Bangkok or Chiang Mai ? Which is BEST Thailand Travel Destination 2019 🇹🇭

Both Chiang Mai and Bangkok, I one of the most popular destination in Thailand Bangkok, Thailand is the most visited city in the world.

Yeah in 2018 Why do you need to keep in mind is that so many bloggers so many vloggers even though there's so many people say they love Bangkok Oh, Even though there are so many people say they love Chiangmai but it doesn't mean that you will love Bangkok or you will love Chaingmai let's be real there's a lot of similarities and then there's a lot of differences.

Yeah So what we're gonna do here is tell you exactly what is similar and what is different Yeah, Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

I am Thai myself born and raised in Bangkok.

Not bias I'm not gonna be bias at all because I also spend a lot of time in Chiang Mai and I love Chiang mai as well So these two cities can pamper you in a totally different way the reason why we decide to make this video is because in reality when it comes to traveling Not a lot of people can have like unlimited time or unlimited money this video We designed for those who have limited time and limited money.

You have a short period of time to travel Thailand I have to pick one city over another or you have limited budget and you have to select One city over another what would be the destination for you? So according to the Meteorological Society? Bangkok has some of the hottest average is about 79 degrees Fahrenheit in the midwinter Where Chiang Mai is completely different like being from New York Chiang? Mai is my go-to spot as you get the cold winter day or winter mornings and nights But you get those warm mid days whereas in Bangkok.

It's straight hot in the winter Winter in Bangkok, you can't expect that it gonna be winter like cold winter No, it's hot all year round also due to the reason that Chiangmai also sit up the high altitude as well Surrounding by the mountains in Bangkok a small and concrete jungle actually Fun fact like concrete absorb a lot of heat And it holds a lot of the heat in so you can really feel the heat coming off of the roads It's funny because like I didn't plan on packing winter clothes when I was traveling Southeast Asian my first times when you're riding in the mountains Especially it is freezing cold on the motorbike.

Yeah true But in Bangkok, I never experienced any winter that I have to wear sweater So it's totally different Chiangmai beautiful, you know mountain ranges riding around it's not so hectic Bangkok, you know, I drove in Bangkok and I didn't like it Mm-hmm people don't really, you know, look out as well because they're so used to driving in and out of traffic so fast Whereas me I'm not used to that.

So even me as an experienced person driving and riding a motorbike It was still pretty scary So if you like more calm roads getting around things like that, you can you know focus on Chaing mai But in Bangkok, we would never recommend anybody to ride motorbike or dive.

Yeah, or even drive unless you're And in terms of walkability if you had a type person that you loved walking To anywhere.

I think Chaing Mai is more pleasant for you to walk.

Yeah, but it's everything so spread out so walking around in Bangkok Things are closer things are closer in Bangkok right? Things are more packed especially when you're in downtown in major like in But you have to also accept the Disadvantage of that because it can be a little bit like hectic There is a lot of pollution in the city, especially on days where there's cloud cover it holds the pollution down So walkability is not really that enjoyable when you're in Bangkok in that scenario It's easy, but it's not quite enjoyable.

Yeah, where as in Chiang Mai It's a little bit harder because things are a little bit more spread out, but it's a lot more enjoyable Yeah But if you are in the in the right neighborhood allow you to walk like nimnan road or like old town Town.

Yeah, it's really this area It can be nice for you to walk around to see things or to stop by some coffee shop So now let's talk about the ease of getting around The ease of transportation.

So I think that Bangkok is a little bit easier to get around So if you're in Chiang Mai new motorbike, it's pretty easy but when it comes to Bangkok they have so many modes of transportation or like You know public transportation whether it be buses taxis BTS sky train if everything.

Yeah, and it's all fairly inexpensive because there's so many form of transportation openly in public transportation in Bangkok, but in Chiang Mai, there is no such thing like BTS sky train or subway? But what they do have are those red trucks, duh? Rod song taew which is like have like the red bus that you can sit In the back in the bath with like I think about eight to ten people can fit in it's fairly inexpensive – speaking of traffic condition people always think that Bangkok is the worse.

