BANGKOK TRAVEL VLOG: First Time in Thailand 🇹🇭

Hi friends! So today I'm at the Incheon Airport I don't know if you guys can tell because of the background But I am currently waiting for Eddy to come here If you didn't know he's coming to KCON with me So excited but he's here.

He's just walking over now Yeah, we're going to Thailand.

It's my first time going and I'm so excited to meet you guys at KCON But yes, gotta find Eddie first before we start Getting stuff done.

Because we need to go exchange some money, we need to go get data for our phones You should be coming from oh my god Trying to sneak up Hey! Oh look at your airport fashion Cheers I'm wearing A little bit of cushion because I actually went to the dermatology today.

I got my nails done Your fav color You watched my stories.

Just now.


My god, it's what I get.

It's the evidence.

Oh my gosh It's cuz I haven't seen you in a while like ah Thank you.

Congratulations on your cushion Thanks.

It's probably the last one on Earth.

Ha really? I feel special.

Oh, this is so cute Can they still buy this? The case, no.

Thanks Eddy I'm gonna use this during my time in Bangkok.


There's a hundred empty seats today.

Coco was telling me that her — the person that massages her face tells her It's like a sort of way to practice your smiling like the corners of her mouth — you have to raise up Made it to the hotel! And then we're just waiting for our room, so they gave us a drink.

Cheers Okay, my makeup is all gone now.

Tastes like Like a really not sour lemonade yeah, so here is my hotel tour Hey MTV, welcome to my crib.

No, just one day because we are going to a different hotel, but Wow, look at this the floor and Eddie We're gonna try to film a get ready with me maybe oh my gosh Look at this What? Wait There's a what oh my gosh, that looks good Dude I love how there's like this little corner where we could eat Look at their menu That's amazing so the Man is here to make the other bed Because we're not gonna share a bed Fortunately.

And then this is where all of our luggages right now I Want to show you guys this view? Can you see? Yeah, I'll just take them out later Lead the way Edward I have to act like I've been here before I know we got one room tour and now we know We'll try to wake up for the sunrise Yes Sorry.

Okay, thank you These are two keys, front and back Okay.


Thank you It's our key to the hotel So he gets her own case.

I know right? Oh but This is what our room looks like and Oh, Edward Edward Look at this.

Oh, oh my gosh.

I've never seen this before Like physically like I've seen I've seen a lot of instagramers Post pictures in tubs like this, but this is my first time in the presence of one.

Oh My gosh, this is so cute All right guys good night flash effect which has changed into our PJs and I was going to end it there, but I Noticed that our travel products are pretty much the same We're not even here with Troiareuke.

We just rely on them Because the last thing I want to be doing is bringing samples with me It's a thing a lot of Koreans do And also, what if I like it but I only have the one sachet Eddy on a short Literally like this used to be the color of this Because I wear it so much and I wash it all the time It's brown But yes, I have my sheet mask on -Would you just go to sleep?-What sheet mask do you have? Very Mom Do you want one? You want one of these? What do you mean? I brought a whole box new one.

Do you want to save it for the day? You're gonna see Wonho I wanna see my cheokcheoksseon far away Yeah, do you want do that? Okay.

Yeah Don't worry, Oh my gosh.

I look so scary whenever I do sheet masks, you know Some people look really cute when they sheet mask? Not me Look, I just look like Humpty Dumpty Because your brows are missing Kind of.

I don't know.

It's just the sheet mask is So like big It's not you, okay.

Good night guys Good morning, Oh Who's that? It's GoToe We're all here But we're gonna go get breakfast GoToe actually just got here at like 4 o'clock in the morning? Yeah, so he wants to wash up and then we're gonna eat breakfast Let me show you guys the view outside It's so nice Good morning, Bangkok Is my camera fogging up? Well Getting ready for rooftop and Eddie's wearing makeup Right.

'Cause I'm gonna be sitting on the side of the pool doing nothing No, I really want to tan so this time I came prepared I brought Sunscreen oil from supergroup.

This is amazing yes, and then I haven't shared this on my channel, but so I know But remember that one time I went to Indonesia Well, I went to do a photo shoot and I filmed an advertisement for these two products right here Vaseline! So I'm gonna be taking some photos for that to announce it on Instagram But I don't know if they would have heard it here first or if my post went up already, but now you know I know right Oh yeah, I'm using Eddy's cushion today Oh my gosh, it's so akkawo to not film a Get Ready with Me -I thought you we were going to?-When do you want to? Today? -Whenever you have time-Maybe after the pool? GoToe too? That'd be so fun.

