she's so so drunk you've gotta you'vegot to check this place out so you like to party drink cheap booze and get allround messy and come on let's check out these two crazy crazy party cities let'sgo okay okay so you know I love to do a party videos if you haven't I've got somany more other crazy not alive videos here while I've been traveling and oneof my favorite parts of traveling if you add them to please just hit thesubscribe button below it really helps me out always it's not gonna spam youanything just helps me out so I can keep doing this so so you don't miss what'scoming up about full moon party I've got three Tigers that I met you can learnall about you see what I think is the best my club in the world don't miss ithere subscribe now ok enough let's let's get drunk together come on okay so mytwo favorite party cities there's Bangkok and this Pattayaparty cities and also Sin City okay so Bangkok has a few different party placesyou haven't seen I've got a video more in-depth one on co Sun road let's talkabout Co Sun run crazy long strip proper backpacking traveling street party drinkdrinks by the bucket eat insects get crazy food it's a great place it'sreally really good atmosphere in the bars there and stuff it's really reallyreally good I fully fully recommend it and that's like my first stop whenever Ihit Thailand I spend the night like in Bangkok and I got a cosine road likesets off you're travelling perfectly there's also pub in areas like super gayand I was on so you can fit 11 you can see other videos I went to sugar Clubfor a crazy night with M more coming up of her in my next video so here's somebig night club brother like night club area just like them home just a sidenote Bangkok tends to finish like 2 a.


if it is a little bit earlier than thetire I get into that I get into these clubs a little bit more expensive and Ibought a bottle in this club the cheapest way if I was drinking all nightto buy a bottle was 5000 bar that's a lot more expensive than Pattaya -there's kind of the same price I'm gonna pay at home a little bit cheaper they'renot home I guess but it certainly expensive but I but it is a reallyreally good night out usually go to these clubs you feel like a celebrityreally really good let's go something rode with your 80 bar like street beersand your 300 buckets and then there's like the clubs we're gonna spend alittle bit more money but it does have a really really good night out there'salso sort of cowboy these like in multi areas let's SOI cowboy and then there'salso nah-nah Plaza if you haven't go andcheck them out so the Cowboys a bit like walking Street kind of feel LK Metro ifyou've been to Pattaya like a strip of cool bars and stuff with lots of girlsthere and Nana Plaza is a converted shopping mall this nowlots of gogo bars put around a ladyboy bars and stuff it's definitelydefinitely worth a visit it's a real eye-openerokay so on to Pattaya this city is on the largest if not the largest partycities on the city was built on partying the whole thing exists from the 1970swhen American troops went there in the Vietnam War for R&R it was built onnightlife and drinking and leaving guys of their money this whole place is acrazy crazy since if there's walking Street the main strip a really reallyfamous street walking street you got there there's a nightclub there let'stalk about that quickly I've talked about it beforeit's called insomnia it's it's a crazy Club it check this out I see that youcame to the bar this we do by the bottles and I've spoke medicine beforelike around the thousand budget over a thousand bar for a whole bottle ofwhiskey and then you got mixers and when you compare that to the price of like120 to 160 a drink behind them individually you buy the bottle per shotand mixer comes out something like forty bar about a pound just over a dollar sothe cheapest way it's definitely definitely buy the bottle in this clubplus you get a table and table service it's always worth doing but they're Citytake a look is crazy don't think I'm comparing these two I'mnot comparing them exactly it's difficult because Pattaya is completelyfor a party city it's a party to order around from bars and relaxed drinking toactual huge nightclubs the old city revolves around nightlife and tourismbased around 900 it's Bangkok Bangkok actually a capital city it's acute citybusinesses in all sectors banking finance your hotels hostels servicesfactories on the outskirts is a huge shoots it and of course shopping loadsand loads of shopping in Bangkok tobacco is not just for the party but itcertainly has a good night life but like I mentioned it will finish about 2 a.


and it's hard it is possible but hard to find a party after whereas Pattaya thatcan go on the club finished at 6 a.


that be one to ten one to midday untilyou go order around and you can party there 24 hours a day if you want tothere's links below to hotels and stuff upstate in both cities you can go andcheck them out on booking.

com and places I find cheap hotels and cheap flights -it's all linked but I see my daily journey what I've been up to what I'mdoing I've got my social media tuned for him in Instagram or Facebook and besubscribe and let me know let me know what you prefer you mean the Bangkok andpattaya never know which one you prefer for the partying and why why do you likeit I want to hear from you okay lots of stuff coming up thanks so much forwatching crazy crazy videos coming up more nightlife more lair Min Ko Samuitraveling things to do what to eat where to go how to do it it's all all here onmy channel hit subscribe I really appreciate and I will see you see you onthe next one.

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