Oh, yes Bangkok is the worst in Chiang Mai is more mild in terms of traffic But it doesn't mean that you can't expect to see traffic jam at all in Chiangmai They are still traffic jam especially around like old town like yeah town or you're near Maya mall Yeah near like the main Attractions the city like the airport things like that.

Like you're definitely gonna be experiencing traffic jams there as well Yeah, and from what really not bangkok traffic jams.

Yeah now let's talk about things to do Of course your travels there's a lot to do in both locations Yeah Depends on what you would like to do depend on what you would like to feel you've pin on what you would like to see Like what really excites you about travelling Thailand? So in terms of things to do what we do all the time is classify things in terms of nature shopping nightlife Cultural activity and in the aspect of the variety of activities for you to do and see Yes, so nature, of course Chiang.

Mai is gonna win This one handle hands down, especially from the apartment.

We had just huge mountain views the greenery in Chiang Mai is unreal up in the mountains drive around you can see the hill tribes.

See the temples see everything up there You have a lot of green a lot of trees a lot of nature alone some waterfalls.

You have everything in Chiang Mai Where is Bangkok you don't really have as much? Nature you have a concrete jungle But yeah, but you don't really have much trees or I mean you can go to the parks You can go to some parts of some temples Also Chiang Mai is in the northern part of Thailand and in not in part of Thailand It's full of green and mountains.

So you can not only just expect to be in Chiang Mai It's so easy to go to like PI go to my house on auto-ship I for example, yeah, that's actually a really well-known thing to do up north and Chiang Mai's ride a motorbike Take the male on something loop.

I will say Chiang Mai wins in nature category.

Okay Next shopping will let her talk about shop because I don't shop I don't normally shop to us and we travel full time on the road.

It's cuz we're broke You never see me shopping much unless unless I see Sunglasses for three dollars.

It's still bad for my eyes, but it's just like you do something to spice up my day a little bit Yeah So for shopping, I would say both Chiang Mai and Bangkok is amazing Thailand in general is so well known for being a shopping paradise so when it comes to shopping it depends on what you are looking for if you are looking for love like Designer copy stuff definitely go to Bangkok definite go to Bangkok.

Yeah, it's gonna be a lot cheaper You can still find it in Chiang Mai, but it's gonna be a lot cheaper in Bangkok Yeah, Bangkok is more like for me as a Thai citizen.

I feel like Bangkok You smell like a cop for knockoff you can fight you can easily find knockoff Jewlery enough of somewhere.

That's not of purses Persis not shoes everything yeah this Yeah, there's a big mall for that call MBK Oh mother Kong That place is why you kind of find a bunch of knockoff stuff Yeah, you can also still find some knockoff stuff in Chiang Mai, but it's not really quite well-known.

Even among Thai it's gonna be more expensive as well, but Chaingmai is good for when you want something more exotic Thai like for example Handcraft stuff handmade stuff we can easily find it in Chiang Mai some paintings Home Decor they have like amazing the hilltribe up in the mountains in Chiang Mai they make these amazing Handmade clothes and they're like really well-known in the north for like bright colors Yeah, you will find more options of that up North you can still find some in Bangkok for me Chaingmai wins hand down for exotic stuff handmade knockoff stuff And when it comes to variety different kind of market I would say Bangkok has more variety in terms of so many markets some market that is specifically just on Weekend in Bangkok.

They are some marketers specifically on Wednesday Thursday Friday So you have to really do a bunch of research when you are in Bangkok.

It's so much variety in Bangkok.

Yeah, you will find bunch of market.

Even on the street like some area for example Silom area you can find along the pathway.

Yeah that's lined with carts of like different stuff Yeah, you can you can see a lot of stuff like that in Bangkok but in Chiang Mai I think it's more well organized environment and everything.

It's just so chill to walk around and shopping now.

Let's talk about Some people are party animals Some people travel to party like if you're a young person and you're out on vacation you want a party You can definitely party in both locations.

There's gonna be nice nightlife in both places, but It's actually really not as common in Chiang Mai as it is Bangkok.

So Bangkok is like red light district.

Yes High in rooftop bar.

Yes backpacker street party.

