Adventure Motorcycle Travel Dog – 05 Chew on the Bad Bones along with the Good Ones, Part 2

this is me I'm Moxie I'm the co-pilot mama bear is the pilot and she's our pack leader Papa Bear does the lifting at all the dirty works together we're a pack and these are our adventures [Music] when we left off last time we chewed some good bones and

then we chewed a bad one and then we crossed from the land where I was born into a land that lives for the Sun goes at the end of the long day so we crossed into abroad wonderful land but before we could do anything we had to show

our papers to the people who decide if you get to stay after all the papers were reviewed and they stamped our little booklets we went on for the time it takes to chew a small bone until we reached a place with a clear beautiful River it was getting

late when we found a campsite beside the river but there was just enough time to play in the waters and set up our portable kennel before great-grandma sleep took me in her arms [Music] the next morning during our run I had the chance to take a closer sniff

at those strange big slow creatures that we see everywhere that the roads are made of dirt when we return to mama bear at the campsite we cooled off with a splash in the river you know you just can't make your camp beside a river and not go for

a splash before it's time to leave the next morning [Applause] [Music] after we packed up and had a good shake it was high time to ride away after leaving our campsite we had to cross and re-cross the river many times the local people probably thought they were doing

us a kindness when they paved the dirt road where the water runs over it but it's just not so now two wheelers like splashing almost as much as I do but the thing is the water makes paved roads very slippery slippery roads make two wheelers act funny and

acting funny gives Mama Bear a case of the nerves and the handshake deal between mama bear and Papa Bear is when mama bear gets the nerves she lets Papa Bear ride her two wheeler until the nerves calm down well Papa Bear and I really fooled them good at

the first crossing by going over the footbridge at the second crossing mama bear guided us onto the footbridge but we discovered that it was just too narrow I think maybe we heard Old Man River by trying to go over instead of through him because when we tried for

the second crossing he sent us tumbling over Papa Bear was fine and I was fine I was completely safe and dry in my cockpit even mama bears two-wheeler was fine except the luggage box was all chewed up Papa Bear didn't take a breath before he went right to

making repairs and that meant I had time to do some splashing well I don't know if you know this but often times bad breaks come in pairs just like sneezes because when Papa Bear tried at the third river crossing this time all on his own he had another

wet tumble in the end we got through and we were all okay and I'm sure he'll believe me when I say that it certainly wasn't the first time that Papa Bear was left feeling all wet and silly [Music] [Applause] by the time my undercoat was dry after all

the splashing in the river we reached a checkpoint in the road if you get the green light you get to go right through but a red light means they review your papers and search through your luggage boxes they are very serious people at the checkpoints and Papa bear's

jokes usually only get half smile but when I'm around I always bring out the full happiness and everyone [Music] from the checkpoint Lee went on for the time it takes me to chew a really big bone before we had to stop so that mama bear could put a

vest over my outer coat the rain didn't last long but in one place left a deep brown puddle across the road this time Papa Bear sailed right through but then Old Man River arrived and with a wave of his arm he gave mama bear and me a small

tumble we were both just fine but this time the two wheelers other luggage box was all chewed up it's a good thing that Mama Bear oh he straps me and when I ride in the cockpit because I learned that Old Man River has a long reach and he

can get you wherever there's water [Music] fortunately that was a very last bad bomb we had to chew during the trip soon we reached the beautiful city that lives up in the cold mountains and we stayed there for a whole week so that I could sniff it over

inside and out I met many other forepaws some big and some very small we visited the places where all the people come dressed up to eat and drink and walk and buy the pretty things that are on sale one of my favorite bones was visiting the shop that

sells the beautiful clothes that are made by people who read with their very own hands it's almost barely just nearly but honestly not quite as nice as what Mama and Papa Bear make for me and my brother and sister for paws to wear every morning Papa Bear and

I went running on feet and paws to explore down all the dirt roads we could find that sniff out all the four paws who live there Papa Bear was especially pleased when we discovered a place that repairs big two wheelers like ours because he prefers everything to be

just perfect with mama bears two wheeler whenever we travel the fixers put the chewed up boxes right back together and I think it's honest to say that they thought I was the greatest writer ever then as suddenly as you can spot a cat on top of a fence

our escape from home was over and it was time to go back but first Papa Bear and I stole mama bears to wheeler just for a short time so that we could have just one more snip through the city before it was time to make the journey home

[Music] [Music] you

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