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With metoday is Kimmy from Chile who will share with us her exciting trip to the mega city Toronto in Canada and her favorite places to be such as CN Tower, St.

Lawrence Market or the RoyalOntario Museum.

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Let's go and meet Kimmy fromChile after the short intro.

See you! Hey Kimmy, it's really great to have you onboard.

My audience alwayswanted to know more about yourself, so tell me who you are, what you do and what you like? My name is Kimmy and I'm from Chile in South America and I'm studyingto become an English teacher and one of my favorite things to do is definitelytravel; that's just one of my hobbies.

I really really like it.

I feel (like) itgives you so many positive things and I really enjoy it while I'm doing that, soyeah.

So you love travel, too? Wow, that sounds really interesting.

So tell meto which countries have you been so far? Okay, so the places I've been is Mexicowhen I was a little kid.

I've been to Canada a few years back and I also beento the United States.

And I visit New York while I was there, Vermont andBoston.

Those are the three states I visit overthere, but one of my favorite places that I've been like ever is definitelyToronto in Canada.

I really really liked that city.

I felt like that country justgives you so many good things and I really liked it.

Even though I went inwintertime, I just had so much fun; there's so many things to do in thatcity.

The city is huge, so you have so many different things to do are youthere and you can enjoy your time.

It's just awesome.

I love Canada, too! So, how do you find the people and their cultures? Okay, so the main reason I likeCanada is, because the culture and the people are just so nice.

The culture is definitely like a very chill out people.

They have few thingsthat they enjoy doing like hockey which I really noticed and they just have likeso many things out of hockey like that you can buy that you can tell thatthere's people really enjoy hockey and I really like how [.



] they are sowelcoming like you can tell that they just really really care about you.




]They are trying to understand you.

They're not like oh I hate this guy or whateverlike I've never had an issue like that.

Everything was just so positive while Iwas there.

The people made me feel like I was at home.

Everything was super clean.

They care they care so much about the earth.

And I could tell by the way thatyou had to like bring your own bag.




] You were allowed to drinkwater from like um the thing you know like.

It wasn't a hugedeal like.

Everything was just so.

The trash was always where it had to be.

There was no trash in the streets.

Everybody didn't like, nobody even put agum on the street.

So, nobody like was mean to the earth outside like theyreally really care about (you know) the whole for recycling thing and all that.

Sothat's what I really really liked.

And the food was also really good.

Itried poutine and different like dishes that they were like signature for them, but they don't have that much like signature food eat but I still reallyliked it.

And the places that I visit were amazing! I heard this, too.

What do you think are the key difference between the people from Canada and your country? Okay, so I found it very different while I was over there thatwell here my country is not that is bad, but people were just so niceand that's very different from where I live.

I'm not saying people I mean, butit's just very different because there are such a chill out people like.

Theynever judge you, they don't say mean things to like tourists and over here wedo have that.

Like I've seen different like comments made out of like that, sothat's something that is very different from where live.

From all those places you have seen which are the top three recommendations for our followers? Okay, so while I was there [.



] I went to the Royal Museum and I think it's calledthe Royal Ontario Museum, not really sure.

I went to Casa Loma I think it is called.

I've been to the CN tower that that was a signature thing that everybody reallyreally care about and it was awesome.

I went to Niagara Falls and at the EatonCenter which is the mall and the St.

Lawrence Market which you can buy a lotof food and just like very fresh food and it was very cool, like a really goodnice place, because everybody was just so nice to you and of the food wasreally cool.

And yeah I think those are the places that I remember that Iwent to I [.



] definitely tried the metro or the train at which they itconnects like the whole city.

So it's very cool, because it connects thecity but like under (like you could like some) I remember a station it connectedto the mall.

That's so cool like it's just so cool.

I really enjoyed that.

Okay, so one of my top 3 recommendations for the places in Ontario or Toronto, Canada is definitely the Niagara Fallsthat is like the highlight of my trip.

While I was there, I really liked it, because it's kind of like a family trip that you guys can take.

It's just amazing!They have so many things to do, they have the replays (believe it or not), they havelike this really cool house that is like inverted.

So it's very cool like we tooka lot of pictures there.

And yeah, the highlight was the Niagara Falls, butthere was like a whole city around it.

So that's very cool.

They had like differentplaces that you can like eat and stuff like that.

I wentin winter time and I still had a lot of fun.

It was freezing outside, but it wasamazing.

Another thing I really liked it was theCN tower.

It's very pretty to look at it and yeahit has like very nice like you can take like really really cool pictures withit and I feel like that's more of like a lovers type of trip, becauseit's more like a one like you know like it like that.

And the last thing Irecommend to everybody that's watching is definitely the Royal Museum.

Thearchitecture is wonderful, even if you look at it from like outside, it looksamazing and the inside it looks also fantastic.

There is lots of thingsthat you can like find interesting, so yeah.

Those are like my top 3definitely.

You must go to this places if you visit Toronto in Canada.

And yeah that's pretty much all the information I have to say.

Thank you somuch for listening to me and yeah I hope you guys visit this country has so manygood things about it you guys definitely definitely you need to go there, becauseyou'll be wow and amazed.

Kimmy, that was really great and an exciting travelconversation about Toronto.

Let's see us again in our 60 second interview.

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