They have everything covered from bottom to top Yeah, every type of person and every type of party though – can even find hidden bars Behind lockers.

Yeah, but in Chiang Mai what we experience is that in more time layed back side.

It's not Some live music.

Yeah, if you left something crazy, I think you will love Bangkok Definitely.


Alright next let's talk about culture cultural things to do cultural activities I see a lot of people say that Chiang Mai is better.

Yes, Chiang Mai is more well-known for cultural activities But I feel like if you want to experience the culture of Thailand Both Bangkok, and Chiang.

Mai is is great for exploring The culture of of people Thai culture is mainly influenced by religion.

We are majority of us Predominantly Buddhist.

So everything you see about culture would be something related to Buddhist Buddhism however, you can also still see some influence of Hinduism the shrine the offering Chinese a little bit of Chinese influence because there are so many Chinese in Thailand as well So if you want to see the temple in Bangkok and Chiang mai you can find a bunch of Thai temple Chinese temple as well both Chiang Mai and Bangkok have amazing temples and lots of them Yes Bangkok has more temples.

But I also think that they're like crazier in Bangkok like in the terms of sights and patterns and Like that in depth and detail of temples Why Bangkok has so many point of interesting time up culture like you can go see temples But I feel like in in Bangkok it becomes a little bit touristy thing a lot of temple in Bangkok if you want to get inside you have to pay the entrance fee but inch in my Any temple we go.

We didn't really have to pay for the entrance fee unless we go to Doi su tep gorgeous temple.

I think that was literally the only temple we paid for yeah, I feel I do too the major development not only in Bangkok in Chiang Mai to the development in terms of urbanization Condominium buildings Chiang Mai still be able to maintain the route of Thainess Yeah in Chiang Mai You won't really see the scene of sex tourism and final reason you will feel like that is a little bit more Conservative in Chiang Mai.

I feel like Bangkok is becoming like that more and more of melting part of everything Yeah, one thing though if you want to truly explore the culture in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai I feel like the easiest way if you have limited amount of time try to See the event that going on in in Thailand, for example Loy kra tong event in November or for example, the Buddha birthday something that all the locals gather together Ok, next let's talk about the variety of the activities.

Oh so much to do in both places Like we said it depends on what you are specifically looking for when you travel.

Yeah, exactly So when it comes to varieties of activities We would consider things such like if you have the short period of time and you want to cover all kind of activities Why should you go and for me personally? Even though I'm a Bangkok in I was born and raised in Bangkok I'm not gonna be bias But I would say Bangkok is the place for you due to the reason that Bangkok is kind of in the middle Compare to Chaingmai which is like in the north so for Bangkok if you want something urbanization, some people just love sky scrappers love the the feel of Hustle, and bustle, you will love Bangkok.

And also if you want something more like historical you can also visit Ayutthaya Which is like I think about two hours away from Bangkok.


It's about two hours It's the old capital of Thailand was actually before Bangkok, Ayutthaya was a capital of Thailand It was in the war it got burned down, but it's full of like really ancient temples But it still holds like that local feel you can still get your local prices.

A lot of people still don't speak English So it's like really nice to really dive deep into the culture in that aspect of like separating herself from that Megacity type of feel you can take a train or you can take a van to Kanchanaburi like not so far from Bangkok as well You can see waterfall You can see nature that now when it comes to when you want to have the beach feelings You can also take a van.

You can also take a train from Bangkok itself to for example to Papaya to hoihin to Shyam or from Bangkok is so easy for you to go down south to the island Couple hours for me.

It feels like Bangkok covered more compared to Chiangmai But yes Chaingmai is beautiful stunning with the landscape and green about for activities There's not as much to do in Chiangmai Yeah, it's all right It's not that much even though from Chiang Mai you hop to the other city Just the way that you can hop to the other city from Bangkok, but from Chiang Mai Even you hop to another city nearby like Chaing rai, but it would give you the feeling of land lock a little bit So for miscellaneous things like additional things especially for us You know working from the computer and uploading videos and stuff internet is a key thing for us Bangkok and Chiang Mai both have great great internet Yeah, so you really don't have to worry about that in any terms like yeah some places.

