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let's face it summer travel can be a challenge when you make the right decision everything goes great but when you make the wrong decision well it actually gums up the works for you and for everyone else so this morning we're gonna play our own version of that old

gameshow Truth or Consequences where the consequences of making the wrong decision can add up to misery so you're about to go through airport security what's the one thing you need to do always be potty breaks before make sure your phone's charged truth is you should have your ID

and ticket already in your hand or your phone display already showing the boarding pass the consequence of not doing that anger don't be the one in line that's going digging through all your stuff why should you never pack a block of cheese or chocolate in your carry-on food

is not allowed right because it'll melt well the kids kind of know the answer you can there's high like little tiny explosives truth is the TSA says it can clutter bags and obstruct clear images on the x-ray machine the consequence your bag gets a hand inspection slowing your

trip to the game how do you confirm which gate to go to checking the list of the monitor and then finding the flight truth is the problem of course is you can't always trust the monitors this Atlanta flight here to 61 shows on time but when you put

it in the Internet cancelled put in the airline and flight number into Google and voila it confirms your gate consequence you walk all the way to gate C for only to find out your flight has been moved to a 42 why should you have an empty water bottle

for your trip actually I don't know the truth is you could fill it up with a water fountain because water over there is like four dollars onto your game you're waiting to board now what do you need to do wait your turn truth is get the book Kindle

earbuds out of your bag before getting on board and standing in the aisle get all your things that you need so you want to jump over me consequence if you do it on board you slow everyone behind you as you fumble before putting your bag in the overhead

or incur the wrath of your seat mate right now we're at 21,000 feet we'll be landing soon when we do what is the first thing you should do when we touch down I mean I don't know truth stay seated on average when a plane lands it takes 14

minutes to taxi to the gate then another six minutes for them to finally open the door and here in row 11 it takes on average 13 minutes before you're finally off the plane the final hack may sound funny but it can mean the difference between a great trip

and a really really long trip why should you travel with two clothes pins keep your pants up if you're if you're like babies we've got to hang it on the line and it and the room truth the clothespin seal up ill-fitting curtains and hotel rooms keeping early morning

light out consequence if you forget you'll rise with the Sun and that can make for a miserable day so you guys are a lot more truth than consequences what are your favorite travel hacks well don't bring them for the toddler but I have to say iPad yeah iPad

you have do you have to let them watch things in a beginning of parenthood I felt bad about doing yes now I think when you're traveling it's like pirates rules anything goes yeah watch the iPad okay you can snacks your kids I know in an effort to you

know so they don't bother everybody on the plane you do have sort of checking your route rules that are at home sort of at the airport yeah just so they think you handle a meltdown though yeah well I think you go out on the wing just like William

Shatner no uh you basically I think people care if you make an effort yes the control know that you're not gonna be able to yeah lately but just making it right yeah Kerry thank you for that hello today fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by

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