5 days in PATTAYA & BANGKOK // Thailand Travel Diary (Du lịch Thái Lan)

I mean the flight attendant was sogood-looking so that is like my firstimpression of Thailand really beautiful peoplethey're also really friendly as well like they're so good looking every singleairport employee okay so we just kind oflike finished lunch I was gonna say I didn't have a lot butactually I

ended up eating a lot for lunch so the thing is that in Thailandyou have to address your gender when you're saying hi so if you use the wrongword then you might get misgendered we're at a theater where we're going towatch this kind of 6D Show that retells a

story oftraditional stories are legends or something like that so apart from this6D show there are also two other shows in Thailand that you might want tocheck out the first one is a sexy show this one is age-restrictedand it's only for people who are old enough to actually watch

it the secondshow is a collosseum show and it's just like a musical show it has music fromall over the world and I especially like this show this one was my favorite ofall the shows are I've watched in Thailand so in Pattaya the main kind oftransportation is not taxis

like I've showed here you actually have to catchthose cars and you might ride a lot of other people that you don't know so yeahbut like remember don't look for taxis look for these cars because Thailand is very famous for its products with coconuts so yeah we're trying this

out let's see how it tastes it's good The Walking Street in Pattaya isprobably one of the craziest places I've ever been to this the nightlife here isjust like crazy and that's where you come to and you want to have fun youwant to drink you want to go to

bars you want to justlike all the types of fun okay we're getting a traditional Thai massage andI've never really tried this before so yeah it's going to be my first time it'sgoing great so far smells very nice in this room we havejust finished I want something to get

a banana cake too if you come here you'll see a lot ofpagodas and these are really important places that you need to be veryrespectful dress respectfully and respectfully don't get yourself intotrouble if you come to visit Bangkok then you'lldefinitely have to take a tour along the Chao Phraya

River and to me this is verythis is a very historical River because if you actually get a tour guide and heor she's gonna tell you about all the stories of like all the past events thathave happened on this river then you'll see that just this river alone is

a veryhistorical place and along the river you can see a lot of architectures okay so what we're doing here is we're throwing bread down the river for the fish to eat and this is a tradition of the Thai people Where you throw bread down the river for the

fish to eat Because you want to release all the hatred or negative energy that you currently have that'll story to each other for example if you hate someone instead of storing the negative energy inside you just imagine their face on the bread and throw it down the river

for the fish to eat So people never really eat these fish because they're unlucky fish one thing you need to know about thetraffic in Bangkok is that traffic jams happen very regularly so you need toplan like the perfect time to travel around so that you don't get stuck

inthe traffic for hours so the key is just like picking the right time youknow leaving early so that the traffic will be easier to navigate so right now we're at Chinatown in Bangkok we're going to try the street food of this town tonight I really had a good

time in Thailand Imean I didn't even get to go to the northern part because that's a realbeautiful place but I only got to travel around the central part Thailand butoverall I really had a good time learning more about the culture andhistory there's a lot of fascinating stories and

to be honest tourism inThailand is like excellent they have creative shows for you to watch creativeservices and about the local people they're just so nice and they werereally friendly they were really helpful and they were really warm towardwhoever was coming to visit their land so I really loved

my time in Thailandand if I have a chance I'll definitely come back with highlighting the future

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