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Hey guys! It's like super early in the morning, and I haven't been able to really update you guys, but I just got kicked out of my dorm because of Covid-19 and, yeah, I'm just, I don't know what to do but I have to go to my medical externships, so I'll be right back.

Hi, everyone, I just came back from my externship and working out and I wore a Swarthmore shirt for extra emphasis, so, here's the situation.

I just got kicked off campus, which is um, mildly concerning AHHHHHH(I get you girl), I'm so stressed.

I'm so stressed.

I don't know what I'm gonna do, so in the original email that sent out there was a link to a form you could fill out if you needed accommodations, financial aid with travelling, housing, things like that.

So I filled out the form and I haven't received any notification via email in regards to my own situation, so I called them, because I have to move out by the end of the week.

My card access into the buildings is literally being cut off at the end of the week, so I call them and the only thing that they told me to do was to fill out the form and I still haven't received any notification.

In fact, there is virtually no communication or clarification.

Most of the news that I'm getting right now in regards to this whole situation is updates from other students who have already received emails back from the offices and from administration.

So basically my school's Facebook group for this year.

Apparently one of the students had a conversation with one of the Deans and according to that Dean all students were required to move out.

The most that the school was willing to do is offer one or two additional days which is contradictory to the email that they sent.

Now the newest update is international students can stay but all domestic students , including like students from New York or in my case Washington state, they are still required to return home.

So this is pretty concerning because not only is this financially difficult for a lot of people, a lot of the plane tickets right now or around five hundred dollars and a lot of people have immunocompromised people back home.

So if they return from an airport, or if they return from public transit to their home, they could compromise to those people in their homes.

And for people like me.

I am returning to an area that is higher risk than Pennsylvania.

Right now they're transitioning to online courses which brings into question how things like lab, how credits will work out, how everything will basically shake out, how graduation, commencement, honors, how all of that will work out.

There's no real sign or direction or clarification that's going on.

It's just been a hot mess.

I understand that the administration is probably really swamped right now with all of the different students expressing their concerns and there's a lot of people who are having problems going back home and are trying to get housing.

So there's just a lot of forms going on, So I understand that they're probably super swamped right now, but I also feel like there should be better communication especially if I'm expected to move out in a few days.

No one's really spoken anything about reimbursement in regards to room and board and tuition, so I don't really know what's going on in regards to that.

Anyways That's the current situation right now.

Maybe it'll improve.

Maybe it'll get worse.

I know that it might be really scary right now, with all of this stuff going on and some of you guys where college students might be in the same boat as me in regards to being forced to return home and going through online classes.

So I hope you all are doing okay and that you guys are safe and that your family and your friends and your loved ones are all safe as well.

Wash your hands don't touch your face too much and let's hope everything works out.

Good news.

I have a plane to get home now, which is good and great.

So right now I am just working on, like, moving out but also not moving out.

I'm not sure if school will be closed closed for real or if we'll have reopen back in April.

That plan is still a little indefinite.

So right now, I'm just working on getting on my laundry done packing up everything and consolidating everything that I possibly can and, Yeah, fingers crossed.

I just woke up.

I look and feel like shit (WHAT girl no you don't-), but that's, beside the point, they said that they are going to look for a flight that leaves tomorrow and around the time that I want to leave and hopefully I will be back home by this weekend and, Yeah, now my next goal is to just finish laundry eat up all the perishable food I have and just pack my bag.

Stay safe everyone! I hope you guys (including Seo) and your families are safe! Let's pray that Covid-19 would just dissapear now! Bye -The subtitle editor and creator.

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