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good morning guys excuse my voice if it's a little raspy today we had a very exciting night of karaoke last night I'm gonna give you guys a quick tour of my room and after that we're gonna head to a castle and then we're gonna do some martial arts so today's pretty fun I can't wait but yeah I'm gonna give you a little tour of my yokan room here this was my futon from last night while I was having dinner they came in and they set it up for me so this is for one person but if you have more people staying in your room there are tons of futons over here in the closet so it's probably enough for at least four people in here so you can use more if you like if you'd like to make a bigger bed over here in the closet we've got some yukata and some overcoats here it's pretty chilly so I used one of these yesterday it's really nice just something simple to keep you a little warmer when you're wearing your yukata a safe down on the floor there this part is always my favorite see what kind of snacks they got going on it looks like they have some black sesame go bowl which is a root vegetable English's burdock root I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with what that is I never knew about it until I came to Japan but it's a really yummy like kind of tough vegetable similar to a carrot but it doesn't taste like a carrot but you know what I mean some gobo tea some tea made out of that same vegetable these ones here scared the heck out of me they say not though on them sweet not though and I was like oh god why why not doh but then I opened it up and there's really good beans like to sweet beans they don't taste like natto at all look hipbone a huge – really huge beans you know they taste like they taste similar uncle if you've ever had the sweet bean paste they're really good I promise I don't touch like not though so let me scared if you see these over here we've got a nice view of outside pretty high up I'm on the sixth floor this little area down here has a fridge some glasses hot water pot for making tea and the little tea set there's a TV but who wants to watch TV when you're at a joke on as so many other cool things to do in here there is a shower room and a washroom in here then a little area for getting ready in the morning with like the usual hairdryer awesome face wash face toner stuff like that alright let's go get some breakfast cool so they've got a buffer here with soup rice and pickles okay.

you rice porridge here's our menu for this morning yes more eggplant bonus some mushrooms it looks like what's this one and it gets dye : perhaps some more roasted mushrooms with a sauce some veggies gasps oh gosh taco some pickles what do we have going on in here all that looks really good another tofu soup like last night hideki mas let's start with Anessa because it's always my favorite got some fresh grated ginger with it all the vegetables here have been so fresh and delicious like I honestly didn't know vegetables could taste this amazing and I love vegetables but these are so good they made me a miso soup with mushroom dashi she thought yet she took it as she seriously guys as I'm looking over this footage to edit it I'm just drooling this was some of the best food I've had in Japan so far it was so kind of the hotel to prepare a special vegan menu for me their staff was just amazing so kind and so accommodating this was easily the best hotel experience I've had in Japan so far I'm gonna grab my luggage we're gonna go downstairs and we're gonna head to the crustle now we've arrived at sudo Godot judoka castle you can see it in the background there this castle is the symbol of the Isak area I was just reading a little history on it and apparently this castle withstood a 1-month attack and finally they were defeated but they lasted one month so it sounds like it's a pretty epic castle I'm going to show you guys some of the detailing along the walls so it was a part where they show how the summer I climbed the walls during an attack I thought that was really cool and then we're going to go inside however I can't show you guys the inside they don't allow any filming in there unfortunately but you guys are going to have to come here and see it for yourselves which I totally recommend because this area is absolutely gorgeous this whole icy area is amazing I love it this is my second time here and I definitely want to come back look at it it's so beautiful so quiet up here so these are the different Lords that ruled this area during these time periods do you guys recognize any of these common family crests the only one that I know is Tokugawa I'm not sure of the others but you can look them up if you're really interested in samurai the common are really cool so these stairs here were used by the samurai to climb the walls during an attack they're called Musha blushy d alright we just climbed the castle we're at the top floor now and we have a gorgeous view of the entire area all of these trees are socrata so if you came here in the spring it would just be like a sea of cherry blossoms that would be so pretty the grave site of the daimyo lords from the Edo period is also located nearby if you're interested in visiting that next we headed into this building to learn some epic samurai battle skills using the naginata our naginata practice is all over that was so fun the last time I was in a dojo like actually practicing was when I was doing country back in Canada it was really nice to get back in there and it makes me want to start something again that was great exercise and I just love practicing kata they taught us the first couple cut the sequences I think I got it down okay I did pretty good for the first time the teachers were lovely and one of them made us snacks to take home with us really great people up here I just love this place we're gonna take you guys somewhere really cool next we didn't think we'd be able to make it there on time but it looks like we can so I think you're gonna love this next place guess what we're at this station for I'll give you one guess oh look at the huh the sky reminds me of motto this is busted and this is Dabu and we're gonna meet Dabu basu was the original station master he passed away and Babu took his position and he's here today so let's go guys Oishi no macchione send a key echo guitar Akua key so the station master cat is on duty from 9 a.


to 4 p.


so if you would like to see and make sure you arrive here during that time this is the switch on the station master he's such a good boy I believe oh boy hey ray Oh having fun outside he's the most well-behaved cat ever spoke about oh I'm going to catch the dragonfly you can attach the dragonfly you and that is the end of our vacation I really hope you guys enjoyed these vlogs I really fell in love with the icy area when I went there for the first time in the spring and I was telling myself that I would love to go back during a different season to see what it's like and I'm super happy that I got to do it in the fall because it was just a perfect time to go the weather was not too cold not too hot it was a great temperature to walk around and explore the area so much to see and it's just such a beautiful area that you really want to like get out there and walk around so if you do make a trip up to the eysie area I recommend going in either the spring or the fall however the little village that we visited I saw some scenes from there in the winter when it's just like stacked with snow and it looked really epic so winter would probably be really fun up there as well either way I really recommend that you go and visit this area it was calm and beautiful not crowded at all really friendly people delicious food and it's just such like a welcoming atmosphere it's a great place to go and relax if you're looking for like a get away from the busy city like Tokyo make sure you go on over to simon on martinez channel now there's a couple of videos over there they covered stuff that i didn't cover in my vlogs and you guys definitely don't want to miss it some of the amazing food that we had and simon did a really adorable interview with the cat stationmaster it was really cute you guys definitely want to watch that so go check those out and I'll see you guys soon thanks for watching hi Oh.

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