Adventure travel motorcycle load after 28 months on the road

Good evening to everybody.

I am in Denmark and I have decided to make a video for some questions I have been receiving.

Many people have been asking me how to load a bike and what is necessary to bring with me in a long trip.

For these kind of questions there are not specific answers guys.

Every person should include in their load what ever thinks that is necessary for him to survive on the road.

When I started this trip my load was huge, but now I carry less than half of the original load.

because I realised that for many things, I could live with out them.

I took everything out, and I will try to speak a little bit about them.

Let's start with the pannier with the flags, all these goes inside.

The first thing is the torque wrench.

I cannot travel with out this thing, its really huge and heavy tool, but I am known to destroy bolts, and break aluminium brake callipers.

I have done it before, so I decided that this comes with me, because I feel safer when I work on the bike.

It's big and heavy, and its not a necessary tool for most of the people.






but if you think there is a slight chance to make a damage to the bike bolts, then include it in the load.

It's also an expensive tool.

But for me is totally necessary.

These are some extra pole and a repair kit for my tent.

I used those before.

Some big tire-ups, I haven't used these yet.

In this plastic box I have some waterproof connections for the bike's electrical things, One of every type of bulb that goes on the bike, some dielectric paste, and whatever has to do with electrical.

I have some fuses also, I haven't used all these except the main 30A fuse that I burned twice.

Oh, these things here I used them to make another connection for the rectifier.

After I busted the first rectifier I had to make other connections because the plugs are not the same.

Because the second rectifier was from a Kawasaki, not a Honda, and up until today its working perfectly.

Here we have, 2 iridium sparks that have on them about 30.


I started the trip with these 2 and on 36.

000km I put 2 new ones but I kept those just for backup.

Too many bolts.


I haven't changed any of the bikes bolts until now.

No bolt fell of from the vibrations.

Different sizes of nuts and washers, which fit on the bike because I checked them when I was packing them up.

This is a bit heavy and I haven't used it, but I still carry it because you never know when you going to need it.

Here I have 2 small waterproof bags, in this one there is a spare rectifier, extra locks for my panniers, some clutch and brake levers, I never had to change those.

some cables, and lots of other small bullshit I have some brake pads that I can still use them, just keeping those for spares as well.

In here there is an electric inflator, to put air in the tires in case of a flat tire.

I used it a lot of times, I had 2 flat tires and some times I also find people that need help.

A small Chinese multimeter, costs about 5Euro and its's barely working but I've used it before and it took me out a difficult situation as well.

These are cleaners and oil for my K&N air filter.

Of course I used those a lot.

Engine oil and an oil filter.

These are not always on my bike, but I will need an oil change in about 800km so I carry them for now.

One more spare rectifier.



I have 2 of these for some reason.

It's a bid strange.




Both of them are working.




this is some electrical contact cleaner spray, I used these now and then.

Some WD-40 of course, I use it to clean the chain.

And its possible guys, don't listen to the bullshit, WD-40 is based on Kerosene and all the chain manufacturers recommend Kerosene to clean the chain.

It doesn't damage the o-rings at all, and its tested for this.

Not by me, by others.

They put some o-rings in Kerosene, WD-40 and petrol and then they saw the differences.

A big First aid kit.

For this one there is a special video of trip preparation.

If you are interested in this, then watch the video.

Some chain lubricant.



and this thing over here, should be in the First aid kit normaly.



its some Ice spray.

I haven't used this but I still keep it because you never know.

Lets move here.

This is the second pannier, on the other side.

I have these things inside.

Because what I carry in this pannier is not spare parts and it's lighter I had to put my tools inside as well so I can balance the weight of the bike.

The tools that I carry are too many, I am not going to take them out.



I have some wrenches, spanners, magnet, tape.





Ok let me take them out really fast.

some pliers, magnet, the basic toolkit of Honda is in here as well.

This is the No.

24 socket for the rear axel.

all the sizes of socket that my bike needs.

a toothbrush, some extenders to reach more difficult places with the wrench.

Some fillers, that I actually used them before.

and lots of spanners.



I try to be as autonomous as possible with my tools.

I have used ALL of them.

and I believe that this trip would be much harder without carrying my tools.

I love this toolkit very much.

That's about 5 Kg.

Here I have a small hammer – axe.

I used it a lot of times.

Here are some extra pieces for the cameras and a swing kit.

Some times I use these.

All the cables I need.

Everything that I don't need to have it in front of me while riding is in here.

Adaptors and such things, are all in the rear pannier.

This is empty.

So I that pannier I also have, my plastic cup, coffee, some wet wipes, a toilet pater.

Cooking stove, the fuel bottle and the actual stove, a small pot to heat water, a small LED torch These are some cans with food, tuna, sardines and stuff like that, because I always carry some food.

