after spending the last six months inSouth Italian exploring the beautiful islands and beaches we're now heading tothe north of Thailand to one of the most popular places in all of Thailand ChiangMai Tek see from the airport and so grab is like Hotel which is $97 and now we'regoing

back to booked into a hotel with you I think this pond has got too many fishyou're scaring the Ducks away liar she's lying don't come you bought thefish food now they're your friends so this place is like a Thai cottage forgetit it's pretty cool neither your friend it's

a happy we'll be out soon just wait there okayso I wants to give him the fish food he doesn't one give it into the fishdan is cleaning it up he's so efficient whoa there's no chance the fish get anyaround them we are at lonwe saw this in before

yeah I'm gonna go and show you mineyour room damn can I come in as you can see that's too bad I likethis color it's a small bathroom but it's got a nice little Thai style oh mygod you're gonna be wearing there around that the whole resort I was

English coreTamara and it got too bad so I'm sure you're gonna get the small bit I alwayslove the balcony you can see the balconies yeah we've got a good roombecause from here you can see the pool and at the front door is to the to theduck pond okay

how's the bed you're gonna test the bed really is with the double bed makes ithard harder it's okay it's okay it's not too soft not July what are you wearing you steal it from the hotel you always love wearing the hotel'swardrobe around so we're gonna take a look

around this hotel it's prettyinteresting sexy say you know sucks and Chang myoutfit borrowed from the hotel's closet what pants are you wearing the bicycleshorts does change my style the other is also menu cyclists here also on theriver here but the pool infinity pool okay I'm gonna have to

getthe drone up over here yeah well this feels so weak walk on thatfeels like it's gonna fall through oh nice on the river nice spot that onelooks like it hasn't been used for a couple yearsokay so let me go through the school we don't buy the food in

school we made itwe have lunchbox and my lunchbox is exactly like this in Thailand coffeethat's a lunchbox it's got different compartments and they keep it keep itcool yeah any different mixtapes nice oh when we go to the temple we takethis you love trying everything from thehotel so the

hotel has got a shuttle bus that takes you into the city which we'regoing to take now just us to be up here that's right we jumped out of the man wearing like hedropped the middle of the street like the Riddler roundabout yeah it's a coolplace to drop us

right in the middle of the cityso we're gonna walk down here and have a look it's our first time to check my sohave a look at this city how you been am i with all that I have what about the while you're sorryimpressed wait a minute this is

just doesn't look like ty at all I was likesomething is different doesn't look like I'm entire I was just look I noticed isthat there is no way no power lines it's a power line free size used to gettingthe power lines away from dodging power lines in Bangkok these

temples look sobeautiful at night lit up the air code aha do you know what that's about don't know what that is butthat's interesting while dates back to 1296 although DISA McCloskey is happy playing with thestones I feel you're runningso we're taking a walk along one of the main

streets spittledilantin's and it's like a set of manmade lake okaythey gave money who needs a nightclub when you can hang out with that guysighs never had Mexican before so besides gonna try Mexican the mealshave come this is where we go taco burritoI think it's enchilada we want to

try the taco I was meant to get diapers be one butright a mistake like that sighs first time by Mexican sigh just got defeated helps the Mexicanfood like when commenting online in Yemen in scienceyou cannot know how much I eat a lot place looks like she had an

infectionyeah she was died so that's our first day in Chiang Maiwrapped up we're gonna wrap up this video until next time to eat bigger any of you

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