunusual.

We've upgraded our flights to first class(business class) and here it is called Silk class.

We're going to be flying silky smooth allthe way to Bangkok.

Background music playing.

So normally we like to fly very budget.

You know, trying to find he cheapest ticketspossible to our destination.

However, because it was Christmas we decidedwe'd splurge a little on our flight to Bangkok and Sam was able to find First Class tickets'business class' for a pretty reasonable price I'd say, right? We only ended paying about 1200 Baht eachto upgrade.

That's about $40 and this is our very firsttime ever flying business class, so we're relishing this moment.

Fancy! I'm Mr.

Fancy pants ;)What's that I see on your table? A fancy table cloth for my lunch.

Background music playing.

So for my first business class lunch I'm havingchicken, I believe.

No, fish sticks! With tartar sauce.

Oh yeah.

Hit the spot? For sure.

And what did you order? And I ordered duck.


Does it come with a sauce? Nice and chewy.

Um, no.

background music playing.

What's so funny? I don't even like 'Just For Laughs' I don't! But there is a baby peeing all over the fruit.

Hahaha! Background music playing.

The experience of flying business class wascertainly something out of our element.

It was pretty cool I had to admit being ableto stay at the lounge, eat snacks, use wifi on my computer before the flight; however, I still consider myself more of a budget traveler and unless I win the lottery I think I'llbe flying economy class more often than not.

background music playing.

Time to catch the city line into Bangkok.

And tomorrow we're off to Scotland.

Background music playing.

We're here at the train station in Bangkok.

We just finished a conference that lastedabout four days and now we're heading back to home which is Chiang Mai.

Background music playing.



Background music playing.

And we are going to play a game of word association.


The Hangover.

Chiang Mai.




I say China.

Wait a second.

China because whenever I say Toronto the wayTorontonians say it people here 'China.

' Bangkok.


Pad Thai.





Yeah! Football.




Heah! What team are you supposed to cheer for? Um, Canada.

No, Argentina.

Okay, good.




Honey bunny.


Oppa Gangnam Style.

Hey, you sexy lady.

That's not a word.

Stanley Cup.

Chicago Blackhawks.

They're going to win it.

Background music playing.

Someone got their nails done.

I got a French manicure.

My first one ever in my whole life and Samis quite fascinated by it, as am I.

Background music playing.

This morning we're venturing up to Doi Suthepand there is a temple atop the mountain overlooking Chiang Mai, so we're going to be taking ared songthaew to get there and hopefully the views of the city will be amazing.

Here is the songthaew crew! Say hi! Hi! We're going to Doi Suthep.

Woo Hoo! We just got out of the vehicle and this isour first vantage point.

Unfortunately, it is still a bit hazy outside, so we don't have a great view at the moment.

But the city is there somewhere.

The long climb begins.

I'm not entirely sure how many steps we haveto go but I know it is going to be a long way.

I think there is over three hundred.

Ideally you should be able to see the viewsof Chiang Mai from up here but today it is just really hazy, so there is a cloud hangingover the city.

We can't really see much, which is unfortunate.

That concludes our visit to Doi Suthep.

It is definitely different than what I expected.

I was kind of expecting this quaint littletemple on top of a hill and instead it is an extremely popular tourist attraction.

It is really crowded over here.

I would say the exterior of Doi Suthep isquite similar to a lot of the other Wats we have visited here in Chiang Mai.

However, the highlight for me was actuallygoing inside the temple because there is a courtyard with a golden stupa and you canwalk around light candles and there is incense burning, so that was a great experience.

Today we are at Wat Suan Dok and we hear thereis an amazing restaurant on the temple grounds.

It is called Imm Aim and it used to be calledPun Pun, so that is what we're searching for right now.

It is a vegetarian restaurant and it has comehighly recommended from a friend but before we go have lunch we're going to go for a wanderaround the temple.

So far I'm kind of enjoying the minimal designhere and they have a really cool outdoor open kitchen.

You can see them preparing your food.

The do it yourself water reminds me a lotof being back in Korea where we used to eat at the Kimbap restaurants and we would goup and grab our own waters.

