Amazon River Cruise – Adventure Travel in Peru

Hello from the shores of the Amazon river.

This is a pretty cool place to be wouldn'tyou say? Yeah, this is a bucketlist item for us definitely.

So we are currently cruising down the Amazonwith Rainforest Cruises.

We're going to be spending four days and threenights aboard the Delfin number one.

Yeah, and it is a very luxurious boat.

We're doing this in style.

It is awesome.

We're going to give you a tour of the boatand we'd also like to show you some of the really cool excursions that we're going tobe doing over these next three to four days.

So come along.

Let's go.

This feels like yet another episode of MTVcribs.

But come on in.

We are staying in the Anaconda suite.

Pretty cool.

No anaconda sighted so far.

But basically this is our little terrace.

We have a nice balcony with views of the Amazonriver.

And yeah we can just hang out here, have drinks, read a book, it is pretty cool.

I like it.

Alright, and let's check out the inside ofour room.


So I have to admit we've already unpacked.

So it is not quite as tidy as it was.

Well are we ever tidy? Come on.


Come on.

So this is the room.

This is where we are staying.

You've got the bed, a little living area.

My laptop is off there in the distance.

Our electronics are scattered around.


And the bathroom is just over this way.



So I would say this is our favorite area.

The common room.


It doesn't get much more relaxing than thecommon area here.

We've got all of these pillows and check outthe cool display of bananas and plantains.

Some plantains.


And the Amazon.

The Amazon river is right there.

And if you want to lounge like a lizard justhead over to the bar over there.

Check that out.

And this is a pretty swanky bar.

But you know what, I think I'm in the moodfor a game of chess.

So Sam, I challenge you.

So right now I'm going to challenge Sam toa game of chess.

We've only played chess twice.

And you've never won.

I've never won.

So let's see if the third time is a charm.

Team Audrey! Pwew.

Yeah! Yeah! Well, it would appear Sam has emerged victorious.

I only had one piece left.

My King.

That was it.

That was my third win against Audrey.

So if you're placing bets on one of the twoof us you should probably go with me.

Our first afternoon aboard our Amazon Cruisewas pretty relaxed.

After settling into our rooms we had somefree time to enjoy the boat, and as the sun was beginning to make its way down, we madeour way up to the top deck where we got to witness one of the most spectacular sunsetsever.

The following morning called for an earlystart with everyone ready to board the skiff by 6:30 a.


Our guide had lured us with the promise ofwildlife and a delicious breakfast aboard the boat, and thankfully he delivered on bothof those.

That morning we saw countless blue and yellowmacaws, a school of pink dolphins playfully breaking through the water, and sloths slowlygoing about their day.

As for breakfast, the captain took us to asecluded lagoon covered in a blanket of water lettuce, where we parked the boat and enjoyeda three course breakfast featuring: fruit-kebabs, chicken and avocado salad, and hot sandwiches.

It was the perfect way to start off our dayon the Amazon.

Woah! Hot? I am super sweaty.

I'm sure you can probably tell.

So I'm enjoying the fan, yeah.

So we are back in the jungle.

This afternoon we are doing a jungle walkingexcursion.

And we're also going to be doing a canopywalk across a series of suspension bridges.

So we're just on the trail.

We've got our rubber boots back on.

Rubber boots on and I think this walk.

I think this walk should be around forty minutesuntil we reach the bridge.

So, yeah.

Okay, so you've got your weightlifting gloveson.

What is this for Sam? Actually this is because of fire ants.

And while we're walking across the suspensionbridge we don't want to get any on our hands.



So we have reached the first of the seriesof suspension bridges.

Are you feeling ready? Ha! As ready as I can ever be.

I mean I don't love these but it should besome awesome views.

I hate heights.

Let's go.


How are you feeling with all of the bounce? Not bad.

Are you enjoying the bounce Sam? You know what, this one is not very high soI'm not freaked out by it yet.


Wait until the next one.


We are up in the canopy.

It is pretty cool.

We've gained quite a bit of height since thefirst bridge.

And now we are on bridge number three.


This one kind of swings from side to sidedoesn't it? So this appears to be the last bridge fora while.

And I have to say I'm pretty proud of Sam.

He's practically Tarzan.

Practically Tarzan.

He doesn't even like heights.