She'll be like sun cream.

Okay, done.

Use the yellow as a base He's gonna do my blush This is a little.





-What's the word?-Yeongguk what? Like a little English schoolboy feeling Oh really? Oh my gosh.

I want this Ooh, it's pretty It's so hot Oh my gosh You guys Here we are these guys have been taking photos for me No no, use this sunscreen oil it's fast If you're watching this, drink water right now ASMR It's raining super hard so I have to change Well In the camera you can't see though you can hear it -You can't see the rain.

It looks like a very gloomy day, but it's.


-It's pouring-It's like misting really hard What should I do? Noo, I wanted to explore It was really pretty when the sun was out, too Yeah.

We got lucky You look really golden Yeah I know.

I tan really easily And I'm using the yellow and red blush I need to buy it So right now we are gonna go get afternoon tea and then go for a late lunch Right afterwards.

So they have this from 2:00 to 5:00 And then we can go get Thai food across the street.


Yay So we're waiting for our tea It's so big Thank you, oh wow look at all the scones, the jam, the cakes It's time for lunch but look, it's pouring outside Whoa, whoa, whoa, Okay.

It was a journey to get here.

Look at look at all of this, but We're gonna order I got my coconut water Because we are here in East Asia Where's yours? -Where's mine?-Where's yours? Where's mine? Eddy uhm.


I know the taste I will prepare it 'Cause he just got back from Indonesia How much is it? 120 Baht? It's around $4 In Korea it's not possible Yeah In Korea, this will cost $8 -8, 000 won in Korea-Yep -A little bit afraid to tell the truth.

-Why? I think.



-The skin? This? -It's good It's delicious but.


You think Indonesia was better? -Indonesian was much sweeter-Ooh It's really sweet I don't remember the coconut water in Indonesia I love it You guys.

It's coming.

the most important Thank you Oh my gosh That was so good So delicious.

It stopped raining Yes! As soon as the second we walked out there I'm nervous now It's raining Why did I open the umbrella Louis dropped us off at this mall Let's go on inside Wow They walked in the other way We're going to Sephora We're going to Sephora and then we're also gonna look for Watsons You're so tall This is a really big Sephora It's so big.

I'm overwhelmed Alright, we are leaving the mall now And Where are we off to? Wow, the view is so nice Everyone's taking photos.

It's our turn Our food is out Missing the pizza, but I'm so excited about this because I love Patsy No, no, no, no like bigger flat ones.

Yeah My battery's running low, so I'll see you guys tomorrow Good morning My camera is charged.

Yeah, we checked out of our hotel And now we're on our way to go get lunch So much traffic, it takes like 40 minutes to get to a place when it's only 20 minutes away.

So We left early just in case We made it to the commence So space is so cool Check out GoToe's pants We're at the Roast He really wants egg Benedict.

Eggs Benedict First time trying eggs Benedict? Really? Yeah.

I live in Daegu Oh right.

Oh that does look good too.

So um, everyone's food is out That's what you get for ordering a “slow-cooked chicken” I thought it would be good.

But my friend Lisa is here -Oh, I have the same camera-G7X? Mine's finally out.

It looks really good Getting coffee We're waiting on Eddy But my coffee is here We're at the weekend market now Wow Oh my gosh.

I want whatever that is -Oh, it's sticky rice have you had sticky right?-Yes -Do you want sticky rice?-Me? Original coco I want this We're at Siam square now and first thing we're gonna do is buy Thai beauty products at Watson's Tell me The soap is not there Eddy really wants the Snail White products Where's Mystique at? Mistine Mistine sorry.

I said Mystique Do they have it here? They don't have Mistine I got so scared.

Where should we go next? They have a Mistine here.

So I think we're gonna shop for all the Thai beauty products here Eyeliner I think this one is more popular because I always see more of these in stock which means that it's more popular This one's red so I want the red one -Eyeliner?-Yeah.

Silver or red We're gonna do it Okay.



Oh my gosh It looks so scary Eddy go That's so bad Oh no Oh my gosh Do you guys hear the screaming? All right guys.

How was it? Now end the vlog.

Thank you so much for watching.

Have a Joan day everyone Bye.

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