#31. KOH PHI PHI Travel Guide | Thailand 2017 | DJI MAVIC

Just been dropped off by Grab here inPhuket.

The Rassada pier He took us all the way from Kamala Beach You pay me 530 cash, oh okay We must pay first So used to doing these trips throughyour credit card so there's no transfer of money and now this one was cash sonow we must find our ferry Still about an hour What version is this? Version is 2017 The crane? Yes And this is a 6300 alpha with a decent 18-105 lense.

Very good kit! Traffic jam Once again Phi Phi islands, a traffic jam Yes Yeah, picking us up? We've just arrived at Phi Phi Island after a two hour ferry ride When we got here we had to pay 20 Baht per person entrance Or National Park fees It's like a park fee or something And I think the children They're for free and we got this gentleman taking all our luggage including the kids to the resort It is quite windy We had we had a lot ofrain on the way here and you can see it's soaking wet It's been raining here allthe time as well but luckily now the rain has stopped so we can do the walkwithout getting wet It's nice and windy so it's not too hot andit's beautiful.

I must tell you, you'll see the footage It is beautiful So now just a walkto the resort Phi Phi Island Beachfront Shmegal Yeah? Do you like what you're eating? It's yummy, delicious! I love it! Phuket, Koh Samui Phi Phi Island Phi Phi Islands Well done It just sounds like where we pee Pee pee islands On Phi Phi islands there's no place to pee pee I'm about five beers ahead and three pee's behind and I wanna pee inPhi Phi and there's no place to pee pee Let's just say there's no place to peepee in Phi Phi Absolutely You're making mommy laugh Yeah that's bad Welcome to Phi Phi island You could see a fresh batch of tourists just arrived There's the ferry going again itjust dropped them off.

Lots of people coming in every single time a ferrycomes in.

This beautiful beach on the southern side of the bay here at Phi Phi You can see it's a beautiful beach, all the longtail boats.

This is south, you go to Phi Phi Lee, the Beach island there That's where we went yesterday Stunning stunning beaches here Stunning place to be at and the other nice thingabout Phi Phi let me go show you okay so we're on the southern side, southern beach andthen we go here Hello ladies, where are you off to? Shopping, shopping, shopping In my quest to show them a couple of things I pick up two nice, three nice little ladies And we go on sorry And now we're at the Northern beach even morespectacular Just a couple of hundreds of meters from the southern beach to thenorthern beach All so beautiful so beautiful And there's some rain on its way I guess That's where we stay right at the end and then there is the restaurants with allthe music About five restaurants, they're playing the music so loud and they are in suchcompetition with each other with their fireworks and music We staying on the other side abouta kilometer away you can't sleep until about 3:00 in the morning because themusic's just too loud and then their behind some nice rock formation That's where Nui bay is, I've shot some nice scenes there with the drone I flewall the way from here, it's about 2, 5 km away and just on the other side ismonkey beach also a beautiful little beach And there you might wonder what'sbetween the two beaches well let me go and show you So that and so much much more are packed between these two beaches and as a matter of fact if you don't do thedetours like we do There's the South Beach right there at the end Probably not even 200m We're coming here to eat pizza How's your pizza ladies? Good You like? Love it! I love it! Almost time to say goodbye to this beautiful island We are enjoying our last beer on Phi Phi island, the cheapest you'll find is 50 Baht Cheers per beer so the question .



Is Phi Phi island more expensive or cheaper than Krabi? We're gonna find out We're gonna find out I think it's actually a bit cheaper than Phuket Yeah Phuket for me was a bit expensive I must agree You can't get a breakfast for under 100 Baht And then it's two eggs, two tiny croissants – 125 Baht Here you can ge an omelet or something decent for about 80 Baht Anyway, we are off to Krabi Our ferry leaves in exactly 1, 5 hour and we're enjoying a last ice cold beer at this beautiful place inland Don't drink beer along the coastline, it's expensive.

It's a 100 Baht for one Chang Such a great time We've only been here for three days but we enjoyed it.

The first day was the best dayfor going to the island Koh Phi Phi Lee where Maya beach is or “The Beach” whichwas so much fun It was such a busy day as well To Phi Phi! Cheers Phi Phi! Say bye bye Phi Phi Bye Phi Phi, we're gonna miss you! We're gonna miss you indeed, it's such a beautiful island Obviously a visit to Koh Phi Phi island won't be complete without going to Koh Phi Phi Lee Island the setting of the famous Leonardo DiCaprio movie, The Beach.

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