Ba Na Hills GOLDEN BRIDGE in Da Nang | The Disneyland of VIETNAM?!

So in this vlog today, we're in Da Nang Vietnam and we're going to the Ba na hills sun world amusement park We really wanted to see the main attractions of the Golden Bridge aka the cow bong and also their long cable car ride But we also found out there's much more to explore in this amusement park.

So stay tuned She just arrived a son world and bana Hills you borrow ticket for roughly around 30 US dollars And yeah I'm kind of surprised because we came here mostly for the the bridge but we found out that this whole thing is Like an amusement park and it's like an amusement park style We have to buy the lift ticket at the cable car and it takes us Throughout the amusement park and there's a bunch of activities in here.

So we're going to explore Apparently, this is one of its not the longest and tallest cable car in Southeast Asia.

We're just gonna sit back Enjoy the view and ride until we get up to Sun world I Noticed it is very lush in green here at bana hills on these hills and mountains.

We finally got to the top That was the longest and most majestic Cable ride I've ever been on it's crazy.

I felt like we're in Jurassic Park 7.

So this is it guys.

It's literally on the top of a really huge mountain High this is no joke.

I really feel like I'm at Disney World or something in Vietnam Basically a Disneyland on top of the mountains You can't really see it because there's so much missed around but there's a bunch of castles everywhere So on top of a really high mountain – why so misty but I wish it wasn't so missing So you guys see all the castles and the views but then again it also adds to the Halloween theme.

It's pretty eerie I Guess these are supposed to be the venom ease koco's All right, guys, there seems to be a bootleg jasmine and Aladdin over here I'm pretty sure there's some type of copyright law defending this but it's all right.

We're in Vietnam.

Alright guys, I was wrong It wasn't Jasmine Latin.

It was jasmine and I like Dean Honestly, it's not even joking anymore This is literally like a Vietnamese Disneyland Except they don't have a lot of rides.

It's not as expensive It was only 30 bucks for a ticket service most for attractions But the main one is the hands bridge, which we're going to see Pretty soon getting on another lift going through the main event What we came here for to go to hand bridge.

So we're here at the Golden Bridge Bana Hill It's really missing cloudy.

Oh Yeah, I was ignorant to the fact that was actually the Sun world which is like an amusement park This is the main attraction we came here for This is it basically these relics because it's really misty right now.

You can't see the hands.

We'll try our best You can see some of the finger tips Sit walked across the bridge saw both hands, but now we're out Actually, I prefer to see a sunny but actually looks pretty cool and eerie in the missus as well So we're in a garden section of this park, right? here This is a huge Park.

I don't think we're gonna be able to see everything What's our best is everything is layered and you take trams or the cable cars get up and down and it seems endless It's really cool we're just walking this amusement park and randomly there'll be Crazy views of trees and mountain since we're super high up In bomb, but not so thing.

I've been seeing here size castles It's a bunch of restaurants and food.

There's even like all-you-can-eat buffet here Actually a couple it's place also renowned for its food A lot of people come here to see so yeah.

It's another attraction here your food So another main attraction of the Sun world is the food right now, we're at the barbecue buffet A lot of people here.

The price of the buffet is two hundred five thousand binamis dong, which is 9.

2 US dollars, it's pretty good deal with my How good the food is here, so we're on the first floor of this buffet apparently there's Four three or four floors.

This one is huge.

This is a barbecue buffet There's actually a sushi buffet and I think another restaurant but yeah, we're feeling very meaty today Need some protein There's a friendly reminder get small portion that you can handle don't waste your food at the pump a Skies cleared up a bit.

So now y'all can see the Vietnamese medieval times Aka venom YZ Disney World, we're leaving the French Quarter.

Probably the busiest part here if I try to find the beer Plaza So it seems like it just isn't our day today It's a very cloudy the beer plazas close We took the wrong lift and went down and then up again wasting an hour But it's all good because at least we got to explore son world, and now we're leaving.

Goodbye This could have been us with the maximum cultural appropriation reverse culture appropriation But neh Like there's elevated music in this list right alone is already an adventure Dubonnet Hills.

See you later son world Bana Hills.

It's been real.

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