Our first dish has arrived – the vegetarianspring rolls.

It is hot.

I'm burning my mouth but this is really good.

These are definitely some of the best springrolls I've had here in Chiang Mai.

Have a look inside.

It has bean sprouts, glass noodles, some vegetables.

It is really flavorful.

They've added some nice spices in there.

There comes the rest of our food.

It looks amazing.

Let's get back to your spring roll.

I got distracted there.

Have a bite! Yeah, these are excellent.

My favorite part about this is the tamarinddipping sauce.

That is really unique and tangy.

The masterpiece of a salad has arrived.

Ooh lah lah.

What kind of sauce is that? I think it may be pumpkin based on the color.

We'll see.

This is a really healthy salad.

If you look over here you can see we havesome green beans, red beans, corn and there is even some barley and of course we lovecheese so we had to get some feta cheese on top.

Only an extra 20 Baht.

I would say it was well worth it.

Oh, yes.

How is it? That's wonderful.

So good you've have three bites and I haven'thad any.

We have a little taste of India happeningover here.

Indeed, we do.

This here is a little bit of roti flat breadand this is the Indian curry.

I don't really know what is in it so it'llbe an interesting first bite.

It is nice and thick.

I can tell that.

It looks like it has a lot of vegetables.

That's wonderful.

It has got a coconut base.

It is spicy and yeah I can taste a lot ofdifferent vegetables in there.

That would be our dessert.

This was listed as sweet potato honey.

Sweet potato tea on the menu, so I was expectinga tea cup but apparently it is a dessert.

Tea in a spoon.

It tastes like ginger.

That is ginger tea.

That is not sweet potato.

This is my dessert which I'm kindly sharingwith Sam.

Oh, yeah, I don't recall that part of thedeal.

Anyways, we're having bananas with coconutmilk and if you look down here you can see giant slabs of banana.

I'm going to take one of those and make sureI've got lots of coconut milk too.

That is the face of satisfaction.

Yeah? That awesome feast came to 300 Baht whichis 10 USD and that included two shakes, three main dishes and two desserts.

That is a lot of food for ten dollars fortwo people.

Music playing in the background.

So we are in Bangkok today and guess whatour first attraction is going to be.

Temples? Maybe a floating market? No, we're going to the mall.

MBK because someone here needs appropriateclothes for an event we are attending tomorrow.

That someone is not me.

Give us a little update boy.

What do you have so far? This is a very rare situation indeed.

I've got two shopping bags in my hand.

I've already picked up two collared shirts, so next up I need to find myself a pair of long pants.

What's wrong with the ones you have rightnow? I don't have any right now.

Background music playing.

What you got over here? Well, I'm just taking a little shopping break.

That's all.

Some ice cream.

Sushi buffet.

Hot pot and ice creamy.

My home.

Oh Canada.

So after a sixteen hour train ride followedby an intense hockey game where my favorite team the Chicago Blackhawks advanced to theStanley Cup finals.

Plus a heck of a lot of shopping.

I'm completely knackered.

I'm going to go back to the hotel and takea rest.

Because tomorrow we have an important conferenceto attend.

Well, that was another very cultural outing.

We hope you enjoyed shopping.

And here is a mascot to show you.

Music playing in the background.

Welcome back to Thailand! We're back in Chiang Mai and the first thingI'm showing you is my grimy filthy hands.

My bike just broke down in the middle of theroad.

We're planning on doing a food video at oneof our favorite vegetarian restaurants but the first thing I'm showing you is my messedup bike.

Background music.

For lunch today we biked all the way out toa restaurant called 'Salad Concept' On the way here Sam's bicycle kind of died, so wehad to leave it behind but we finally arrived and we're going to show you what this placeis like.

So the cool thing about this place is thatyou can build your own salad or build your own wrap and that's what we're going to bedoing today.

All kinds of different ingredients you canchoose.

Let's get a wrap with pumpkin.

what else? feta cheese.

Where is the feta? It's a premium topping.

Music in the background.

