Amazon rainforest adventure travel in Peru at Jungle Treehouse Lodge

So we are staying in the coolest place ever.

We have just arrived at the Treehouse Lodgein the middle of the Amazon jungle.

And we're going to be living in a tree housefor the next few days.

So come along and I'm going to show you ourpersonal private treehouse.

This way.

Around the tree trunk.

Come up.

And our favorite part is closing the door.

Yes, no one else is allowed in.

Just the two of us.

Just the two of us.

There we go.

So now it is time for the grand tour.

So this is the bed.

I feel like I'm on an episode of MTV cribs.

This is the bed.

Check it out.

Mosquito net.

Nice and big.

It kind of has a jungle theme with the pillows.

We've kind of already made it messy.

We have a chocolate we haven't had yet.

And we have a little living area.

That is all of our luggage.


And what else can we show you? The bathroom.

There is no door to the bathroom.

And guys just look at this tree trunk.

I'm like going around it here.


There we go.

So we've got out toilet on this side.

A little glass sink.

And then our shower stall.

Just on the other side.

That is pretty cool.

And we're living in a tree house! We're living in a treehouse! Every kids dream.


So, status update.

Okay, well we want to show you more of theproperty but right now we're about to head out on a jungle walk.

We're going to be looking for medicinal plantsand learning about their uses.

It also just started pouring rain so thatis going to be interesting.

But anyways let's get going.

We need to go.

Go go go.

Let's open our door.

Open the trap door.

Open sesame.

Open the trapdoor.

That's heavy.


So it is time for our jungle expedition.

And we have to cross this bridge to get backto the main area.

Right over here.

Let's go meet our guide.

So Sam, you look like you're ready for a jungleexcursion.

Show us your footwear.

I've got a surprise.

Check this out.

Da Doh.

He's ready.

And this is probably the most awkward jigbecause these are about three times too big for me.

Same here.

I'm wearing 44 for me.

It'll be fun.

We'll make use of it.

So this is the tallest tree house of the property.

Wow! What have you got in your hand Audrey? So this is pichirina.

Apparently it is the jungle's iodine.

And to me it smells like mango.

(Speaking Spanish.

) Si, no.

To treat ringworm.


So you just rub it? You use it.




Put it.

And here is the leaf that is used to makethe Juane.

The traditional food from the Amazon junglehere in Peru.

This here is the blood mushroom.

As you can see it is red.

And it is not edible guys.

So don't you go eating it.

Whistle for us.

So we are back from the jungle excursion.

Yeah, that jungle walk was awesome.

We learned so much about all of the differentlocal plants and what they are used for in terms of different medicinal properties andalso for food.

And now we're off on a cool boat trip.

We're just going to be cruising down the Amazonand looking for pink dolphins.

Yes and maybe we'll stick around for sunsettoo.

We'll see.

So here is our sweet ride.

The captain.


Senor Andres.

Macau look! Squak.

So we just spotted a sloth up in the tree.

We wouldn't have seen it if it wasn't forour guide though.

And this is sunset on the Amazon river.

So that is the end of day one.

How are you feeling about sleeping in thistree house? It is awesome.

I love the room.

Um, we're exhausted.

We had a really really busy day.

We sure did.

A lot of adventure.

And tomorrow we're really looking forwardto showing you more of the property and also doing a couple more tours as well.

So another busy day ahead.

Can't wait for that to happen.


Time to crawl into bed.

Crawl into your little net.

There it is.


Goodnight little one.

Well, good morning it is the start of daytwo and it was sure raining last night.

Like thunderstorms, the whole deal.

But that really added to the atmosphere.

So anyways, we're going to go for breakfastand because it is wet I'm not sure what we can do this morning but hopefully we can getout and do a couple excursions.

So it is 9 am and we are back on the waterand it is a beautiful morning to be out.

We're going to try and spot some wildlife.

Ooh! We found something.

Oh wow.

We went out for a little excursion this morningand we've been traveling upstream and now we've arrived at a prime location to fishpiranhas.

So Sam, how are you feeling about that? Feeling good because you're going to stickyour fingers in and they're going to bite them, right? What? Just kidding we actually have fishing rods.

And there is the bait.

I don't wanna use my fingers.


So we've going to use this small fish.

Oh! To feed the piranha.

You want to try to splash the water.

That is the way how to attract the piraña.

Splashing the water.

Calling the piranha.

Come over! Okay, so I'm going try my hand at fishingfor piranhas.

I've got the bait here.

Right here.

Let's do this.

Oh oh.

I feel a tug.

No they just ate half the fish.

They ate half of the fish.

Yeah! Oh look we got our first one.

Look at that.

Our first piraña.

Look at the teeth on that sucker.

Oh my gosh I would not want to be bitten byone of those.

What do you think Audrey? That is scary.

Looks like something out of a horror movie.

Yeah, oh no.



You got one! You got one! Show it to us.

I finally caught one.

It was a big one too.

Film it.

I am.

Grab it from here.

Wow! It is not going to move.

Don't worry.

Wow! Check this out.

There you go.

Sam's first piranha.

Look at that.

Probably my 20th attempt and I was not goingto give up until I got one.

There it is.


There is dinner.

There is dinner.

So mission accomplished.

Time to head back for lunch but we're goingto be having these for dinner.

So that is pretty exciting.

So we just came back.

Now it is time for lunch.

So what are we having? We are having ceviche.

Our favorite as an appetizer.

Wow, look at that.

The corn of course.


Dig right in.

There we go.

Have a nice big piece.


Is that some good ceviche? Mmmmm.

Try it.

So we are about to go on one more excursionthis evening but before we head out we want to show you the rest of the property.

So let's go in search of some tree houses.

This way.

We are now entering the bamboo forest.

So Sam I think you lucked out with our treehouse because we only have to cross one bridge.

Yeah but that bridge is kind of freaky forme.

I think I would prefer the stairs.

That is really only the difference betweenthese two places.

Also think this treehouse is higher up thanours too.

Oh, vertigo! Wow! Oh! Oh! Are they fighting? Yeah.


Alright, so Sam is going to feed a monkey.

Yes, I've got my chunk of banana.

Now time to throw it.

Let's see your best baseball swing.

So right now we are trekking through the mudin search of giant lily pads.

As you can probably hear it is pretty squishy.

So we are meeting a sloth that was apparentlyrescued by a family when it was really young.

So it lives with them in the house and itis very sleepy and slow.

So oh, but it has woken up.

It is eating.

Pablito? Pablito.

Pablito! Pablito is having lunch.


While he is thinking about it anyway.

Are you going to eat Pablito? Check those out.

Okay so this morning we went fishing for piranhaand now we are having it for dinner.

And that is the big one I caught.

Yeah, Sam got the big one.

The grande.

So how are we going to dig into this? Begin.


So it came served in an orange.

A little bit of meat.

That is surprisingly decent.

Yeah? Yeah.

There doesn't appear to be a whole lot ofmeat there.

No there is not.


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