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I recently came back from a five-week trip in Thailand where the premise of my trip was twofold: First I tried to stay away from touristy spots as much as possible and kind of stay off the beaten path during my trip The second thing was that I just went wherever the wind took me.

So during the trip I didn't plan anything I didn't even know where I was going to sleep every day and I just went wherever the wind blew and wherever the experiences took me These two guidelines made for me an incredibly special trip So in this video, I'm gonna share the six best experiences.

I had that are off the beaten path Those are places that you usually don't find tourists in you don't see them in the books you rarely see them online, and I hope that it'll make anyone watching either just want to go to Thailand or experience Thailand in a more profound and insightful way Two things before I begin first these experiences are from all around Thailand They're not built in a certain chronological manner or in any way, that is an itinerary It's just sporadic experiences from around Thailand that I personally really enjoyed So I'll try and provide information for the best of my capabilities in the description below So if you want to go to any of those places, you can see all the details there Ok, let's begin Before I arrived to Thailand, everyone told me to stay away from Phuket They said that's where you see all the unwanted sights of Thailand- some obscure ping-pong shows and hookers And elderly western guys walking around with Thai teenagers which just looks just horrible Now this is all true if you go to the more touristy place of Phuket called Patong Luckily, my friend Boris, who was with me at that time during my trip, and I were in a different and distant part of Phuket So Phuket is Thailand's largest island It's located in the south of Thailand and the place where Boris and I stayed was called Phuket Town That's like the old town of Phuket And funnily enough this place turned out to be one of my favorite places in all of Thailand despite everything that I was told about it beforehand In one of the evenings we stayed there we met a couple of locals who took us around some pubs and bars in that area One of those places was a club called The Library The awesomeness of this place lies in the fact that I personally hate clubbing and regardless this turned out to be one of the most memorable nights of my trip The club just like its name is designed as a library which on its own is is quite interesting But the real experience is being in a club with the locals, seeing how Thai people go out I will leave all the needed information in the description below and I will just add that clubbing, just like many other experiences, is as good as the people you're with and I encourage everyone to go there with the locals But I'll expand more about it in just a second Khao Mai Khew Cave in Koh Lanta Khao Mai Khew is an extremely beautiful cave complex in the middle of the forest in the island of Koh Lanta Which is also in the south of Thailand What's really special about this experience is how well it soaks you into it The first thing is you cannot just enter the cave.

You have to go with a guide which already makes it feel in a way special What is this cave that I cannot go in by myself and I have to go into only with a guide? The second thing is that even entering the cave is some sort of a journey First you need to enter this forest.

My friend Boris and I we did it with our scooters and just driving around through all the people and villages that are in that forest and then reaching the heart of this forest only to hike another hour to get to the cave That was some sort of a warm-up that was a journey of its own And lastly the cave itself is just mesmerizing It's completely dark and it's only you, the people you're with, the guide and a head torch.

And at points the rooms of the cave you're going in are as big as a cathedral And at other times you literally have to climb in between the narrowest holes to get your way through and sometimes there are so many noises of water running around and bets flying above your head, and there are those crickets there that make the loudest noise And at other times you find yourself so deep in that cave that you hear absolutely nothing.

and all of a sudden you're feeling like you're the only person in the world And this entire experience, the feel it has around it and everything that builds you up into it, and just the cave itself.



It's amazing.

And again, all the information is in the description below Emerald cave in Koh Muk This one is more for the adventurous travelers it requires some stamina and some guts Koh Muk is a tiny island also in the south of Thailand.

On the western part of that island there is a beach called Charlie Beach in which you can rent a kayak With your kayak you need to sail north along the western edge of the island for about an hour The farther north you go, the wavier where the sea surface becomes So first you need to be very careful Second you need to make sure that you know what you're doing, and third I highly recommend to also wear a life vest After about an hour of sailing you'll see a very thin opening in the mountains that are the edge of the island you need to leave your kayak outside take a deep breath and start swimming in You just swim in pitch darkness.



