Hey guys welcome to Thailand once againit's 9 a.


in the morning and we are at Ao nang beach in Krabi.

We are about togo to Railay beach and we have started our journey from our hotel on foot andwe shall be taking a ferry from here to Railay.

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Now we are at the ferry ticket counter you can see the ticketcounter out here, we bought tickets from here that is Ao Nang beach to Railay andback, the tickets cost 100 part per person for one way and you have to givethe tickets to this guy out here and he will lead you to the boat, so we have towait because our boat was not yet full.

The boat service starts from 8:00 in themorning to 06:00 the afternoon and there are boats at regular intervalsfrom here as well as Railay Beach.

That's our return ticket and we have alreadygiven our onward ticket, so we'll be going now on the longtail boats you can seehere one of the boats will take us to Railay.

once on board we took our seats, and actually there are no dedicated seatsfor each passenger you can just take any of the seats you choose if you want therear of you can take the rear or if you want the front view from the frontend it's basically a wooden boat with the canopy and there's a motorisedengine at the back and one boatman steers the boat that's it.

You can seeour boat is starting, so guys we're right now on the way to Railay beach and youcan see the sights from the boat this is what you get to see from the front partof the boat, and this is the view towards the rear end from the front it'sactually over the canopy and you can see the many mountains to the left side, there are many island resorts as well you can see the mountains have beeneroded by the sea waves this nice scenery is exciting.

people are boating out herecanoeing or kayaking, beautiful scenery is what attracts you during this ride.

theboat ride in itself is an amazing thing and you enjoy the boat ride I wouldsuggest you to sit in the front or at the back from where you can see thenatural view if you try to sit in the middle then you will miss out a lot onthis and that's how the inside of the boat looks like and here's our boatman steering the boat well guys after a 15 minutes ride and a lot of cliff watching from the sea, we finally reach Railay Beach, Guys istime to disembark this part of the beach is known as theWest Railay Beach, the island is actually divided into two parts West Railay and East Railay this is the west railay beach and theother part at the east railay beach so we're right now atwest Railay and we're getting down to the beach so here we are at west railay beach youcan see it's quite beautiful the rock cliffs you can see the rocks from herethis part of the beach actually I found to be more beautiful than the other partthe sea is very clear out here and you can swim, there is a designated area for swimmingbut there is none on the other part because that side is marsh land manymangrove trees are there I'll show you laterright now let's take a walk , for a return journey you have to catch the boat fromhere itself so we have to get back here.

now you can see a couple of restaurant and swimmingareas for people, swimming areas have been marked separately from the parking areaso that accidents do not happen, is a place to relax we took a short walk but as it was very hot and the Sun wasup high we decided to take a walk down Railay Walking Street which is a sort ofa market we found ourselves in the walking street in no time.

this is the RileyWalking Street Market it's actually a tourist market with souvenirs and theitems out here extremely costly they price the items in an outrageous manner, if you dont “Need” anything its justrecommended not to buy from here cause the same items here you will get muchcheaper in Bangkok or in Krabi itself, we took a walk through the Railay walkingstreet market as we wanted to go east railay beach on the other side andthere are only three ways to go and this is one of the most popular ways becausethe market is there and you get to see a lot of things, in this market will findshops of every kind from crafts and food shops dress shops and everythingwe'll get out here but the price of the goods are exorbitant unless you desperately need something its recommend not to buy from here at the end of the market the streettakes a left turn and you will find the statue of a mermaid standing therewelcoming the visitors from there onwards on both sides of the street willfind many bars pubs and a few restaurants a unique thing about the bars out hereis they are designed in such a way as to give you a feel of the 70s rock culturethe restaurants too have their own unique design of wood and bambooalthough the strip of the island is quite new and most of the area is underdevelopment still it doesn't fail to raise of excitement the travelers after few minutes walking down the road we foundourselves at a place where the road was split in two, the left one would take usto some caves the visitor information center while the road on the right will lead us to Eastrailay beach and after a few minutes of consultation we chose to take the one onthe left first this path took us to a steepmountainside where there are many caves at regular intervalsand we decide to check few of them so let's see what's inside, going in one ofthe caves right now oh that was just some bats', further we found ourselves ina place where there was this steep face of a hill and just amazing thislimestone rock and it eroded over the years and there was an amazing formationout here you can see this is the place you see the limestone here and withall the formations here and here there was another cave like structure so wedecided to check in what was the inside this one is a bit bigger than the lastone and it looked more intense from the outside so I decided to go inside andsee what's there but we are short on time so I just stuckto filming from what was there from the entrance and didn't go in deep insidethe cave there were tracks but still I didn't have time to force over to goback the structure was really wonderful we also found a temple like structure inone of the smaller caves I don't know what it is for, but then after a while wearrived at the tourist information center and there was another big caveout here and this one you need to get an entry ticket to go inside , wew didn't havemuch time so we had to skip this one out here apart from other things therewas a map of Railay which we found very important and usefulwe took the tracks which led us to east railay beach from here, when we arrivedat east railay beach we found it was completely different from West Railay, outhere the sea is separated from the land by strip of mangrove trees and there is noregular Beach out here in this part rather there is a marshland, the settingof this part of the island is also different from West Railay out hereyou'll find more restaurants, hotels resorts, guest houses, resorts and spas and mostof them are upscale this seems more or less like a retreatfor the rich by now I guess you have noticed onething, but there are no cars or buses in Railay and people have to commuteon foot the roads are also built in such a wayyou need to commute on foot there is no space for cars or bikes or ant vehicle, walking on this part of the island is another exciting thing to do , you get to seea lot of nice hotels nice places, if you were to explore Railay to the fullest youto spend an entire day on this part of the island otherwise you miss a lot Riley Beach is also connected onlyby ferry to other parts of Thailand and there is a ferry pier you can see peoplewaiting for the boat, but we will not get boat from here to ao nang beach, so youhave to go to the other side and we were also very hungry by this time so we weresearching for a place to eat, so we decided to search for one and we thoughtof eating somewhere in the island and not out here because out here thethings are expensive so we started walking towards the other part of theisland and on the way back we witnessed the different natural beauty of east railay Beach, it was quite different from other beaches, it was low tidenow so the mangroves were visible from the broadwalk the walk past the different resorts wesaw that the mangrove forests the roots have came up above the water, thewater has receded due to the low tide and it was a different sight altogether we did notexpect to see such a thing in here well after a bit of searching we foundthe place at last which served oriental food and we've ordered Indonesian fried riceas well as an American fried rice and it was tasty after lunch we spent some more time atWest Railay beach enjoying the view and sea and then we decided to return it wasis almost evening so we thought of returning to Ao Nang and we took theboat which took us back to Ao Nang and it was a smooth journey well guys that was our trip to Railayfrom Ao nang beach krabi, so how do you like our video please don't forget tomention that in your comments and if you are new to our channel please don'tforget to subscribe our channel for more videos like this, if you have any queriesor suggestions you could always let us know via your comments and we'll try toanswer them to the best of our abilities so friends till then, have a nice time, and enjoy your holidays.




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