#45. Traveling Thailand with kids – CHIANG RAI | NORTHERN THAILAND

A waterfall next to the road on our way to Chiang Rai My wife wants me out of the picture We just found this waterfall right next to the road, and it's so beautiful Once again crystal-clear water Beautiful sun rays against the cliff And a nice flat surface to walk and play on and it's not slippery.


Even if the sign post say it is slippery, it isn't So the kids had so much fun here at his waterfall and it's just we decided to stop quickly and to see what it is about and they ended up swimming here and spending almost an hour or two playing in the water and Now it's getting dressed and dry.

Chiang Rai and we're off to Heaven Burger because we feel like hamburgers but We got good reviews from Hea.



for a Heaven burger and That seems like a nice breakfast for us.

All right.

Here's Heaven Burger.

We're gonna try it Seems like it's open and busy One table and it's full Okay, Heaven Burger It's full inside We're sitting outside which is also quite nice Are you eating the whipped cream off? That is an extra 5 Baht I think I have the nicest, strongest coffee.

The coffee is divine I've lost my ice coffee What you wouldn't do for a beloved child What you wouldn't give up for a beloved child Well, I think you might still have your iced coffee, maybe just not your cream What happened to mommy's ice coffee? Can't you see? Here's our burgers Thank You That one doesn't look good And that's why they're so famous For burgers like these Here at Heaven Burger Extremely nice burgers as you've seen on the footage A small little shop not far from the clock tower in Chiang Rai.

Very small with limited seats but boy Is it worth it? Definitely.

Thumbs up for me.

It's probably the first burger I've had in six months apart from McDonald's burgers and this was a divine burger And “Pak Slae” You deserve it Yes Burger Heaven, it's not only burgers.

They serve pizza and breakfast as well, so you can come here for any of these dishes These two has a grudge against daddy because daddy is too strict and too disciplined with them You can get a nice Thai massage next door So that was it for Heaven burger or Burger Heaven.

Just around the corner from the clock tower.

Very very very nice.

I will recommended it.


So, what's there to do in Chiang Rai? Well, one of them is this clock tower Beautiful clock tower, it's part of a circle.

At night 7:00 a.



7:00 p.



8 p.


And 9 p.



It plays a tune and it switches to different colors We are in Chiang Rai at the moment.

We arrived last night.

And we were able to see the beautiful clock tower in the city center.

And now we are off to go and explore the White Temple.

Apparently, it's beautiful.

And this is the Street of Chiang Rai.

The main street.

I guess.

With these beautiful golden pillars.

It's it's beautiful.

I don't know I think it's streetlights actually Absolutely gorgeous.

And that leads to the street clock The Clock tower in the city centre.

Yes, the clock tower with all the nice features that comes on at 7:00 in the evening Today at Chiang Rai.

If you have so many women in your family as I do, shopping as always, first on the list.

Lots of shops here in Chiang Rai.

Hello The kids are having so much fun, they made some friends here, and now they are sliding down the hills So much fun Hello Go Girl! How was it? Fun! Now I'm going to do one with such hands I don't think I can do it Having fun? It's the best day ever We are off to the Chiang Rai night bazaar to go and see what's going on there.

Apparently it's a must do when you're in Chiang Rai.

So let's go see what's going on Hostels are also everywhere at fantastic prices 200 baht or 250 with breakfast included.

Mixed dorm At the Chiang Rai night bazaar, and this is the food court We're hoping there's gonna be a show tonight so fingers crossed This is the kind of market I really love.

You can go and order your food at the stall And you go and sit and they will bring it to you whenever it's ready You don't need to walk around trying to eat, and there's people bumping you You come and you sit down, and they'll bring your food and you can have it in peace This is a plate of mixed fried goodies Some vegetables, carrot beans I think there is whole fish as well if you dig deep enough.

Prawn Onion rings And they are having Chicken nuggets and the all-time favorite french fries So everybody having a ball tonight And the hot pot is a big hit Unfortunately no show tonight The stage is empty But the food is going This side, this side come to ice Still a bit asleep.

Early morning in Chiang Rai It's the day of the cremation of the King So hopefully our favorite place here in Chiang Rai will be will still be.



come, give me your hand.






will still be open.

Will be open.

It's just after eight.

They open at eight It's called Haven Burger or Heaven Burger perhaps better And it's such a nice place to have a burger and if you're familiar with Thailand's burgers.



or not oh It's closed All right Breakfast.

Not here.

Shall we drive on and see what's on the way? We have peanuts A big disappointment Not a surprise so much, because we kind of expected things to be disrupted today, but a disappointment none other less It seems like the hair salon is open, do you wanna do you hair quickly while we wait for the breakfast? All right, so we move on.

You look for a spot on our way? Okay ladies, get in the car It's the end of Chiang Rai.

We're saying goodbye to Chiang Rai We're now on our way to Pai So from Chiang Ria, it's Pai The way we're gonna drive it's a 6 hour drive We're gonna go up north instead of back south again through Chiang Mai.

We're gonna go north and explore that side of the country On our way to Pai.

Six hours instead of five hours.

So it's not much much of a difference.

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