Alright, I've got my order picked out formy wrap.

Let's see what is on it.

Croutons, pasta, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, pumpkin, raisins, grilled bacon, avocado and feta with Caesar dressing.

How does that sound to you? So you get a whole bunch of free toppings(I think five) and then you can add extra toppings to that for a few more Baht.

After that bike incident I'm splurging rightnow.

Background music.

Well, it's berry berry good! This is a berry shake.

HahahahaI think I have shake envy.

It looks better than the juice I got.

So this drink over here is guava, apple andpassion fruit and it is so refreshing and tangy.

MMMMM, oh, it's a little sour and crunchybecause of the seeds but it's still good.

So I've been noticing a bit of a interestingphenomenon in the last few months of travel.

I often order things that Audrey doesn't seemto want.

I don't think I want that, I don't think that'llbe good and then as soon as it is brought to the table Audrey has food envy and triesto eat half of it.

I do.

So this time around I've ordered exactly thesame thing that you are getting.

So I'll have my own.

Now does that look good or does that lookgood.

I think mine looks better.

Check this out.

It has avacodo, pumpkin, pasta, bacon, olives, feta cheese.

Let me take a big bite.

It's going to be good.


Amazing! So happy.

It almost makes up for the bicycle incident.

Dig in.

Wow! These are some of the best wraps I've everhad anywhere.

So for me there are two star ingredients inthis wrap.

First of all, the pumpkin – it just makesit nice and sweet and also this wrap has raisins which is something I've never had in a wrapor sandwich before but it seems to be quite popular in Thailand, so let's take anotherbite because I mean the first one was soooo good.

Oooh, it's falling apart – oh my.

Can you give me a little bit of that? No! So the two ingredients that really make thiswrap amazing for me are the Caesar salad and the feta cheese.

The Caesar salad actually has a little bitof Dijon mustard and it gives it a real kick.

And the feta, well what doesn't taste goodwith feta? Background music.

Well, you know us we're not really big ondessert, so well I guess we're just going to have to have them.

Here is the peanut butter brownie cheesecakeand if that didn't look decadent enough take a look at this one.

This is apple strudel cheesecake.

That looks amazing.

Audrey doesn't like cheesecake so I'll behaving all of it.

Oh, please.

You wish! So this is a pretty nice brownie.

It's very dark, heavy, chocolaty and on topit has a little bit of cheesecake and then some chocolate mousse.

So much chocolate.

Each bite is chocalier than the next.

Is it like a chocolate explosion in your mouth? Okay, cheesecake strudel.

Wow, I mean apple strudel on its own tastegood.

Cheesecake on its own is really good.

Putting them together – thats like a superpowerdessert.

So, overall that meal was a bit of a splurgefor us.

It came to just over 600 Baht, which is roughly$20 USD.

Oh my! In SE Asia that is a real splurge.

Ten dollars per person.

Normally we'd would spend half, 1/3 or ifwe were having a local Thai meal even a 1/4.

But it was worth every Baht because it wastasty.

Traffic noises.

It's seven AM in the morning and we are onKhao San Road in Bangkok.

We just arrived in the city and we are onour way to our fancy hotel, so let's take a tuk-tuk ride.

Keeping it real.

Background music playing.

Khaosarn road has really changed.

Its become more upscale.

It kind of reminds me a little bit of whathas happened in Seoul's Itaewon.

When I first came here in 2008 it was a lotmore seedy and now the trend is definitely more upscale.

Background music playing.

The last time we were in Bangkok we were herefor a blogging conference.

This time we're staying here for a few daysand then we're heading to a mystery destination, which you're going to tell us where it is.

So where are we eventually going? Well, first we were celebrating my birthdayhere in Bangkok.

I'm turning 26 this year.

Someone is on the wrong side of their twentiesnow! Oh, shut up.

Okay, and on the night of my birthday we areactually flying to Europe and this is going to be Sam's very first time going to Europeand we are going to Finland! I'm loving this train trip and I'm going toshow you some scenic views – hopefully a sunset from the train window.

Enjoy the sunset.


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