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He's British 100%.

he doesn't need a coat, is that the jumper? “Buongiorno” people We are finally off to Thailand we are in heathrow Terminal two and three waiting for the train to terminal 4.

This is Lukas This is the guy that went to Aldi So that's the menu I don't even know the name, what's the name of those? pickles Are they sour? No they are sweet let's check the snacks of the guys We got the tickets So we're going to the gate and we are finally going to Muscat Yes my dream Dubai Dubai Dubai big money big money We are always late Where is this plane? How do you find the flight.



the plane? it's Okay, we want to go to first class So what's the temperature like? So we finally reached Muscat The flight was absolutely amazing there Was no one on the flight we got the opportunity to lay down in four seats in the middle love Ryanair needs upgrade Ryanair is a shit compared to this And now we are awaiting for our last flight to bangkok Good 17 is not the best number in Italy.

Peanut Butter Bread This is where I am gonna stay Foster Lager On the plane with some fish Here we are Bangkok.

here We are international Airport Is still not very very hot for Szymon because we are still inside It's amazing you don't even need to walk Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee We have already lost lukas because he didn't have the visa for the Thailand Trip So we are quite happy because now we are gonna leave him here, and enjoy Thailand I am just kidding, Fuck Lukas Here we are finally in Bangkok, it s a really really really traffic mess a smog, you can feel it.

Oh my gosh noisy What the fuck? How to die in Thailand voila the electricity cables are almost on my head the Italian culture also in thailand so here is the room, it's quite tight it's quite small but it's Very nice.

it has got air conditioning And the best part of all except for the beautiful a modern shower We've got the thing for cleaning your ass here is the dSLr ready for taking pictures of weird people around, and here it's the downloading for the map Lucas is studying learning learning for Bangkok Ready for the walk yo! I Really believe this place one of the best place to take is street photography.

There are so many things going on, people are fucking mad Meet and greet with Ladyboy come on.

Let's go Yee our first experience with this ladyboy was not the best They are cute, but one of them hit me and she was not smiling, maybe because I was filming A little bit of traffic A little bit more of traffic VIP Entry First stop of our tuk-tuk at the temple I don't remember the name What thai I think ? It's a beautiful temple, and it's worth spending forty baht which is one pound Tuk Tuk Approved very very cheap.

We paid 60 baht and he the guy helped us Going around we went to three different places Also for the tourist points It was quite good then we went to a couple of the information points to ask for.


They were agencies To ask for some tickets from Chang Mai to Bangkok and that was pretty pretty pretty bad because they were trying to make a scam they were saying that there was no money for no train or anything like that from chiang Mai to bangkok Instead we went to the central station in the end we found there were trains so don't trust this information points Don't trust the information points Where are we? I don't know Hello WE got a new companiero to the combriga Are you recording me?, 1 , 2 and 3, Happy Birthday! Happy birthday to you This is not Italian!! This is American! The city is Alive woooh! So we are going to the market in order to get some food Thai Food- Thai Food! Thai thai thai thai I am too Excited I am thai excited.

This is the metro over the ground We are gonna try.



What soup? Intestine, basically the Organs So we got some fruits I got papaya we got guafa Mango so this is blood, yeah this is solid blood I think this is liver.

I'm not hundred percent sure on.

This is just beef This is egg this is intestine Like noodles made up of mine.

Yeah, okay.

I will go with the beef This is the dream bag VANZAAA.

Oh my goodneesss This is like Pasta for italy This is getting over control What the Heck is this? Thank you.

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