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Nevada is home to some of the bestwilderness xscape drilling activities and hittin little towns I bet you that'snot the first thing you think of when you hear of Nevada but the locals hereknow how to have a good time and without a slot machine this is true Nevadadriven right

here hi my name is Hannah and I love this region so much becauseit has so much to offer any kind of activity you want to do you can find ithere there's no better way to get around about it than on a motorcycle I chose todo today's shoot on

a motorcycle because it just really shows Who I am as a human we are here in Incline Village a greatplace to rent a kayak and my personal favorite paddleboarding so let's get outthere Tahoe is the largest freshwater lake inthe Sierra Nevada and it's pretty cool as you can

see it's so peaceful out herethis is truly one of my favorite places on earth and my favorite way toexperience it during the winter Lake Tahoe is surrounded by countlessworld-class ski resorts people travel all over the world to come here to seethe unique turquoise blue waters on a clear

day you can see almost 60 feetdown taro is just a really magical place Tommo has a lot of hiking to offer and Iknow just the spot the trail that we're going on today is the knot row summittrail it's easy access for everyone great for dogs great for families

andthe views you can't beat all they stop and ready to go out here doing a sectionof the Tahoe Rim Trail I never liked hiking alone so I brought a friend readyto do this so around it's a beautiful day let's gofuck yeah what I love most about hiking is

being able to disconnect from yourday-to-day life and be able to reconnect with nature guys look at that we werejust paddling right down there every trail you can find a differentperspective and it gives you a new appreciation for nature that's one ofthe best things about Nevada it's an ever

evolving landscape and trulythere's so much diversity to enjoy dang look at that view wow that's beautiful I'm gonna let you guys in on a littlelocal secret the Truckee River it's a great way to accept the heat and relaxall right we're here at the Truckee River ready to cool

off one of myfavorite activities to do now this is an ideal flipping day thisis one of the best ways you can experience the beauty of the SierraNevada while also relaxing in nature the Truckee River runs from the SierraNevada and flows down to the desert floor into Pyramid Lake

parts of theriver are perfect to lounge at the tube and connect with friends the best partabout tubing the Truckee River is you can access it at almost any point that was so much fun let's go meet upwith some my girlfriends and how'd it to Virginia City the girls

that I'mbringing on this trip today means something special to me not only have westarted something really unique here but it's one-of-a-kind we form deepers alloriginal women's motorcycle club here in Northern Nevada ladies welcome readingwith my girlfriend through town is all about challenging the status quo wellthanks for meeting

up with me now that's out up to Virginia City welcome to Virginia City this isdefinitely one of my favorite places in Nevada Virginia City is home to manymuseums cemeteries and numerous exhibits whenever you're visiting town make sureyou stop by and grab a drink at Virginia City brewing in

Chop House feel likeevery weekend there's always something to do up here which is really niceVirginia City was declared a National Historic Landmark District in 1961 andhas been carefully preserved to retain its historic character we live here inthe Wawa West so what's your favorite part about Virginia City really

can'tbeat the caramel apple not only is Virginia's it this crazy wild west townthat's super close but it's a great day trip you can take with friends I love Nevada and I think you can seewhy from the High Sierra Nevada mountains to the desert floor there issomething for everyone

I hope you've enjoyed riding around with us and I hopeyou get to visit soon Nevada is calling you

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