In this vlog we take you to foodparadise Bangkok We're back home, Bangkok We're back at our first backpacking destanation, the love for backpacking begins here We go backpacking in Bangkok, I mean Thailand This is really annoying in Thailand Passport control.

you need to wait very long.

Here we were two years ago.

We slept here and we're in the same street where we were two years ago had eaten first.

It's funny to be back here.

it all started there, Ramburti village.

Really funny We also eat where we have eat back 2 years ago.

Bangkok is so chill with all that street food Here we had our firstmeal eaten accidentally What we have mister, Our first meal is pad thai.

This is a really typical Thaifood so tasty.

If you are in Bangkok, you can not skip the Khao San road.

here's delicious street food stalls you can buy clothes and in the evening young people came here to party let's visit the seven eleven.

You have so many choices out there several tasty drinks, oh my god, this is not normal You can get delicious meal, chafing dishes, sandwiches and more.

It's time for a nice pamper day.

After five months running, we deserve this.

Thick calluses on your feet, nice man.

Before we begin the day with a delicious breakfast at our hostel.

It feels really good to be back in Thailand.

We are in Bangkok and 2 years ago when we were here we thought it is too busy, oh my god no Bangkok is not our thing and now we love it.

We really love it and nog we're going to the shopping mall We are now in the city and MBK Center, a large shopping mall Jaleesa still waiting for the wedding ring.

These are the slippers I bought for Jaleesa.

This .


Would you marry me if I could come up with this outfit? off course These are really the standard backpackshirts.

If you're in Thailand every backpacker walk in this shirt.

This is the biggest shopping mall in Bangkok.

This is so big.

1, 2, 3, 4 large shopping malls seems like a whole neighborhood.

Let's see where we are going, show me another floor The choice was either here in this expensive shopping mall beautiful in those expensive brands to buy expensive clothes or to travel the around world.

The choice was super easy, travel! You can also buy a Lamborgini here If you walk a little further you can chose a Bentley Bangkok by night! we are going to eat.

So much choice, we do not know what we are going to take It is rice with chicken, sweet potatoes and egg Also brought a delicious banana shake, Thailand is paradise for food After long than we treat ourselves to a massage It's quite dark but we gonna enjoy our massage Sawadeeka (hello in Thailand) This is food porn.

Nutella, banana pancake.

We gonne leave Bangkok.

We really enjoy our time here.

We sitting in the bus to Chiang mai, the bus ride is 12 hours long and there we switch over to the next bus and after 3 hours we arrive in Pai.

We actually came back to Thailand for Pai.

It is now six in the morning, we have to wait an hour for the next bus and then then we have to sit in the bus for three hours and then we finally Pai.

“Your love” My first love .


Ilis, we're back after two years at your great love.

Yeah man, I'm home.

How do you feel? Currently tired, but happy that I am back We were recognized for the first time on the streets by them today.

'For the first time?' yes for first time.

So we are walking and suddenly Ilisio is called.

I hear someone say “hey Ilisio”, we thought it was a known one of us So walk to him and he said, you're from Reis je gek.

Every week we check your video's So we are recognized in the street.

really nice they were a really nice couple.

So we are famous Good afternoon, we are finally waking up, it is now two hours We're gonna check what we can do Pai.

Because we were tired yesterday, we don't filmed so much.

You could notice that.

it's lunch time it's 3 'o clock now.

What did you order? Vegetable, herbal, chicken and I have rice soup with chicken.

Enjoy your meal.

“and i also got free water ' that's really.


Yeah good information We are now at the night market from Pai, with some good food.

But first withdraw money, otherwise we can not eat.

That's why we love Pai, all thestreet food, fruit and they got everthing what you wanna eat We have company today.

'Hi' What do you have? a tasty fried chicken.

sweet corn and spring rolls.

This is heaven! Madame got finally here sushi.

Are they delicious? YES The ladies have a sweet corn.

And delicious? Yes very delicious Ilisio scored a vegetarian burrito.

i'm on a vegetarian tour.

“OMG, why you do tough” I order rice, chicken and vegetables, no day without rice Ilis has a pancake with real nutella.

“Because the fake nutella is not good here.

I'm very happy with my chocolate pancake What did you get madame? Chocolate, peanut butter shake, Very tasty Cheers! “You are already drinking a beer, my friend”.

We ar playing cards now.

“He has all the time cunt 7.

He cheats as always We want to thank you again for watching our vlog.

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We see you next sunday bye Tonightt we gonna? Drink, drink, drink.


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