Bangkok First Impression | What to Expect (Travel from Cambodia To Thailand)

so I can't believe that we're standinginside of a skytrain in Bangkok this morning we were in Phnom Penh inCambodia now we're in Bangkok Bangkok baby hi guys from Phnom Penh inCambodia after a pretty heavy and tough workout we are now ready to pack up ourthings and leave this beautiful country for another country which is Thailand weare going to the capital city of Thailand which is Bangkok in about maybe a fewhours or so and we have had an incredible time here in Cambodia we'vespent three amazing weeks here why don't just show you some clips of ouradventures here and this is spider the people in Cambodia they found it in the mountain looks pretty disgusting actually this is as real as it gets right so we standing here with a newGerman friend in background and with the water buffalo we made it back so you can just click up here to watchthe whole series of Cambodia all our adventure it has been an incredible timehere in Cambodia and I think that the time in Bangkok and also in Thailand isgoing to be awesome we're actually going to spend about one and a half to twomonths in whole in Thailand which I'm really looking forward to I haveactually been there once before but it was like eight years ago so I think alot of things have happened to Thailand but now we're gonna head out and grabsomething quick to eat before we're heading for the airport here in PhnomPenh are you hungry yeah always let's go now guys so best way to get around inCambodia is tuk-tuk so we were actually going to go to our favorite place here in PhnomPenh it's called vibe they have awesome foodvery healthy but they were actually closed so we found just a restaurantnearby I made a Middle Eastern restaurant so we're having falafelinstead when you're so full that you're falling asleep at a restaurant we'll betaking a tuk-tuk which is going to land us about four u.


dollars to theairport here in Phnom Penh and it's about a 30-minute ride there and this isa ride for today so babe what are you looking forward tothe most visiting Thailand firstly I would say that it will be nice tocome to a country that's a little bit more developed yeah and also that we'regoing to a retreat yeah to a meditation and yoga retreat yeah yeah which we needvery bad very badly working real hard to throw out these YouTube videos we haveanother type of business as well so we're sitting by our computers and working alot and then exploring meanwhile so sometimes it's hard to connect to toyourself and also to each other yeah we will disconnect for a week to connect with ourselves yeah sitting still in this traffic in the side of a tuk-tuk without aircon or somethinglike that how does it feel warm warm so we just arrived to theInternational Airport in Phnom Penh and we are going to check in one of thesebags so see you on the other side so we made it through check-in and this is thetwo only bags that we are taking on the plane and the other one we checked inbecause it's like slightly above and we don't want to take the risk of having topay a higher fee to get it like checked in so time has come to board the planelet's go to Bangkok so we are on the plane now and are readyto leave Cambodia yeah arkoun Cambodia and we'll see you Bangkok in about one hourin ten minutes yeah so see you in Bangkok alright guys so we just touched down inBangkok and this airport is called Don Mueang Airport something like that I thinkBangkok has two different airports we're totally alone in this hall right nowstanding here vlogging and now we are going to go through the immigration tofill out the form yeah and we're also going to try to finda SIM card with some internet so we don't make the same mistake that we didin Kuala Lumpur what was that again that we didn't buy a SIM card at the airportbecause we wanted to get the cheaper price maybe we won't do that againlet's go through the immigration this is the process that you have to go throughonce you arrive in Thailand doesn't matter which airport if you arenew into the country foreigner you have to fill in theseinformation here on these information card so that's what we're gonna do andthen we're going to go through the immigration made it throughimmigration and now we're going to grab our luggage oh my god bag is on the floor maybe wewere to slow with the immigration process and everything but somebody hasput or back there and gladly nobody took it with them yeah oh my god or elseyou wouldn't have any clothes or nothing no all the clothes and everything isinside of this and also guys if you are traveling frequentlyI don't know how security locks are but always buy a lot like this because thennobody can just open your bag and snap your thingsokay so let's find out what kind of transportation you're going to take fromthe airport into the city find something to eat or just find our accommodationeither we have maybe a train we're gonna look that up or we have to pay for ataxi because we're budget travelers as you can see we hope for maybe a train great so taxi just local trains unfortunately butfirstly let's see if we can find a SIM card so we can have some internet on ourphone so here at the arrival hall you can actually find several places that sellSIM card with internet so we're going to check some of them out to see if we canfind some good prices now there are different providers of these Internetservices or SIM card services and the guy actually told me here after I pushthem a little bit that you can actually buy a SIM card cheaper that's like anmall for example where they're having decent shops or SIM cardsso maybe was to grab a taxi to a mall to buy a cheaper SIM card or your it okaylet's do that so we actually decided to buy one SIM card here with unlimited 4Gdata for 1, 000 baht which is about 30 US dollars because we just need internetfor now and we will wait for the other SIM card for later all right so you'reactually able to share and limit the data with anybodywhenever you want to so that's why maybe we just gonna keep one SIM card for thistrip we will see but for now we are going to get into the city center fromthis Don Juan Don Mueang Airport or what it's called and there's actuallydifferent ways that you can get into the city yeah one is of course to grab ataxi or to grab a grab in your grab application on your phone and that'squite expensive I think it's like between 350 to 500 baht which istranslated to maybe $15 $20 something like thatbut what we are going to do is take a bus from this airport to a train stationto take a skytrain into the city alright are you ready to do thatyeah let's go now that was fun yeah we've got moresubscribers to our channel wanna sit here yeah okayso this is the bus that is going to take us all the way to the skytrain I'm not sure how manyminutes we have to be on the bus but let's see what did you pay nothing we paid nothingto go onto this bus but then I think the sky train will be maybe thirty bahtor something like that maybe like a dollar or somethingwe'll see when we get there yes super sheep instead of paying like 500 baht for the taxi wehave to save some money guys we have a lot of things to do in Thailand right sowe actually had to pay for this trip but it was only $1 each and it's gonnatake around 20 minutes to get to this skytrain which gonna take us all theway into the city and hopefully we are going to find something to eata place to stay for tonight we already have an accommodation I'm just kiddingso we got our skytrain cards and for one person this trip is going to cost us about 1.

5dollars so that is saving money right there let's go to our stay so I can'tbelieve that we're standing inside of a skytrain in Bangkok of this morning we werein Phnom Penh in Cambodia now we're in Bangkok Bangkok babyso what are you thinking about right now food and a nice bed okay let's fix that we have to stand in line here so time is about half past 9:00 in theevening we have been traveling all day and we're hungry and we are justexhausted and we are on a way to our stay we try to find it by foot and inabout ten minutes we should arrive at our stay I mean we have been travellingfor maybe nine hours or something like that today but it has been fun too andnow we're finally in Bangkok and give me some food and a night's sleepwe arrived so we get the card room let's go inside okay looks nice it does okayso we are finally in our room I'm so tired yeah me too it's been a long long day butfinally we're here babe yeah finally we'll leave you here and tomorrow we'llbe exploring more in Bangkok yes so make sure to watch the upcoming videos seeyou in the next one guys bye.

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