50 Fun Things to do in Vancouver (Vancouver, Canada Travel Guide)

So I’m down here with my friends Mel andJona, who just arrived from England.

“Hello!” “We’ve got a couple of days in Vancouver, Dan, what do you recommend we do?” “What do I recommend you do?!?” Well you have come to the right place.

Do you like beaches? We’ve got a few of those.

The best beach for sunsets is English Bay, in the West End of downtown.

While you’re there, check out the laughingstatues.

A good spot for the family is Kitsilano Beach.

You could even try the awesome Outdoor Pool.

Once you’ve dried off, spend some time exploringKitsilano.

It’s an old hippie neighborhood with itsown unique vibe.

Head on up to West 4th for a laid-back streetwith some great restaurants and local shops.

Or are you feeling a bit adventurous? There’s always Wreck Beach.

Wreck Beach is the largest nude beach in Canada.

Just watch out for the stairs… they’llget you! If you’re visiting in summertime, you arein luck.

There are a ton of street festivals happeningthis time of year! Engage in local Vancouver customs such as: Taking a wing selfie.

Eating one of these things.

Pretending Kambucha tastes good… (oh god, it’s worse than vinegar!) And of course, listening to live music.

Hey, do you like parks? Take a visit to Queen Elizabeth Park, andif the season’s right check out the cherry blossoms! Or if you want something bigger, check outStanley Park, where you can find 500-year-old trees! While you’re there, bike the sea-wall forbeautiful ocean views.

Do you have rainy days in the schedule? Yeah, we get a few of those.

That’s why we have so many coffee shops! Check one out.

Seriously, this city has more than just Starbucks.

While you’re at it, try one of our delicioussushi restaurants.

They are literally everywhere.

Want to get more into nature? I got you covered.

Go into the wild at the Capilano SuspensionBridge, or Lynn Canyon Park or Deep Cove or Cypress! There are an endless number of hikes aroundVancouver.

I don’t have time to list them.

Just watch out for wildlife.

Damn nature, you scary! Or maybe you want some more local activities.

Engage in some favourite Vancouver pastimessuch as: Complaining about the rain.

Complaining about the sun.

Jumping on the Canucks bandwagon.

“I think this could be the year!” – Jumping off the Canucks bandwagon.

“Hey guys, uh… you have a return policyon this thing?” Or choosing from ridiculously large selectionsof craft beer! Seriously though, the beer’s great.

Speaking of beer, maybe you’re looking forsome nightlife? You could party on Granville Street.

On second thought, let’s not party on GranvilleStreet.

But there’s always Gastown, or Davie Streetor Commercial Drive.

While you’re downtown, be sure to checkout Canada’s oldest Chinatown.

There’s a nice little Chinese Garden that’swell worth a visit.

Or stop by the sports stadium to see the BCLions or the Vancouver Whitecaps.

If you want to get above it all, you couldtake the Vancouver Lookout.

Wait, it costs how much? Okay, scratch that.

You know what, just take a walk by downtown’sbeautiful Waterfront.

Just know that the waterfront is pretty touristic.

If you want a see a more local side of Vancouver, you could try walking around False Creek.

I live right by there, and I love this place.

For only a few dollars you can take a ridedown False Creek on the False Creek Ferry.

This little guy can take you to GranvilleIsland, an artsy place with lots of local shops.

Be sure to stop by Granville Island’s PublicMarket, and bring an appetite.

Wondering how to get around the city? Have no fear, there are plenty of options! You could ride the Skytrain Or you could take one of these (Mobi).

Or one of these (Evo).

Or one of these (Car2Go).

Or one of these! (Uber) Haha, just kidding.

Uh oh, I’m making Uber jokes… time towrap this video.

So here’s a few final thoughts….

The Vancouver Aquarium and the Science Museumare two great places for kids.

The Rio Theatre is a hipster cinema that playscool old movies.

If you want to see a bunch of new street art, take a walk down Main Street.

If you like Asian food, you MUST visit RichmondNight Market.

And if you’ve visiting from outside of Canada, don’t worry, I’m about to answer the only real question you have: the best Poutine I’vehad is at La Belle Patate.

And finally, if you love Vancouver as muchas I do, you could… buy a condo.

Haha, just kidding.

But you could at least rent an apartment? Unless you have a dog… Okay, so maybe life in Vancouver’s not perfect.

We’ve got problems like everywhere else.

But you know what, I am proud of this city.

And I want you to make every moment count.

So go out there and do as much as you can— try to do everything on this list! “Ah, but we’ve only got one more day…” “Oh.

Well, you can always take a selfie with theclock…” Thanks for watching, guys.

See you next time! So here’s the deal guys: I don’t havea drone, I’m not that good at editing, and I don’t have sexy bikinis in my thumbnails.

But I love making travel videos, and I workhard to make every video better than the one before.

So if that sounds good to you, I invite youto join the jouney, subscribe, and I will see you next week!.

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