You'll feel some things touching your legs, probably some fish and seaweed and any other sea vegetation or sea creatures After swimming for about 10 to 15 minutes you reach the end of the tunnel and to what I would call the secret beach of Koh Muk We were quite physically tired by that point but that physical tiredness is what made this experience all the more incredible I won't show too much footage of that place because it's just amazing.

And and I really want anyone who's interested to experience it for themselves That's a very very highly recommended thing to do In every aspect Bangkok is the city that is the most metropolitan in Thailand: Culturally, in terms of its design, architecturally, the people and just the overall feeling when you're in that city A lot of what I experienced of Thailand is kind of faded out in the hustle of that big city It's very difficult to find an experience that feels authentically Thai there, but I think I found one such place in Bangkok This is definitely a side of Bangkok, I haven't seen yet I'm not sure what the name of the area is but it's very close to Phra Pokklao Bridge and the Princess Mother Memorial Park You can see it on the map on the screen now and I also had the Google Maps coordinates down below in the description What's beautiful about this place is it's the only place in Bangkok I found that preserves some of the feel of Bangkok before it became a metropolitan This place, the way it looks, the way it's designed, the way it feels, the way people treat themselves and the way people treated me as a foreigner or a tourist walking around Is entirely different than any other place I've been to in Bangkok and just because of that it's worth experiencing Mae Hong Son Loop In terms of one singular experience The Mae Hong Son Loop was definitely the most memorable I had during my trip.

The Mae Hong Son Loop is a 700 KM route rounding the northwestern tip of Thailand it starts and ends in a city called Chiang Mai It's most commonly done on a motorcycle, and that's also how I did it, and it takes a minimum of four days The road you go through passes some of the most beautiful sceneries found in Thailand and in the most charming and special villages and towns In the heat of the experience itself, I described it like this: It's practically an experience of all the senses- sight: all those beautiful views around Smell: I go through so many different sceneries each has such a distinct smell.

I smell the fresh grass, I smell fruit, I Smell the farmers when they burn their crops for everyone who's trying to do something off the beaten path in Thailand the Mae Hong Son Loop in my opinion is an absolute must but at the same time it can be an incredibly dangerous experience So make sure you're taking all the right precautions before you head out and do it And on a more personal note it seemed to me that in Thailand people can rent bikes even without having a motorcycle license.

If you don't have a motorcycle license by all means do not rent a motorcycle because the roads at points are extremely rundown and tricky and this is definitely not a child's game The number one most absolute and best experience I had in Thailand is without a shred of doubt the people I met along the way and the bonds I formed with the locals When traveling off the beaten path and even just in general in life, this element of meeting new people always stays true- the people are what makes the experience worthwhile.

But there was something about Thailand for me That took it to a different level My humble opinion I found Thai people to be extremely nice and open people Every time I was walking on the streets and met eyes with anyone their first reaction would be to immediately greet me with a smile If you ask for help or strike up a conversation with someone they would always answer you with the utmost respect and kindness and desire to make you feel wanted and welcomed and helped and I can't even count the amount of times that we were treated to extra drinks and extra food or just those small perks of kindness that the Thai people gave us and me just because we were becoming friends So for me the number one experience when traveling off the beaten path in Thailand is the experience of the locals But- Receiving the kindness and openness of others, especially in their own country requires us to be respectful and kind and open first And that's something worth remembering I documented every single day of my own five-week trip in Thailand on my channel.

If you're new to the channel or haven't watched it yet then I'm inviting you to watch the entire series I'll put a link in the card above and also in the description below And I hope that that series, as well as this video, will inspire you to visit the beautiful country of Thailand and More than that inspire you to just go off the beaten path.

To seek some uncharted and unknown places By all means this is not a comprehensive list of things to do off the beaten path in Thailand But I hope that for someone it's a start If you have any more questions feel free to comment below, I'm there.

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