I bought some potatoes in Denmark, because they are cheap.

Some chocolate spread, that's for lonely times.

and some cookies.

Some sausages.



I feel luxurious in Denmark and buy some stuff to eat.





I have this plastic container with salt, some curry spices.

These containers are very nice.

I have some oil and some vinegar.

and these are spray containers.



you make a salad and .





very nice containers because they don't spill as well.

The curry spice was suggested by my friend Tony.



I combine it with the mayo and I get an amazing sauce.



and then I put the sausage inside and I eat them.



Something like that.

I carry some water of course.



9 litres in total.

Usually I only carry 3L.




These 2 bottles.



The reason I have so much now it's because I am taking the ferry to Iceland.

In the ferry a small bottle of water may cost 5 Euro.



So I am just going to take my water just in case.


Because I am not going to pay 5Euro for 500ml of water.



I rather die So everything you see except the water go in the other pannier.

So we have the rear top box.

If I find my keys I will open this one.

Let me show you what I have in the top box.

First thing you see is this bag, which is very comfortable, when I stop in cities.

I take all the important things from my tank bag and I only carry this one.



it's positioned on the leg.

Laptop and clothes.

This bag has all my clothes inside.

some papers and some small things like memory cards and stuff.

I am not going to open the clothes, but I can tell you what carry.

I have 5 of these t- shirts.

They were proof to be very good tshirts these kind, and I happen to know a website that sells these, and you can find the link down below.

They are very very good, trust me.

5 pair of socks, 5 underwear, my swimming suit is in there usually.

I have 1 jeans pants and I have an athletic trouser as well.

and we continue to the SW Motech bag, that I carry on the rear seat.

There I have some clothes that I want easy access to them, some shorts, and a Hoodie.

This hoodie as well is proven to be very very good.

Have a look at the brand, its very very good.

This is the waterproof liner of my jacket And then I have my tent, my mattress and the sleeping bag and the cooking pots in there.

And these is something I rarely carry.



In this bag there is food for 15 days.



Pasta mostly And reason I carry them it's because I am going to Iceland and I chose to buy the food in Germany, so I can safe a lot of money.

Because like this I am going to eat with an average of 1, 5 euro per day.

and by the way, this thing in Cyprus costs €2.

5 and in Germany €1.

2 .


the same brand So it's a lot of difference to eat with €1, 5 per day and have a nice meal, rather €5 and eat much less.

In my tank bag I have some cables that I need while riding, 2 power banks.

The flag of LEDRA motorcycle club of Nicosia.



The flag is very important.

A multitool, a spy glass.



this it to watch girls from a distance.

My map is here, which I never use it.



I do everything with the mobile maps, I just have that as a backup.

So what else is to show you.



My helmet and boots and riding gear, its my everyday clothing.

Oh, I have these 2 bags.

In this one I have my rain gear.

that means that when its raining I don't have to open any panniers.

The access here is very easy, so I just open this one.

And on the bottom of it is a thermal underwear set and the winter liners of my motorcycle gear.

In the other one I have some straps, like this one.

I have some fishing line and a big needle in case in need to fix something, An electrical pressure gauge, a small bicycle air pump, just in case the electric one fail.

I have this one as well.

This I made it myself, it's just a big water pipe.

In there I have some pipes, the oil filter socket.

I am not going to take them out, there is a huge syringe my chain cleaning brush is there as well, and the tools I need to remove the tire in case I have a flat, so I can change the inner tube.

These are all the things I carry.


Most of them I really use them a lot.



I think that I carry very little things with me.

Imagine that the engine oil and the food and the water is not there usually.

Usually I carry food only for 2 days and everyday I stop and buy something Europe is easy, supermarkets are everywhere.

The camera that I use now its in the tank bag as well and a small tripod that I also use now is in there.

That's all.

There isn't anything else.



or there is???I forget something.

I have a set of snickers.


In general these shoes are good for nothing, don't ever buy them for a trip.

And I have my crocks.


these are very good and comfortable.

you should get some of these.

Feel free to write in the comments, whatever you think.

Tell me what do you carry with you and why you carry it.

what do you think that I wouldn't need to carry with me from all these you saw.



or what do you think I should carry and I don't have it with me.

In general I believe I have everything I need.

I am travelling with this load for the last 1, 5 years.

As I said before, when I started I had to many things and I was getting rid of them for the first 7-8 months.

And after i just replaced some of my gear to get something more suitable.

Tanks a lot for your time and for watching these videos.

And many thanks for the subscriptions as well, and If you are not subscribed, you should be.



We are going to meet again on the next video, which is probably going to be Iceland.

make sure you like and share the video, do it, because that will help me in the long term.

And of course I will be able to bring you more videos, faster and easier.

That's all for now.


See you on the next video.


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