Yeah, you did well.

The courage is all there.

Meal times were another highlight of our cruiseaboard the Delfin I.

They had an international menu sure to satisfyevery palate, but they also made sure to use Amazonian ingredients and feature Peruvian-inspireddishes at every meal.

Every meal was a delight to our foodie tastebuds.

So good morning.

It is another beautiful day on the Amazonand we've just finished breakfast and we're now heading out on our first excursion ofthe day.

We will be going piranha fishing and if youwatched our previous video we already did that at the treehouse; however, I was veryunsuccessful while Sam caught the biggest piraña yet.

So we're going to try it again and see ifmaybe I can catch one this time.

Okay Sam so we're ready to fish some piranhas? Round two.

So here is the rod, here is the bait, it isjust a little bit of meat.

And so the whole idea here is to put yourrod in and make a splashing sound.

Like something has just fell into the water.

Like an insect or some creature.

And that is going to attract the pirañas.

And you just wait until you feel a bit ofa tug.

So 0 for 1 so far today.

But I still like my odds because the lasttime we tried this, when we were doing the fishing with the treehouse, it took me abouttwenty times to finally catch something so I'm going to be patient again.

Okay Sam, so attempt number five at least.

This is five or six.

Yeah, and you know what, these piranhas appearto be a little smarter over here.

Either that or our hooks aren't quite as sharpbecause I haven't even felt many tugs.

They're just coming and gracefully.

Oh, I feel something here.

Oh, no nothing.

Nothing yet.

Kind of gracefully.

False alarm! False alarm, they're kind of just gracefullytaking it off the hook.


Look at that.

Look at that.

It's gone.

It is gone.

They ate the bait.




Womp, womp.


So I've been fired and I've been replacedby wife-y.



Let's see if I fare any better.

See how wife-y does.


I felt a tug.

Oh, no it is gone.

My goodness.

What! The skill of these piranhas is legendary.

Okay Sam, so tell us about the one who gotaway.

So I actually caught it and I was about tobring it in and it got away.

But it wasn't a piraña.

No it wasn't.

It was a little sardine.

It was but it was a big fish.

It was much bigger than the piranha I caughtthe other day.

So yeah, more fishing failures over here.

So we officially ran out of bait for our piranhafishing so we kind of gave up on that activity.

But right now we're trying kayaking down oneof the smaller tributaries of the Amazon.

So this should be fun.

Excited? With the fear that if we go overboard thatpiranhas are going to eat use.

Wobble, wobble, wobble.

Sam, crap.

Just like in Finland.

Sam! Hahaha.


Lead the way brave one.

Lead the way.

Well I just sit in the back chill out andfilm, right? Hahaha.

Is that how we roll? Apparently when you're in the back and noone is keeping an eye on you.

Things just don't happen.

Don't get done.

So it is super peaceful out here on the water.

And I have to say I think this is one of myfavorite activities we've done so far.

I know, we've kind of really taken to kayakingover the years haven't we? Yeah.

Since we first tried it in was it Vietnamor Finland? Vietnam.

And then Finland.

Now we've done it in Finland, we've also doneit in Fredericton.

We've done it in Canada.

So yeah.


This is something that we're not the mostadventurous travelers but this is something we can both do.


Right? I'm the captain of this ship.

And that is a scary thought.

Cruising down the Amazon.

So we are about to reach the point where theUcayali River and the Marañón River meet together to form the Amazon.

So that moment calls for a toast.

So here is a toast to travels in the Amazon.

Salut! Wait, not salud.

It is Arriba.




Al Centro.

Al Centro.

Y adentro.

Y adentro.


And that is how you do it in the Amazon.


Alright Sam, do you want to tell us aboutthis afternoon's excursion? Yeah, so we're visiting this cool kind oflittle local village.

It is called Sanfrancisco.

San Francisco.

And it has only been around since 1974 soit is just over 40 years old.

So it is going to be cool to check it out.

Uh, we're just going to walk around and seewhat we find.


So apparently this village, the reason theystarted it, is because they were looking for higher ground since the previous village usedto flood during the rainy season.

So what are you going to do Audrey? Apparently help squeeze sugarcane.

I'm going to help squeeze sugarcane.

Let's see if I've got talent.

Rain sounds.

Spanish Peruvian music.


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