A Summer Adventure in Budapest // Jessie and Claud Travel Scrapbook [CC]

[Music] this is our second visit to Budapest although it's a little different than the first I'm wearing too many clothes yes this is Robert warm isn't it yeah different to the last time when it was like minus 10 it was nothing on the average in the daytime it was about minus 6 so a bit an e-rate got some time minus 12 we just got frozen and our face is hurtin everything I know now today it's 32 degrees Budapest is the capital and most populous city of Hungary with one third of the country's population living within the metropolitan area the city is one of the most beautiful in Europe and as an architectural treasure trove with baroque neoclassical and Art Nouveau buildings overall it has a thin speaker film first the city's late 19th century golden age the mostess city was built it is 11:30 we have not yet left the house for our morning excursions the plan was we go out we go out in the morning before it got too hot and come back after lunch a little rest when they go out again late afternoon catch the sunset stay after dinner we decide that our family motto should be we got distracted because [Music] I can't get my foot my feet are very sore because we walked around yesterday and now I can't fit them into shoes so going well all right so I had to buy new shoes fit my feet up [Music] [Music] since stephen's basilica is a roman catholic church built in 1905 and named after the first king of hungary st.

Stephen the first who's incorruptible right hand is said to be housed in the relic [Music] the architectural style is neoclassical with Greek cross ground path it's one of the most important church buildings in Hungary and one of the most significant tourist attractions of Budapest as you can tell from the crowds you [Music] I got to indulge my passion for sugar-free ice cream and cod got to indulge her passion for photography and cameras I did I did she bought this lens and then I told her she couldn't buy a new sofa she brought the lens and it was the price of a sofa can't capture memories with them safer but you can comfortable new evenings can't you the end of the day just breadstick Brown when it's not a bit gross like dude I'm stuck around the back alright you made your excuses public transport in Budapest is shockingly excellent shocking because we're English in the spheres twenty buses even vaguely on time city has buses trams in the metro line can provide a comprehensive and efficient service around the city also incredibly well priced as you can buy one day to day or three-day pass that allows you to use all three for the price of at most coffee in London they're also a mainly electrical and cut down on congestion which is fired claude you know you can split the battery in London yeah you have to fit starting from the outskirts into central London [Music] it would certainly be quieter and smell last two books is yeah yeah I should just pay again right you should have taken taxis crisscross the city but they can be a little pricey uber doesn't work in Budapest yet maybe who knows but they do you have texif i but you should definitely get if you don't speak Hungarian because whoa those pronunciations are hard where again you've just said city city park okay yeah I mean it has a name but it's in Hungarian why our own yes I guess it's inside because I'm cool no we like to get sunglasses like The Blues Brothers but we're not with the no we're not cool with the rainbow sisters Ramos Ramos stares at five a boomerang in here in my own if you're a fan of architectural mashups and fairytale buildings then you have to visit budapest city park where there is most remarkable castle it was built in 1896 as part of the millennia exhibition to celebrate for 1, 000 years of Hungary since the Hungarian people took control of the Carpathian Basin next day we've come somewhere truly truly beautiful it's a council that I cannot name I mean I'm gonna study up and now say it in a voiceover we've come to you Court is very much enjoying all of the opportunities to take photos [Music] the curse was designed to feature copies of several landmark buildings from different parts of the Kingdom of Hungary and as such features different architectural styles Romanesque gothic Renaissance and Baroque originally it was made from cardboard and wood but became so popular it was rebuilt from stone and brick between 1904 and 1908 [Music] the Gothic Revival Parliament building is equal Heights from stephen's basilica and together they are the two tallest buildings in budapest at 96 meters high this equation of height symbolizes that worldly and spiritual thinking have the same importance current regulations prohibit the construction of any building taller it's the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary and a notable tourist destination though in fright you want to be much slightly [Music] Oh Oh [Music] what that wet yeah high on a hill Buddha is the western part of the capital featuring a fortress and Palace originally built in 12:47 [Music] in the 15th century while passed across the river was mostly Hungarian Buda had a German majority it later became part of Ottoman world central Hungary and by the middle of the 17th century Buddha was majority Muslim [Music] in 1873 it was unified with a Buda and pest to form the unified Co capital of the austro-hungarian Empire okay we have an hour of freedom from babies are doing so we're gonna go have a little date that means you [Music] [Music] [Music] but packing up to go but I just have to show you this before you do – what can only be described as an administrative error we've been sleeping in twin beds this holiday twin bats push them together I make like a big king-size bed except for this pillar but we in the home so what we've been doing is pushing them as close as we can get I say we it's just Claud drawer does the pushing I don't push anything we push them together every single night so we can be slightly closer still separated by a pillow though and every day the cleaner comes and moves them further apart [Music].

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