Barnens paradis – Thailand VLOGG

Hey, hey! We are in Khao Lak in Thailand.

Today you will follow us around us for a whole day.

– The time is 8.

30 in the morning.

– Yes! In our previous vlog we were at a different hotel.

We had a great time there, but this hotel is a paradise for children! Yes, it really is.

Time for breakfast! Not that much.

A yoghurt, chocolate milk, scrambled eggs and bacon.

What do you like most about hotel breakfast? Yoghurt! Oh God, what happened there? “Yoghurt!” .




Harry has always loved yoghurt.

– What is this pool called?- The Pirate Pool.

– Why is that?- Because there are pirates.

Should we take a photo for Instagram? Sure! It's so much fun becausesomething is always going on at this pool.

Whether it's Bamse, Captain T, or someone else who comes to see the kids.

Harry, stand next to him.

There you go.

– Did you get a good picture?- Yes! – Alma and Harry are playing in the pool with friends.

– Yes.

– They have so many friends here.

– They find new friends all the time! Yes.

The Kids Club is closed today, but otherwisein the mornings from 10 to 12 o'clock, Axel.






Axel is at the Bamse Club! I go to Bamse Club, and the kids have some alone time.

Harry goes to the Bamse Club downstairs.

– Can you see?- Yes.

And up there is something called 611, witch is.



“Witch is”.



Sometimes it just gets wrong.

The 611 club, for children between the ages 6 and 11, which is the one Alma goes to.

They both have so much fun there every day! – And we get some time.



– .



for ourselves.

– Yes.

– Yeah.

They meet friends and play.

They are being taken care of by great TUI hosts.

You can choose whether you want your kidsto be there in the morning or afternoon.


There are two hours in the morning, and two hours in the afternoon.

You can choose both, but then wewouldn't even see our children, so that's not for us.

No, exactly.

Now we are going on the big blue water slide! – Alma, what is this?- It is a stone collection.

We got down and picked them up from the bottom.

Here is the big pile.

Here are the white ones, the orange ones, and the black ones.

This is what's on the bottom.

I love that there's sand on the bottom.

It's so good for my feet.

Guys, should we go and have lunch? We went to a pool which is right by the beach, and there is a great lunch restaurant here.

Alma and Harry immediately found their friendsin the pool, so they just took off.

Hey! – It's nice to have some food after all that bathing, right?- Mhm! – What are you having?- Egg fried rice.

I will go diving in the ketchup! Now we will show you our amazing house! Welcome! Here is our very own pool! Woho! Alma has invited friends over several timesand we have had pool parties.

We played some music, had fruit and water.

So nice! The place has just been cleaned.

So nice! Welcome, to the little office.

Wow! They have really made an effort! – Mommy?- Yes? That is your beating heart, and there is dad's beating heart.

– And there is everyone's beating hearts!- Is this everyone's hearts? Yes.

Everyone's beating hearts.

This is made out of towels, if you can't tell.

– And that is made out of stones?- No, these are little petals.

Flower petals! What.



It's true! So this is mine and Axel's bed.

The kids have this round sofa bed.

– Do you sleep well here?- Mhm, it's like a princess bed! It doesn't take very long to do a house tour here.

The children can look out at the pool through here.

Here we have coffee, tea, water, and a fridge.

And here is the patio.

It faces the sea.

Here is the bathroom and toilet.

Here is our little dressing room.

You can close it like this.



“I'm going to change now”.

And then you can choose one of these.

– “C”?- Yes, then what does it say? – “Car”.



Car!- Yes, good! We are studying.

– Dirt.

– “Dirt”, yes! We alternate with taking a dip in the poolbecause it gets so hot.

– We weren't supposed to still be here.

– That's right.

This trip is a collaboration with TUI and we were meantto be in Khao Lak for two weeks, at two different hotels.

But after being here at Mai Khao Lak for just a few days, we felt that we had to stay longer! Yes.

It was so nice to come here.

The whole family got into a calmer state.

– Yeah.

– It was really nice.

We're not going to be in New Zealand until February 1st.

They were able to solve it because it's off-season.


In collaboration with TUI we have an offerfor those of you who want to travel to this hotel.

– A 1000 SEK discount.



– .



if you use the code “FAMILY” when booking.

You can travel until March 2020, but you have tobook it before January 28th – this week.

All info is in the descriptive text.

Check it out! We are on our way to the store to buy cashew nuts.

There is an old fishing village right next to the hotel over here.

– I am so happy it's there!- Yes, it's like a little adventure.

Before we had kids we wouldprobably be staying in that fishing village.

– Now I can really appreciate Bamse and the resort life.

– Yes, indeed.

But it's so nice to be able to go and see other things.

– Yes.

– Yeah.

There are a lot of massage places here.

– That looks nice.

– Yeah.

So many hermit crabs.

No thank you.

– What did he say?- He asked if we wanted to eat there.

– No thanks.

Did you say no thanks?- Yes, exactly.

I didn't want to, because it would be kind of boringto eat food and not buy nuts.

Hands behind your back.





– Here are the cashew nuts.

– And candy! Yes, lots of candy.

But not that much Thai candy.

This is Thai.

– And this.

– Yes.

– And this!- No, Haribo isn't Thai.

But guys, listen.



We have a Question of the Day for the viewers!I just thought of it.

– Do you know what?- No.

Do you want to see a video where we try candy from Thailand? Yes! Comment below: yes or no.

We do what you want! The time is 6 PM and the sun is about to set.

This is a beautiful place for a walk.

We got ready for dinner and I noticed thatwe all got sunburned today.


Harry, you have red cheeks.

– What are you looking at?- The water.

Yes, isn't it nice? The beach makes you calmer.

The sun just set.

Alma, do you hear it? It's the crickets! – Oh God, how they play!- Yes! – They started playing just now.

– Yes.

Alma, what do you think of this place? It's the best place I've been to, I think! I'm kind of distracted by the waves.

♪ Hooray, Bamse, the strongest is our Bamse.

♪ ♪ And he never thinks about a fight! ♪ ♪ Thunder-honey, grandma's thunder-honeyHe eats it to become strong, of course.

♪ – There is a show every night!- Yeah.

– Harry's favorite is Bamse.

– Yes, and Alma's favorite is the disco that's coming up.

We are back in our house, and now it's time to sleep.

Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up.






or down.

– Or somewhere in between.

– Yes, maybe.




Leave a comment, ask questions, and have a great time until we see you next time! – See you!- Bye, bye! Adieu, farewell!.

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