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Hi everyone! Today we are on the small beach We had a review of the major beaches in Phuket and we decided to visit a small wild beach called Banana Somehow in Thailand wild beaches have such names as Freedom, Banana.



Some Europeanized nameHow do you find this beach? Until we went down, I tell you.

The beach is located between the beaches of Bang Tao and Naithon There is on the south side of Bang Tao, behind me is Naithon If you drive along the coast from Bang Tao, will need to get to the hotel, called Trisara.

I think you'll find it easily on the map.

From the hotel you need to go to the north.

You will see this pointer on which is written “Banana beach”.

It's simple.

The descent to the beach is laid through the jungle.

I think it's a step But here the bulk path.

Now we go down, and there I'll tell you about the beach The descent is very steep and loose.




in slippers very uncomfortable.

O my God .



God .



God, I'm so clumsy.

Oh, there's incredibly beautiful!Stunning view! Here is little piece of paradise in Phuket.

Honestly, I really love these little and wild beaches.

Banana Beach is also called Banana Rock Beach For a while this beach was a secret I learned about this beach from subscribers Because many people told me, it is a very nice beach and that the need to go here.

I decided, that I would go and show this beach Banana Beach is small, about 150-180 meters in length.

I don't know, it's like a little Nai Harn Come to the water there is a better overvie and I'll tell you something else Banana Beach is a small bay As I understand, the sea is calm here permanently Even when all the raging waves, here is very nice.

There is a rock, I think, here you can enjoy snorkeling I do not know.

The beach is small, wild, but there are beds, there is a food court.

It has everything for a relaxing holiday Behind me are long boats that take you to the next larger beaches or to some islands.

Here is few people For example, at the Tri Trang so many people.

Here is no hotels on the beach, Only the top is worth the hotel.

As I understand it is Trisara, I told about it Here stunningly soft sand.

If you want to take a picture of someparadise, I think that the Banana beach the perfect place.

If you're nearby, near theBang Tao beach or Naithon come here Rest for a few hours, swim.

I will tell it again, I love the small beaches Usually they differ from large popular beaches If you're tired of the noise of Patong, you are tired of the waves in Karon Take a bike or taxi and come to some small and quiet beach For example, on the Banana beach Water is amazing, very warm, clear and clean.

This color of the Andaman Sea .



I think this can be found somewhere in the Maldives, I do not know, the Seychelles.

This place is like the pictures.

Paradise Bounty beach of advertising.

This is a beautiful azure sea Now we come to the north beach.

The beach is small, it is strange to divide it into parts Behind me there are rocks I think I'll finish the story about the Banana beach or Banana Rock beach.

I advise you to come here, if you will be somewhere near For this go to the beach this place is weird because it is north of the island.

For example, if you relax on Nai Harn beach you will get to the Banana beach a long time.

But if you close, come necessarily Swim, relax, take a sunbed, here you can eat.

There are few people.

Here rest the Europeans And take a camera, make a couple of shots.

And post the photo to Instagram How can you not post itsomething Instagram?! Subscribe to the channel, leave yourcomments, ask questions, See the description below the video.

There will try to explain, how to find this beach because Banana is small.

Thank you so much for watching.


On Bang Tao Beach, a lot of people.

Because it is popular among tourists, including Russian tourists.

My first time at Bang Tao Beach I'll tell you a little bit, I read about this beach.

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