Can I have slower internet? But you could always just upgrade your internet service no matter whether you're in Chiang Mai or Bangkok.

Hmm So I feel like if you are digital Nomad, are you consider being the expat in Thailand? Bangkok and Chiang Mai is great for the community are pretty equal in that aspect Chiang Mai is really really well for like digital nomads hub.

So next we're gonna talk about food so of course Thai food is like Amazing really well-known and it's known for being spicy.

Mm-hmm So in in Chiang Mai, it's a little less spicy than it would be you know in Bangkok or in the Northeastern part of Thailand or southern part of Thailand you see a lot of seafood in Bangkok is yeah there's more variety of seafood in in Bangkok compared to Chaingmai my and she might I feel like the seafood is not that fresh compared to Bangkok.

My favorite food is Khao SOI? My favorite Thai food is Khao Soi and that's like a northern dish, but you get a huge variety of food in Bangkok Okay, so in terms of a variety of food I mean if you add a type person that would love to try different bunch of different style food Yes You can have it in Chaingmai too but I feel like you will feel more you we have more and you enjoy More in in Bangkok due to there is and that actually Bangkok is it's kinda like for Thai people Bangkok is the hub that we pull from all over The other cities of Thailand they come for work.

Yeah that comes to Bangkok They relocated to Bangkok for the job Opportunity because Bangkok is the capital city and due to the reason that there are so many people especially from not eastern part of Thailand Isan Part people from isan also comes to comes to Bangkok a lot to work.

I personally love Isan food because my mom is from isan and I Find it's so easy to get the taste that exactly like Isan style some don't like Tom Yum, whatever like lab and numtok I feel like in Bangkok you can find more authentic of Isan food.

Yeah, and it's everywhere though It's like what we're saying is is more common to find it like yes You can still find it in Chiang Mai if you go to the right location but like you can literally like walk down the street turn the corner and there's gonna be numtok at that cart when it comes to street food I feel like Bangkok wins over Chaingmai in terms of Street food You can find very well every corner every road every pathway.

You'll find the street food in Bangkok I'm talking about the number the number and the variety II I feel like in in Bangkok they are way more Especially if you go to the area of night life Especially if you go to the area of nightlife like khao san road or you go to Sukhumi area You will find a lot of street carts people selling because There are so many people unavoidably sex tourism there were people there up way there out all yes, like that's why they stay open so long Yeah, because there's so many people going for so long.

Yeah to to provide food to these people who work at night Yeah, and those tourists who party late at night because Bangkok is so why for for party? So again, this is not biased and we're not telling you to choose one over the other We've been to both we love both.

I'm Thai by the way.

Yeah, we would like to know what you like What what place do you like most Bangkok or Chiang Mai? Ok, and why let's not be by us.

What would you pick? I know.

All right, would you pick I pick Chiang Mai? Oh, yeah, but because I'm from New York where it's cool nights.

It makes me feel at home being in Chiang Mai So, I mean, I love Chiang Mai, but I also love Bangkok.

I gets a very hard decision I'm from Bangkok.

I am Thai so for me I Feel like both cities are still in thailand they're in my country But if you want me to pick is so hard But I will also pick Chiang Mai eventually if somebody like Tah, you have to pick now We have to go now.

I would say okay, Chaingmai then.

We are very very active the comments We answer every single comment.

Sometimes we even answer them twice So let us know below and we will answer you guaranteed Yeah, if you have any questions, just feel free to just put your question in the comment Even though we are so late in terms of replying to comments sometimes But I guarantee you there will be so many people in this community that will answer your question Those who have been to Chiang Mai those have been Bangkok and they have some things to share about it So, I believe there will be those people who answer your question So if you are travelling to Thailand and you want to choose, you know between Chiang Mai or Bangkok There's gonna be a quiz in the description box below where you can kind of take it and check off You know, I'd like this or I'd like this and at the end of it you'll be able to decide, you know Chiang Mai fits my personality And travel likings better or Bangkok fits mine also There's a checklist in in the description box below that you can you know know what you need to know before you go to both come in both locations in Thailand and you can make sure you're prepared and Packed well for both locations, both are completely free.

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