Adventure Motorcycle Travel Dog – 04 Chew on the Bad Bones along with the Good Ones, Part 1

this is me I'm Moxie I'm the co-pilot mama bear is the pilot and she's our pack leader Papa Bear does the lifting at all the dirty works together we're a pack and these are our adventures [Music] when you start out on a trip you never know where it's

really going to take you who you're going to meet or what's gonna happen along the way you can make a plan for everything but once you set off you have to be ready for anything isn't that why traveling is just so amazing but the thing is sometimes your

sniffer comes across something rotten and maybe things get a little rough that's what a trip either becomes a hardship or an adventure it all depends on your attitude you can either leap in and let your paws take you there or you can Weaver and how I should know

I've tried both well on this trip we had to chew on some bad bones along with the many good ones we left the land of lakes and volcanoes to ride through the mountains to a city in the hills that they call the most magical of the magical villages

it's across the invisible line in the country of Mexico but before we could get there we have a lot of Guatemala to ride through after the time it takes to chew a big bone we stopped at a lookout over the city with a name as vast as it's

open-air market chichi Carson angle first things first was to have a pee in a poop then I had to sniff over all the new people and see if anyone felt like sharing their breakfast then we saddled up and carried on for another very long boat [Music] the next

time we stopped it was because our two wheelers needed to fill their humps in order to continue the journey you know there are a lot like camels that way at the service station I met another forepaugh and tried my best to pick a fight but some dogs you

meet just don't know how to have a good time after the two wheelers filled their bellies and we filled ours we went on and up into the mountains to a wonderful place they call the sierra de los choo-choo mechanist where you can lap up the cool fresh air

and the temperature is just right for a creature with my fur coat I don't think it will be a surprise to you that I like the places with dirt roads and animal farms best people smells are also very exciting but there's just nothing in the world like the

smells of bushes trees and rivers and cows sheep and goats mama and papa bear feel that way too that's why we always try to make our bed in the wild places instead of the cities when we travel so we chased the Sun all afternoon but if you've ever

tried you'll know it's harder to catch than a squirrel in the forest and by the afternoon we were pretty tired from the chase it turns out that old man Mary bones came at just the right time because we were passing a farm in the mountains where Papa Bear

stayed one time when he traveled to Mexico on his own the farmer and his four daughters remembered him very well and the littlest daughter was so happy to meet us that she never wanted to leave us alone the farm was very rich and smells because they had trees

for firewood corn for tortillas chickens for eggs and cows for milk of course they had a grizzly pack a for-cause like me to watch over them all but that's not the best of it the best of all was that the head ships for me to hurt it was

my first time but I'll tell you that nothing has ever felt so natural before [Music] at night mama bear cooked dinner under shelter from the rain and when the skies cleared Papa Bear and I went out in search of strange new creatures finally great-grandma sleep arrived at her

campsite and joined us to slumber in our camping kennel Papa Bear and I woke to greet Rosie miss dawn with our sniffers out and our running shoes on the local dogs rise early here like they do everywhere and they came out to meet us when we got back

to the camping kennel mama bear was waiting with eggs and coffee so strong that Papa Bear had hardly finished before he had to run off into the bushes then the farmers youngest daughter came and mama bear taught her the right way to throw a ball then the other

four paws came and one of them decided to put his mark on a wheel at mama bears motorcycle after that we packed up her camping kennel said goodbye to the farmers daughters and we rode away with the Sun chasing after us so you see we started the morning

by chewing a really great bone and Papa Bear decided that the country was so beautiful that he had to bring out the flying camera that he calls his gypsy moth well Papa Bear will be the first to admit that as far as drone piloting goes he's a pretty

bland kibble but this time there was something wrong with gypsy moth almost from the start and honestly wasn't his fault we pulled over and I played with the children while Papa Bear went off into the bushes to search he followed the dot on his phone and after a

very long time he managed to find where gypsy moth had fallen at the base of the tallest tree on the highest peak of the highest mountain after that the road brought us down like Papa bear's spirits but soon the fur on the back of his neck was pricked

up and excited when we came to where old man rivers stretched his long fingers across the road the trick to cross the Old Man River is to show him respect and not to cross him but unfortunately we had to learn that later on during the trip [Music] for

now we wrote on my fur coat blow-drying wild in the warm Sun our two wheelers screaming over the mostly good roads mama and papa bear chatting over their helmet communicators and my sniffer out well sniffing late in the day we reach the border and by the evening we

had crossed into broad beautiful wide-open and wonderful Mexico where many new smells some wonderfully great bones and even a few rotten ones waited for us [Music] you you

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